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Wordtracker Articles, Strategies,
Audio Tips, have been removed for good reason


In The News: Recent Wordtracker Stories in the Press

If you are looking for my usual listing of Wordtracker keyword articles, as of January 7th, they have all been removed.

Wordtracker Articles by John Alexander:

New Wordtracker is On Shaky Ground For Accuracy

Unfortunately the newest version of Wordtracker seems to have lost all value for accuracy. Gone are all the old useful metrics, the functionality, IAAT Competition, gone is KEI and see what you make of the value of the tool in 2012. Supposedly there is some advanced metric being added, but they don't say when or what it is.

Remember KEI3 was supposed to be the improvement to KEI, but KEI3 never rendered a fraction of the time savings that the original KEI formula did. Now KEI and KEI 3 are both gone and there is only some score of 0 to 100 that is pretty well meaningless. The old version of the tool is still online, hopefully for 2 to 3 months, but in the meantime we are left wondering what value there is left in the tool?

I have been writing about the benefits of Wordtracker now for over 10 years. It is amazing to me that they would ruin a perfectly good tool (indeed for years an exceptional tool) to introduce what they have.

John Alexander
Director of Search Engine Academy

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