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Search Engine Workshops


New High-Performance 1-Day Topic Specific Ultra-Advanced SEM Training

Our new 1-Day Topic Specific Skill building classes include:
  • More flexibility - Come out just for 1 or 2 days or for the entire week - your choice.
  • Much more detailed step by step skills training on just the skills YOU need!
  • No exams - no certification on the 1 day class - Just solid skills you can take home and apply immediately.
  • Very personalized classes that give you the biggest value - for minimal investment
  • Gain the ultimate fine tuning of your SEO skills in topics of most advantage to you
  • New Topics and New 1 Day Tuition Rates that allow you to choose exactly what you need to learn

Conducted by leading SEO industry educators
Robin Nobles and John Alexander and Michael Marshall

Welcome to a 1- Day Topic Specific Search Marketing Agenda
June 24, 2008 Agenda

The Las Vegas Classes include the following choices:

June 23, 2008 includes - 1-Day Ultra Advanced Topic Specific Sessions 
June 24, 2008 includes - 1-Day Ultra Advanced Topic Specific Session  
June 25 thru 27, 2008 includes - the 3 Day SEO Mastery Workshop and 6 Month Mentoring Program

Attend just 1 Day or 2 Days or attend them all - it's your choice:

The June 24, Agenda Includes these Topics:

Morning Session Conducted by Robin Nobles:

Analyzing Usability Issues - Solving Challenges You didn't Know You Have
Conducted by Robin Nobles

Find out which missing ingredients your pages may have from a usability standpoint. Here is the session that takes you into all of the important issues concerning your visitor's user experience.

  • The User Experience, including Solid Tips for Improving Your Site's Usability

    - Design Elements to Avoid and Why

    - Prioritizing Usability Problems and Focusing on Solutions

  • SEO and How it Relates to Usability

    - Navigation and Information Architecture

    - Improving the Readability of Your Content

    - Product Pages: Specific Strategies for Displaying Your Products Online

Copywriting for the Web: Is Your Web Site Failing Due to Poor Writing?
Conducted by Robin Nobles

Make your pages communicate more effectively with these tips and techniques direct from Robin Nobles. 
Robin opens her experiences up to you in this in-depth session on effective copywriting for the Web. Many of our past students have requested a class that just focuses on quality SEO copywriting. Don't miss this session.

  • Learn Simple Strategies for Writing for the Web that Make Virtually Anyone a Writer

  • Understand How Web Users Really Read Your Pages and Use this knowledge to Your Advantage

  • Boost the Professionalism of Your Site with this Grammar Refresher Session

  • Discover How Your Writing Can Benefit Your Site - The Year of the Writer

  • Writing Tips You Can NOT Do Without


Leveraging Knowledge of your Competitors' Weaknesses and Strengths
Afternoon Sessions Conducted by Michael Marshall:

Laying a Firm Foundation - Understanding the Unified Theory of Internet Marketing

Michael Marshall teaches on the most important thing to influence to your SEO success. 

For the afternoon training session,  you will discover the ONE THING 
that ties everything together for: 

  • the number of genuine visits to your Web site
  • the quantity and distribution of your inbound links
  • your page views
  • your traffic from referring sites
  • your PageRank
  • and the ultimately for the genuine relevancy of your Web content

Putting Theory Into Practice to Realizing the Ultimate SEO Advantages:

Here is the line up of topics:
  • Minimizing Trial and Error through SEO Forensics (Better Results Faster)
    (Not to be confused with "Keyword Forensics" this is about SEO forensics.)

  • How to Focus on the most important SEO Factors - well beyond "Best Practices"

  • How to know and identify when, where and why you are vulnerable to your competitors and what to do about it before you get bumped down or over-taken.

  • Learning exactly which elements you are doing right only minimal time

  • How to exploit opportunities as you identify exactly what the top competitors are doing wrong.

  • How to properly diagnose any drop in your ranking

Registration Options:

SAVE $100.00
Register to attend this 1-Day Only on June 24, 2008 - Click Here.
Tuition Fee is Only $695.00  -  $595.00 Early Registration to attend June 24 ONLY.

To view the other brand new 1-Day Ultra Agenda on June 23, then Click Here.

SAVE $100.00
Attend both Days on June 23 and June 24, 2008 - Click Here.
Tuition Fee is Only $1,075.00  - $975.00 Early Registration (to attend both days)

SAVE $400.00
Register to attend June 23, 24, 25, 26 and June 27 for the whole week - Click here.
Tuition Fee $2495.00  -  $2095.00 Early Registration 
(to attend both Ultra Days plus the 3-Day SEO Mastery Workshop and Mentoring Program)





Benefits of Attending a Search Engine Workshop Again and Again

  • We're constantly updating the workshop material itself as the industry shifts and changes. There will always be certain "standard" sessions at the workshops, but the techniques involved in those strategies are constantly evolving, and you'll learn about those changes by attending the workshops on a regular basis.

  • If you attend the first workshop as a true beginner, you may be able to absorb only so much. When you come back again, you'll be ready to tackle the more advanced strategies that you'll want to use in your SEO work.

  • Every workshop is different, with different people from different walks of life. We all learn from each other. Plus, attending the workshops regularly will help you come in contact with people who are interested in the same things that you are: success on the Web, and you'll be able to learn from the experiences of others.

  • Depending on the location of the workshop, you'll have the opportunity of meeting others who are highly visible and important in the search engine industry. For example, chances are good that you'll be able to meet Brent Winters from First Place Software along with some of his personnel if you attend our Orlando workshops. If you attend our workshops in Vancouver, you'll get to meet Michael Campbell. In Vegas, you'll get to meet Ginette Degner, Bill Gentry, and Gary Woods. Many "celebrity" SEO's live in areas where we hold workshops, so you'll be able to meet and get to know them by attending our workshops.

  • Also, remember that the workshops and all travel expenses are 100% tax deductible as a business expense, which will certainly help you at tax time!

  • Join us at least once a year to keep up with what's happening in the industry and to get to know another group of search engine friends. :)



Have you got a question about attending the SEO Workshop?
Give John Alexander a call at 905-853-4472 

Click to Read more Student Comments about What this training experience was like.


Unlock extraordinary traffic potential!

Benefits of Attending a 1-Day Event

Attend a Topic Specific Class that packs more wallop! 

Enjoy a relaxed, fun atmosphere of learning, where no one is afraid to ask questions or participate in discussions, because everyone is working together as friends and associates.

Network with other SEO professionals in a one-of-a-kind hands-on workshop.


Learn the latest techniques and methods. A very effective way of brushing up on your SEO skills.




Enjoy 2, 3, or 5 days of personal SEO instruction from two of the top industry leaders today. And, remember that industry gurus  often attend our workshops too! 

Comments from students:

Dear John & Robin,

I have just achieved results for my first client by following your guidelines. They are No 1 and 2 on five search engines. This was achieved after only 4 days! The client was absolutely amazed.

L. B. (Student, Nashville class)

I found the course to be both challenging and fun and would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to take SEO seriously.

Robin, I must congratulate you and John for running what can only be described as the most productive and informative workshop I have ever attended - ever - truly first class.

I feel anyone attending this program has received the most accurate and up to date information. Even though I attend many SEO seminars, I still learned new things.

Thanks for these empowering 3 days!

I like the way John took more of a marketing angle while you took more of an SEO angle. The two together are very powerful.

Sometimes I think to many people involved in the SEO business are a little TOO technical and are looking for mathematical solutions to human based problems. We need more teachers/trainers like you and Robin. Once again, thank you for sharing, not only your time but a little part of your life with all of us at class. It was a pleasure to meet you.

I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Highest regards,

Mike Zoth
Erie, PA

I know it'll open many doors for me that have been previously closed to me. Thanks for all your focused efforts. I certainly appreciate all you've done.

Kristal Kraft
Denver, CO

This workshop was worth every penny!

Gil Sery
Search Engine
Optimization Pros
San Diego, CA

I thought I had a good deal of knowledge going into the workshop, wow: was I wrong! Your workshop really opened my eyes...

Matt Costello

My greatest thanks has to be for the follow up assistance that has been given to me by both Robin and John, something which goes beyond the call of duty!


Lloyd Barrett, FLAME SEO, Wrexham, England



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