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Welcome to the Global Network of SEO Workshops:

We are pleased to introduce you to our Search Engine Academy Family of Certified SEO Workshop Trainers to meet your unique needs! Check out our next available dates and locations within communities across the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates and Central and Eastern Europe.
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Learn Search Engine Optimization in a Local Community Near You

find SEO Training Classes in A Local Community hands-on SEO Workshop Nearest You

John Alexander's original hands-on SEO Mastery Workshops are now available to you in local business communities near you at all of the following authorized Search Engine Academies across Canada, United States, Asia and in Australia: 

Barry Byers    Mike Marshall     Sue Cooper  Rama Singhania  Steve Scott  Coleen Wright  Tom Petty       Nancy Wigal     Fabian Lim       Mitch Albert       Greg Mate   Ross Barefoot

Plus community SEO training in  Montreal - Toronto - North Carolina  Singapore  Malaysia    Las Vegas   Orlando San Jose   -  San Francisco
Search Engine Academy Dallas, Texas, - Search Engine Academy Pennsylvania - Tampa Florida - Orange County LA -  Washington DC
   - Queensland, Australia  SEA Hong Kong and The Philippines - Rocky Mountain Search Engine Academy Search Engine Academy Utah  Middle East Search Engine Academy (United Arab Emirates)  Search Engine Academy Central and Eastern Europe 

Learn SEO Skills at a Local Search Engine Academy Workshop 

Regardless of which Workshop location you choose to attend, all SEO Workshops listed below are the exact same courses developed by leading SEO industry educators Robin Nobles and John Alexander.  Each associated SEO educator has been personally trained by Robin and John to deliver the exact SEO skill building sessions including the SEO Priority Action Plan with ongoing SEO mentoring support delivered after you your hands-on Workshop. 

Now you can gain the genuine skills you need right from your local community SEO industry experts.



Search Engine Academy United Arab Emirates
with Ramapati Singhania


Click to find an SEO Training Classes in A Local Community hands-on SEO Workshop Nearest to You


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Find more of John's SEO Mastery Workshops from the list below....

About John Alexander's Associated Search Engine Academies: 

All of our licensed Search Engine Academy Associate Educators have been personally trained and certified by Robin Nobles and John Alexander to bring you the highest quality hands-on, SEO skill-building workshops along with SEO certification of skills and the complete 6 month mentoring program after class. These Workshops are delivered directly in local communities across the United States, Canada and internationally in Asia and in Australia.

Check for a Local hands-on
SEO Workshops

Associate SEO Educator


Asia Search Engine Academy
Hong Kong
The Philippines

Fabian Lim


Middle East Search Engine Academy
United Arab Emirates


  Rocky Mountain Search Engine Academy

Search Engine Academy Salt Lake City Utah

Ross Barefoot

 North West Search Engine Academy
Oregon / Washington

Colleen Wright


Australia, Queensland
Search Engine Academy

Sue Cooper

+617 3818 7834

Washington DC 
Search Engine Academy

Nancy E. Wigal


San Francisco Bay Area
Search Engine Academy

Thomas W. Petty

(888) 807-5658

Orange County
and Los Angeles
Search Engine Academy

Mitch Albert


North Carolina
Search Engine Academy

Michael Marshall

Tampa Florida
Search Engine Academy

Steve Scott



Canadian SEO Training Locations with Search Engine Academy

Toronto Search Engine Academy

Barry Byers


Montreal Search Engine Academy

Greg Mate

514 426-4000


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