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Are you Looking for a real world SEO School of learning with hands-on on skills, SEO certification and a Complete Mentoring Program all included? 

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How Effective Are The SEO Workshops at making a difference to your business?

We let our student graduates answer that question and speak for themselves...

"If anyone is wondering if they should attend this...let me tell u the knowledge ... its 
worth at least 5 times the price that u paid for!! 
My advise would be go for it!"

Eugene Macarius TanEwehin - SEO Student Singapore    

    June 30, 2012 - 5 Day Search Engine Academy Workshop in Singapore with Fabian Lim

Just in from the Search Engine Academy of North Carolina:
Dear Michael Marshall,

Thank you for these extremely intense and immersed 5 days!

I was highly inspired and awed not just by your in depth knowledge, but
also by your obvious interest in all things related to Information

Your varied background in various aspects of life [I missed hearing your
'dark secrets' as I was out of the room], and training undoubtedly have
come together in your current wealth as a human being. I laud you for it.

Your conspicuous interest in our well being while we were there, including
the kind of food we liked, also made the whole experience enjoyable and I
was stressed only in the hours before the test!

I look forward to having you mentor me and continuously learning from you.

Best regards
Ramapati Singhania
Managing Director, Varal LLC
402 Aspect Tower, Executive Towers D,
Business Bay, DUBAI
United Arab Emirates

"Sue has a way of turning complicated subjects into free flowing
information.  Her language is clear, easy to understand and free of jargon.
I walked away feeling like I had a more highly developed level of
understanding on SEO.  And I understand the importance of knowing what I
know now..  Thank you Sue :^) "
SEO for Local Search participant

"I attended the SEO Academy training delivered by Mike Marshall and his associates 
this past January. I found completely new ways of thinking about SEO and its 
associated activities that led to major progress for the websites I manage directly 
and for websites I consult about. VERY engaging, informative class with great 
Top qualities: Personable , Expert , Creative

Karen Tiede - SEO Workshop Graduate 2011.

“Mike is easily one of the best in the business of SEO. His teachings provide a great mixture of up-to-date academics with real-life experience, allowing his students to comprehend and understand difficult concepts. I cannot thank Mike enough for his knowledge, his passion and his patience. Mike offers solutions for very competitive SEO issues with imagination and unrelenting study, and his excellent reputation in the industry is well-deserved. 
I am honored to have had him as my SEO instructor.” 
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Alan Buckner - SEO Workshop Graduate &  (SEA Colleague)

"I have been in the SEO consulting business for the past 3.5 years. Over the
years I managed to acquire a solid reputation, positioned myself as No 1 Seo
Expert in India, and in the Top 15 for Keyword "Seo Expert". I have clients
from US, Canada, Dominican Republic, Belgium, UK, Oman, Dubai, India and
Australia - some who have been with me for over year and a half. As you
might imagine I thought I had everything under control.

I came to know of John (Search Engine Workshops) when I was starting my SEO
journey 4 years ago. I was a student then wanting to get into the world of
SEO. Under the guidance of Search Engine Workshops, I grew confident enough
in couple of months to start my own SEO business. The rest as they say is
history. Though John was not my teacher at the academy, I always followed
his "Daily SEO Tips" and Blogs to keep in touch with my Mentor.

Last month I got an opportunity to take up advanced SEO consulting with
John. You can imagine my excitement. My objective was to identify gaps in my
current strategies and enhance the value proposition for my clients. After a
couple of hours of consulting with John I realized many of missing elements
that would enhance my value proposition immediately. It was a real eye
opener, and John took me through many advanced SEO techniques that I had no
idea existed. I can only imagine what this will do for my business.

I can't reveal much about John's exceptional techniques here, but I can say
that John is the best teacher and helps remove all the clutter (from the 
informational overload online about SEO) and keeps you focused on what's 
important. Helping your clients succeed.

Thank you John for everything. I look forward to our next round of
consultation and continue on the adventure."

Nevil Darukhanawala

Bar none. John is the best SEO I have ever met and had the 
privilege of knowing. His ethics and performance is of the 
utmost excellence. ”

Dave Barry

"SEO by Michael Marshall is ALWAYS the best experience.  He reads and learns Search
Engine Optimization, Competitive Research, and Artificial Intelligence relating to
the Web and Google, and then breaks it down for non-scientists and non-mathematicians 
to understand.  

He instructs in easy to understand terms within small SEO classes.  When Michael 
Marshall speaks, people listen and realize that he is not only 100% committed to 
white hat SEO, but also one of the most intelligent people you will ever meet.    

He gives you what you need to improve your Web site rankings.  It takes work; there 
are no easy paths, but he gives you the direction you need to go AND he does not hold 
back on information. Words cannot completely convey his integrity; you have to 
experience it."

Gail Wright - SEO Graduate Alumni Student

"Hard to believe that it has been a year since completing basic SEO Training 
with instructor, John Alexander of 2 full days 
in a Vegas based classroom along with several other SEO newbies was time well 
spent. John packed in a lot of knowledge and hands-on learning tools in two 
days and he delivered this training in easy-to-understand terms that included 
opportunities to ask questions, critique websites, and do a few in-class team 
projects. I left this web training feeling more confident and empowered and I 
have John to thank. 

Since completing this training, John has been a tremendous resource via tips 
and tools that are emailed to me daily via 
The most positive end result of this training is in the increased web traffic 
we are enjoying. If you are pondering SEO training and/or would like to receive 
daily tips, I highly recommend"
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Niki Taylor - SEO Workshop Graduate

"I would highly recommend this SEO workshop.  I've just completed the 2
day introductory course and have been enlightened on the tools of SEO. 
I really think it's important to understand the technology as a business
owner.  I now feel more confident to help implement future marketing
Amanda Micola - Search Engine Academy Australia

"Detailed, comprehensive, up-to-the-minute SEO training. Sue's workshop
provides the knowledge and the tools required to understand search engine
optimisation and to apply the knowledge to your websites to achieve high
rankings in search engines such as Google."
Peter Hughes - Netsmart Marketing - Search Engine Academy Australia

"I definitely recommend the SEO mastery course. I have recently completed the
5 day SEO mastery course with little experience with SEO in the past. The
course was easy to understand and keep up with and I gained a wealth of
Samantha - Search Engine Academy Australia

“I would like to thank Sue Cooper for an incredibly interesting and informative session on SEO. I learned more about SEO in two hours with her than I did in 7 years at Uni, I would recommend her SEO & SEM courses to Everyone."

Julie Sanderson - Australia QLD Link Building Seminar

"I learned more in this last Workshop than ever before. Now I have the latest list of ideas, suggestions, skills,  practices and tools and things I can do. John Alexander, Steve Scott have revitalized my ambition and have energized me. This is the most valuable SEO certification that I could have received. Thank you for sharing everything that you did in Orlando!"

Gail Wright - Advanced SEO Graduate 

"Steve Scott is a GREAT presenter and was a lot fun to have in class."

Heather Hutzel - Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

I want to recommend the SEO training that John oversees. 
It is something that you should invest in, or find someone who understands his SEO principles and employ them to work on your behalf. Your business will thank you.

Michael Richards - Advanced SEO Graduate

“John Alexander is one of those rare individuals who has the combination of excellent marketing knowledge, great business sense and generosity of spirit. John has given me a wealth of ideas that has helped me get Search Engine Academy NW launched and I appreciate his dedication and support. If you need training, you can't go wrong being trained by John or one of his many local community trainers.”

Colleen Wright -
Owner, Search Engine Academy North West

"My head is just swimming with all the valuable information I've garnered by attending the SEO Mastery Workshop in Las Vegas, and I can't wait to implement improvements to my web site with the skill-set I have gained. Thank you so much Robin, John, Mike and Ginette!"

Kristi Cordoni - SEO Workshop Graduate

“SEO has a big old statue of integrity and intelligence in the virtual town square called the WEB. That SEO general, the one brandishing a white sword on top of a white horse, is John Alexander. He is prudent yet fierce about doing the right thing at the right time to get Google's attention and also convert website visitors into customers. He knows all the mechanics, but where he really helps his students is in learning how to market intelligently on a website. He is also kind and considerate and devoted. Every encounter with him is memorable.” June 3, 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Laurie Macomber - SEO Graduate

"I'm Back from Las Vegas...the quality of SEO information is unbelievable.
Thank you Robin, John and Mike!"

Nancy Wigal - SEO Workshop Graduate  

Dear Robin & John,
I just wanted to thank you for all the information.
I have seen major results in the last couple of weeks just from a few things that I have implemented so far.  

Previously we weren't found in the search engines.  We now are in the number 1 spot.  The result has been a major increase in traffic in our retail store. I am also working on other pages and should have a series for you to take a look at soon. 
Thanks for a great informative workshop!

Cindy Stewart  - SEO Workshop Graduate

“John keeps a close watch on developments and trends in Internet marketing and the SEO community. He has been training in this area for many years and knows very well how to make complicated material very accessible and how to encourage and motivate students toward success. 

John is very personable and goes the extra mile for those he teaches because he genuinely cares about their success. He is just as much a mentor and coach as he is an instructor.” June 2, 2010

 Mike Marshall, Owner, North Carolina Search Engine Academy  (colleague)

Search engine optimization pioneers Robin Nobles and John Alexander have set the industry standard for SEO education with first-to-market online training and on-location workshops. 

They bring together some of the industry’s leading SEO professionals at the Search Engine Academy and deliver individualized, hands-on SEO workshops in business communities throughout the world.

Search Engine Academy was the first to offer certification for SEO training and today is one of the few organizations to offer certification that is recognized and approved by the US educational system for Continuing Education Units."

Gail Wright - SEO Workshop Alumni Graduate

"Thank you all so very much for a fantastic week that we think will change our lives! Eli said it was the best week of training in his life."

Wendy Biksen - SEO Workshop Graduate

"GREAT Workshop, I'll be coming back again!"

Francisco Fuentealba - Orlando SEO Graduate

"I found the Workshop well presented and clear and the 3 of you are wonderfully unassuming, considering how good you are. Thank you for making my trip so worthwhile - I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

Sue Henry - SEO Graduate visiting from the United Kingdom

"Extremely informative - The technical solutions, the personalization solutions and the article marketing strategies were of most interest to me."

Miriam Cunningham - SEO Alumni Graduate  

"John, what we learned when you were here has been priceless. We set a record day yesterday and had a record month for January. Great stuff! I hope you are well. 

I would have been in touch sooner, but our business has exploded and we have not had a free second until now."

Best Health & Regards,
Bryce Purvis - Cincinnati, Ohio


"I didn't get the opportunity to thank you personally for the outstanding workshop this past weekend in Orlando.

The ideas presented here have me thinking about website optimization, writing, search engines and research in new ways. I got much more out of the workshop than I would have imagined. I also wanted to say that the quality of individuals at the workshop is a real testament to you,
Robin, Michael and the rest of the Search Engine Workshops team. 

Thank you for taking the time to make a personal impact. Your presentations have a remarkable way of reaching the individual while still speaking to the entire group. I felt that comments were for me individually and the group as at whole. With the entire 3 Day Advanced Workshop...Color Me Impressed."   

Joe Finucan -
Orlando SEO Advanced Workshop

Thank you for the continuing SEO experience, as I continue to learn from each of you. I got great value from the workshop, specifically how we are to deal with Google's Personalization.

Michael Burns -
Orlando SEO Advanced Workshop  


"It was a pleasure getting to know you and participating in a tremendous workshop. Thanks for the great information, superb SEO tools and good advice."

Bob Linger - Orlando SEO Advanced Workshop

"OUTSTANDING overall. I'm still processing.
More than enough great information that I've never heard of before."

Kevin Fell - Arizona Search Engine Academy 

"Thanks again for your hard work on our behalf at the workshop. I appreciate you willingness to share what has helped to make you a success."

Michael Richards - Las Vegas SEO Workshop

"John, this has been the absolute best search engine workshop and SEO learning experience ever! I've learned so much about Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing. Every time I come to a class, I learn more and more. Thank you every so much for BEING YOU, a very special instructor, mentor and person!"

Gail Wright - Alumni SEO Workshop Graduate

"I learned an immense amount. It was like drinking from a fire hose."

Kevin George -
Arizona Search Engine Academy

"I've learned a great deal in a short period of time."
 Thank you,
 Steve Thomas - Philadelphia SEO Workshop Graduate

Thank you John,

"I enjoyed the class, met some good people, and learned a number of things!"

Vern Wanner - Orlando SEO Advanced Workshop  

John, Robin and Michael,

Thank you for opening my eyes to how true SEO professionals should work. I got a lot out of this Workshop and look forward to working with you in the future.

Tom Kraeutler - Baltimore SEO Workshop Graduate

"I just wanted to let you know that I did as you suggested in our consultation and now the site is appearing on a lot more Top pages AND we’re also getting more inquiries from it."  

Thanks for the help.
Gil Sery
Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Tungsten Heavy Powder 

Hi John,

I wanted to extend my gratitude, and appreciation for all the valuable SEO information that you presented last week. THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!  

I respect the fact that you, and your associates are not just teachers, but you are doers.  I  also like the fact that you have hands-on experience, and are out there evolving with this industry as it emerges.

You guys demonstrate a longer term opportunity, with an expanding foundation that has a great deal of substance. Again, many thanks for your time, and attention. It was a very worthwhile week!

Ron Oaks
- SEO Graduate from Toronto SEA

"It wasn't just from a theoretical perspective, but also included "live" examples."

Elaine Chubry
Montreal Advanced SEO Workshop Graduate

"Excellent class. Wish I had found you guys 2 years ago!" 

Ken Bolt
Toronto Search Engine Academy SEO Graduate

Dear John, Robin and Michael,

"Hope things are going well with you all. After the SEO workshop in Vegas, I took on this SEO account that you guys all provided input during the workshop.

They were stuck in #15-#17 forever, and their desired keywords have 11,700,000 competition pages. I used all the good notes that I took during the class, I thoroughly scrubbed their site. And just this week they finally got on the 1st page! T hey are now at #5.

I really enjoyed the SEO class, and meeting all of you. Since we all try to get good at it, I can’t resist to sharing my first little victory with you."  

All the best,
Dana Chen Fischer - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

“Before I took the search engine academy training course, I had an intermediate level of SEO understanding. Not only am I now an expert, this course has taught me an entire new way of approaching SEO.”

Annie Ho,
Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

Hi John, 

We greatly appreciated your insight and experience and ability to communicate complex ideas in an understandable manner. I am confident we will see some very positive results as we continue to apply these principles.

Best regards,
Graham - In-House Keyword Research Presentation 
(Richmond Hill)

"I just wanted to take the time and thank you again for the class last week. I was blown away. I learned more in three days then I have in the 5 years that I have been teaching myself. 

You both have given me the motivation and the tools that I need to make this company a success. You both bring so much joy to your students lives and careers.

Thank you,
Danielle Rhoades - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"John, you guys have FAR exceeded my hopes and expectations for the class this week. What you have taught us and shown us is gold."

Thank you
Tom Petty - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"Dear John, a year ago I joined you and Robin in Orlando for the SEO workshop. I was a complete novice to the world of Search Engine Marketing, and barely knew any code. I had been in direct marketing for 10 years, well-versed in copy writing, but the online world was a complete mystery.

At that time we had zero ranking on the search engines, and e-commerce comprised only 12% of our sales. 

Thanks to the fine training you and Robin provided, I am thrilled to report that a year later, many of my products have first page rankings (sometimes #1 positioning.

We're outranking some of our toughest competition, our e-mail campaigns are thriving as never before, online sales are now 33% of my total business, and we are only beginning to realize the potential.

We started a business in Canada in February, where we get even better rankings than here in the States and for the first time, are able to market to Canadians as Canadians and not Yankee knock-offs. We've opened a store in the UK, with plans for South Africa, Singapore, and Brazil in the works (where we have regional offices).

My time with Search Engine Workshops, with you and Robin, were worth every penny!"

Kevin M. Williams - Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

Robin and John, 

"I want you both to know that I am extremely grateful to you for helping me establish my business properly on the Internet. 

Your Workshops have made all the difference and our Web site continues to be our main marketing tool." 

I can't thank you enough, 
Bayard Fox - Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

This just news in from our Search Engine Academy located in Asia:

"This 5 day workshop has been the most interesting, effective and valuable course I have ever attended. The course content really blew me away and far exceeded my expectations. After this, I know exactly what to do and in what order in order to Search Engine Optimize my websites."

Raymond Lim - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore

"Extremely comprehensive SEO content."

Darren Chan -  SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore

“I spoke at the UAS (Ultra Advanced SEO workshop) with Michael in Vancouver, Canada; Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida. Michael is extremely knowledgeable in SEO and in LSI. His ability to understand and solve complex mathematical equations makes him a natural in breaking down Google's search algorithm. I highly endorse Michael in any SEO project in the field.”

Jerry West, Director of Marketing, Web Marketing Now

"Intensive and interesting content. Very informative, very real life and useful - most fabulous Fabian! I very much appreciate your knowledge in SEO and Asia Search Engine Academy’s hard work and sincerity to teach and educate.

Jermaine Lim - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore

"Advanced course, advanced content. Very well organized, content provided nice amount of unique and quality information with exciting tools and resources."

Virpi Tervonen - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore

Robin and John,

"As a returning student, this was the best SEO Workshop I have attended yet. I like the interaction during the formal sessions. It was more than just a class with power point presentations but whenever there was a question, it was great to be able to voice it at the moment.

Thank you again! Very enjoyable experience."
Gail Wright - Las Vegas Graduate Alumni

Robin and John,

"I could not thank you enough for the tremendously outstanding opportunity to be a part of your SEO Workshop. It has been a very fruitful learning experience for me. I have been introduced to new techniques, strategies and current SEO that I cannot wait to implement. A lot of extremely valuable information."

Thanks very much,
Victoria Rahimeh - Houston SEO Workshop Graduate

"Awesome Workshop classes!"

Randall Duverran - Houston SEO Workshop Graduate

More student comments in from the Asia SEO Mastery Workshop:

"The Asia Search Engine Academy course met my designated objectives and expectations. 

The SEO content and presentation was well thought through and delivered in the most effective manner that promoted excellent understanding on my part."

Hazel Leong - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore


"This is an eye-opening class, learning in detail about keyword research, content, analytics and competitor intelligence. Very practical.

Dawn Tan - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore

Robin and John,

I really like all the various options you point out on how to get our content out to the world while the waiting for for the search engines to crawl. Excellent Workshop! Thanks.

Luis Morera - Houston SEO Workshop Graduate

"Michael Marshall's knowledge is just amazing. John, thank you for the great content, tips and techniques. Robin, one day maybe I'll be a writer and article marketer too!"  :o)

Robert McArthur - Houston SEO Workshop Graduate

Just in from Oregon Search Engine Academy...

"Search Engine Academy of Oregon is doing a fantastic job training web designers and developers in SEO best practices.

I own a small Search Marketing Agency and my most difficult task is finding designers and developers with the skills to implement the best practices and strategies I learn at search engine conferences.
SEA-OREGON is training developers advanced search engine optimization and marketing skills and techniques that help me create quality projects for my clients.
One of Colleen's students recently completed a project for us and it was one of the best experiences I've had with a developer in 10 years of business.
Jennifer was skilled, professional and well versed in SEO/SEM. Whether you run your SEO/SEM project in-house or hire an agency, insist on this quality training.
Thank you Colleen!"
Lisa Williams
MEDIA forte marketing

Colleen Wright is an associate SEO educator teaching our SEO Workshops in the State of Oregon. For more student comments from Colleen's local Search Engine Academy click here. Visit the Oregon Search Engine Academy now.

Just in from Tampa Bay Search Engine Academy Florida...

"Steve Scott is an amazing instructor. The course content really blew me away and far exceeded my expectations! I’ve been in the I-Net industry for over 10 years- teaching website design, development and marketing for several of those years so I’m not easily impressed. Steve and this course kept me spell bound.

This is a class I would heartily recommend to my own students. It is great and so is Steve.

Dave Debs

Steve Scott is an associate SEO educator teaching our SEO Workshops in the area of Tampa Bay Florida. For more student comments from Steve's local Search Engine Academy click here. Visit the Tampa Search Engine Academy.

From Orange County Search Engine Academy...

"The 5 day workshop has been the most interesting, effective, and valuable courses I have ever taken. Within a mere work week, I have gone from knowing virtually nothing about SEO strategy to immediately optimizing my website and others. The key benefit of this class is definitely the fact that when you leave, you will confidently and immediately apply these top strategies. Thanks Mitch and Jeff"

Arion Gnota
CAD Manager
KSP Consulting Engineers

Jeff Kim and Mitch Albert are associate SEO educators who teach our Workshops in Orange County, California. For more comments from their student's please click to visit Orange County Search Engine Academy

"Robin and John do an amazing job of putting complicated information in very clear, understandable terms. You took time to answer important questions (thank you) to help ensure we grasped each concept."

Joanne Stanield

"I enjoyed and benefited most from the technical aspects of this Workshop." 

Pete Draigh

"Excellent job! I can't wait to put my new skills to work."

Andrew Splichal

Robin and John,

"I loved your class and really learned a lot. I feel very comfortable going home and implementing everything I learned. I look forward to to seeing you at refresher Workshops."

Christina Glover

"Thank you ever so much - I cannot believe how much 
I have learned!"

Corby Howell

 "Thank you so much for spending the time teaching us how to use SEO to our advantage.  

On my very first project, I started tracking 14 keyword phrases which I hoped to penetrate in Google. The very first day (read today) that I was able to track results for these 14 keyword phrases, 8 are in "top ten" positions. 6 of these 9 are in "top 5" positions, and 1 is in the most revered "first position". Although I've found that it's more work than I was expecting, IT REALLY IS worth it!

Marcus Laubli

"John, we all thought your advanced "keyword forensics" research training was very informative and well presented."

Michele Mitchell - Caruso
VP of Business Development, Digital Business Group
Readers Digest

John, You and Robin and Dave did such a great job of teaching these critical skills at the Las Vegas workshop that I've hardly slept since coming home. It's so exciting to have a clear path and I've used a lot of the information wisely. 

With the exception of a few blog pages, every single one of the pages that had been dumped into Google supplemental results are out and in circulation again. There were several hundred originally. I just applied a little of what I learned and within a few weeks the site was back on track again.
I hope to see you again at another workshop in the future. It was a great time and I'm looking forward to doing it again. I hope you are well and enjoying the summer.
Thank you for everything!
All the best,
Glynn Gallagher - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"The knowledge and enthusiasm of the presenters was exceptional.  Superb course – with every penny."

Andrew Davis -
WSI Internet Consultant

Thank you so much for the super Workshop. This training has given me greater increased confidence in re-working my sites for SEO.

Bill Hinson - Orlando SEO Graduate

This Workshop was GREAT! It gave me ideas to completely change the marketing of my site through keyword forensics."

Lou Ann Chalom - Orlando SEO Graduate

Dear fellow students, Robin, John & Dave,

In less than 6 weeks since the SEO Workshop, I have taken my old test website, from pagerank ZERO to Page Rank THREE!  
I have also monetized the site with the site via google adsense as well as selling the leads from the site for $300/mo plus 10% of the profit in leads that result in a rent to own sale.  (It comes out to over a thousand dollars a month for a Web site that used to give me ZERO!)  

I am now going to start working on my real Web site goals, now that I have proven that your teachings are correct and WORK! 

Thanks for your knowledge and help,

Jason Fox - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

Dear Robin, John and Dave,

"I just wanted to send over an email to personally thank you so much again! Thank you not only just for the lessons, but the strategies and the ability to understand the way people think and dig a little deeper than just getting top keywords on the website." 

"I'll have to tell you, I attended to your SEO Workshop not knowing what to expect out of it (and thinking I was already the big man on campus) and boy was I wrong. My company did not pay for my training for me, so I paid myself and I can tell you it was worth every penny!" 

"So far, to date, I've got #1 rankings for my important keywords on over 18,500,000 on Google, Yahoo! Msn, and Ask!" 

I hope you are all doing well.

Best Regards,
Jason Wencel - Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

"I really enjoyed this class. It helped me understand "the business" and begin to see what a wonderful thing SEO is. I am so excited about it and cannot wait to apply it too my site."

Lori Vetter - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"Mike Marshall is a world-class teacher, educator, and true expert on the intricate inner-workings of search engines. Few can come close to his level of knowledge and experience. His workshop provided insight into advanced SEO techniques that I've used time and again."

Anthony Long
former Fortune Interactive employee and student of Mike Marshall. Currently a Senior SEO Manager at AOL, LLC.

"EXCELLENT Workshop w/ EXCELLENT Instructors."

Terri Patillo - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"I enjoyed the way in which all 3 instructors had the ability to teach everyone at all levels but at the same time. You ensure that no one gets left behind and keep everyone learning simultaneously."

"Question? Where have you teachers been all my life?"

Sincerely, thank you very, very much!
Sheri Bias-Green - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"After this class, now we know exactly what to do for our Web site."

Guido Albi Marini - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"I enjoyed the 3 teachers Robin, John and Dave who were just the right mix. The entire week was FANTASTIC! You eased us in, warmed us up and then started teaching us. Everything was so different than I expected and "in a good way."

"I have no doubt that you care about our success and this puts me in the position of being very grateful."

Ricky Brandon - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"There were so MANY things that I enjoyed about this class. But I think I am most happy to understand how to perform keyword forensics!

Carrie Sommer - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"The fact that you make the learning environment so comfortable and easy is truly amazing. I loved this week!
I just want to thank all 3 of you (Robin, John and Dave) for all of the help and inspiration! Coming to your workshop is the best decision I could have made since owning this business. "Thank you" just doesn't scratch the surface of how grateful I am to all of you."

Joey Campbell - Denver SEO Workshop

"This has been the single most effective week of training I have ever experienced. You have provided a huge amount of relevant, valuable SEO information yet made it understandable. I am so excited using what I have learned to benefit our clients."

Chris Walke - WSI Internet Consultant  

"GREAT info, tips and strategies about working with content and keyword usage. You both did an excellent job of explaining top behavioral research elements. If all goes well, I'll be back again next year.

Jonathan Georger - Denver SEO Workshop

Listen to Search Engine Workshop Graduate, Ron Castle speak about another one of his most recent SEO success stories. Click Play!


"The course had a huge volume of info which was very well delivered.  I have gained several valuable snippets of knowledge and am sure will discover more on revising my notes."

Stephen Marchetti
- WSI Internet Consultant

"This is a great training session that can dramatically improve our credibility in the marketplace and help to further differentiate us from other web developers.  If you want to stand out from the crowd you need to attend this training."

David Duncan - WSI Internet Consultant

"Thank you John, Robin and Dave. I hope to keep in touch. It was really a fabulous week of real world advice.

Best regards,
Victor Castellanos -  WSI Internet Consultant
SEO Workshop Graduate - Orlando Class

"This Workshop was FANTASTIC!!! You have opened Pandora's Box. I hope I can come back again next year."

Thank you,
Susie Brockman - SEO Graduate Orlando Class

"This was well worth the visit! I have loads of ideas and insights. Glimpses into the future was a NICE bonus!"

See you next year,
Miriam Cunningham  - SEO Graduate Orlando class

"I wanted to let you know this workshop was very helpful and informative. I hope to have the opportunity to come back next year. You are both wonderful teachers and I thank you very much!"

Best regards, 
Hilary Wormser - Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate
PS: Michael Marshall and Dave Barry were great too!

"In short...Simply Fantastic! Powerful Stuff!" 

Bob Gill
Toronto Search Engine Academy SEO Graduate

"I learned more than I ever expected. I would recommend this course to any one." 

Stephen Petersen - WSI 

Toronto Search Engine Academy SEO Graduate

"Since I optimized my index page after your help, Google retrieved it on Nov 26. and I am now on the first page for my highly competitive phrase. I have been working hard using your mentoring suggestions."

Thank you
Julie Roberts - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

I just can't wait to start implementing all the great things you taught us.
Thanks again and I hope to see you again!

Best regards,
Katrina Avrutov - George Brown College
Toronto Search Engine Academy SEO Graduate

Hi John, Robin and Dave Barry,

"I just wanted to thank you for your friendly, professional and super intelligent work shop in Orlando last week. It cost me a small fortune to get there from Israel, but I know that if I go by your tips, strategies and inside knowledge that you passed on to us it will be well worth it."

David Singer - Visiting from Israel
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

"What an unforgettable week of training. I consider all of the advices I received by your team, like pearls and gold."

Dr. Rodolfo J. Garza G.
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

"Just wanted to thank you for great workshop you provided last week.  I learned so much about optimization and marketing and you did it in an easy to understand way.
I look forward to future workshops."

Mike Nikoley
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

"The SEO Workshop was like looking through the view finder of a camera and finally see things come into sharp focus."

"I have hesitated to spend time on SEO because of the conflicting information on best practices. The efforts of you and your colleagues has given me the confidence to move forward."

Warmest regards,
Duncan Seward
Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"The decision to attend John Alexander's and Robin Noble's five-day Search Engine Workshop was a great one. I gained a strong grasp of what Search Engine Optimization is all about. Now I can sort through the myriad of conflicting SEO claims broadcast on the web and in print. 

I am confident that my SEO ability is now at a very high level and that my clients will benefit from my help."

Michael W. Kuryla
WSI Internet Marketing Consultant
Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate

"The MOST valuable training I have ever purchased. The wealth of information that you get with the SEO Mastery Workshop is priceless. I would recommend this SEO Workshop to anyone who wants to launch a successful online business.
Attend this 5-Day Workshop BEFORE you launch your business and it will save you a load of headaches by giving you the SEO skills you need plus the ability to make great informed decisions so you can launch a successful business Web site
correctly the first time."

Marcella U. Pruitt
Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate 

"GREAT Workshop!"

Namisa Roberts - 
Las Vegas Workshop Graduate

"The depth of training with your company was very good and pleasing to find. It was great to find genuine "teachers" and not just "pushers of junk. 
I enjoyed it all."

Paul Rasmussen
Orlando Workshop Graduate - visiting from Australia

Robin, John and Dave,

The value of the workshop was tremendous. The combination of your years of experience and your up-to-date current knowledge of the search engines was just killer!  

I appreciate your willingness to share your personal techniques and strategies that you have discovered through all your hard work in the past. I have been catapulted forward a few years in my abilities and understanding of what is going on with Search Engine rankings.

The company I work for will easily make back the tuition cost a few weeks after I implement the changes."

Brock M. Hadley
Seattle SEO Workshop Graduate

"I really appreciate all of the information you've provided to me. I am confidant that these skills will change my life and get me closer to achieving many of my goals. THANK YOU to all of you (John Alexander, Robin Nobles, Dave Barry and Michael Campbell!)"

Elijah Cranford
Seattle SEO Workshop Graduate


"I wanted to thank you for all the great information you provided at the workshop at Disney. At that time I had absolutely no experience with web development or search engine marketing. I did not even have my own laptop. 
I was so unsure of myself.

My first optimized page resulted in a #3 ranking. I have just begun working putting together marketing campaigns.  

Your workshop works "miracles" even for those with no experience at all. I am looking forward to taking another one of your classes."  

Thank you! 

Peggy Lappe -WSI
Orlando SEO Workshop Attendee

"You are both excellent teachers and you made even the complicated stuff easy to understand.  I definitely will want to come back to another workshop in the future."
Best wishes
Julie Roberts
SEO Workshop Graduate - Las Vegas Class

"I have been performing SEO from before Google was around. 
It is a must to keep up with the ever-changing "top" search engines and the ethical SEO strategies needed to stay on top.  

The 3-Day "Advanced" SEO workshop was a "one-of-a-kind" event. I honestly didn't think I would learn as many new "strategies" as I did. John and Robin love what they do and it shows in their training."
Ronda Burleson
Morrison-Maierle Systems

"I just wanted to give you an update on my progress. WOW! Optimizing does work. My clients are so happy they even want to take me out for drinks.
I couldn't be happier."
Thanks again,
Kelley Maners

"This 5-Day Workshop was SO worth my time and money! I no longer think SEO is rocket science. This training was just FANTASTIC!" 

Thank you,
Nina Pucillo
SEO Workshop Graduate - Orlando, Florida 

Robin and John,
Thank you so much! This has been a life-changing workshop class for me. Thank you!!

Kelly Maners
SEO Workshop Graduate - Orlando, Florida

"The SEO Workshop was a wealth of information that will help me differentiate myself from other SEO businesses."

Tom Schicker
SEO Workshop Graduate - Orlando Florida

"Your 5-Day Workshop was well over my expectations. You teach these skills with an entirely different approach than traditional conferences." 

Soraya Garcia Merino
SEO Workshop Graduate - Orlando, Florida   

"The SEO Workshop delivers a great amount of powerful knowledge. I came in knowing the simple basics, but I am leaving here with a full supply of skills. Way to go!"

Genna Lunsford
SEO Workshop Graduate - Orlando, Florida  

"The SEO Workshop certainly lived up to my expectations. You are excellent trainers."

Joe Tallman
SEO Workshop Graduate - Orlando, Florida

Dear Robin and John,
"Your workshop was so more than simply teaching your students new skills. I often became aware of your interest in both the success of your students and their clients. 
I now understand why some enroll as students and leave as disciples!"

Wilhelm Helmbold
SEO Workshop Graduate - Las Vegas Class

Hi John,

"I wanted to thank you again for an incredible workshop. I really enjoyed all 5 days and came away with an incredible amount of information. I'll be back again next year for sure!"

B.J. Sbarra
SEO Workshop Graduate - Las Vegas Class

Dear Robin and John,

"Whilst I thought I knew a little bit about SEO I am still digesting even the smaller parts of the amazing amount of SEO information presented to us. You and John present a fantastic workshop - Keep it up!

All the very best,

Nick Sharman
United Kingdom
Orlando SEO Mastery Workshop

Dear Robin and John, 

"We wanted to drop a note to let you know how much we appreciated your SEO workshop. You make a GREAT team. Besides the obvious benefits of your creativity and SEO talents, it was especially rewarding for us to experience John’s perspectives, Robin’s enthusiasm and Dave’s ingenuity.

We also have great respect for your ethics and embrace your standards and look forward to future workshops.  

Kind Regards,
Ray Roark & John Knox
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduates

"GREAT Class! :o) I now have a wealth of SEO knowledge to implement on my job and on my personal sites."


Brittany Shelly
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate 

Dear Robin and John,

"Wow and wow! Thank you for being so generous in sharing. You both are so inspiring. You are giving out to students such enormous SEO potential and awareness as you help us to build our skills. I already look forward to coming back to a future workshop."

Thanks again, it was a great experience.

Beatrice Sarnow
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

Dear John,

"Without a doubt the SEO Mastery Workshop was one of the most valuable educational experiences I have had for my business. I would highly recommend this workshop to every serious internet consultant in business today. The SEO information that you provided us was like none other I have been able to find over the last year or so just reading every thing I could get my hands on regarding SEO practices." 

Thank you again, you are a wonderful educator! I look forward to working with you again in the future."  

Janet Bartoli Roussos
New Jersey

"I truly feel this is one of the best courses I've ever taken to improve my skills. Keep up the great work and I know many more people will be influenced positively by learning from this course."

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge,
Loan Liu
New Jersey

"Excellent blend of SEO technical and search engine marketing info!"

Thanks so much,
Lance Lemli
New Jersey

"Under-promise and over-deliver is the subtext of this Search Engine Workshop. You guys just keep giving and giving! 

Thank you for a great information loaded week.
Jack Boyle

New Jersey

"A thoroughly enjoyable journey into the authentic side of SEO strategy."

Many thanks,
Rich Dominguez

New Jersey

Turn up your audio and listen to comments from John McDaniel from New York.

Dear John and Robin,

"Had I attended this course just three years ago, I would be many many tens of thousands of dollars richer. My pages were never generating revenue for me before like they are for me now.

I invested in your course thinking that I knew lots about SEO and I learned that I only knew 10% of what I know now after attending. I also learned many things that I did not ever expect, including practical ideas that I am turning into money-making strategies for my company."

I really can't thank you enough.

Best regards,
Randy Hurst
Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

Just Back From Toronto SEO Workshop and Ultra Advanced Symposium

"One of the best tests for effectiveness and usefulness of any workshop, seminar or symposium is to ask the person who paid for their own education whether or not they would honestly do the same thing all over again." 

"I just got back from Toronto, Ontario and arrived home in Johannesburg after a grueling 30 hour trip at 11pm last night. Despite this long, and tiring journey and despite the additional expenses of travel to get to John Alexander's and Robin Nobles excellent SEO Mastery Workshop and Ultra Advanced Symposium, I unreservedly say I certainly would do it all over again."

"As much as I've learned a great deal over the years from seasoned search engine marketers online, there really is no substitute for the "real thing". 

"The exposure to John and Robin, Dave Barry, Jerry West, Michael Marshall, Ginette Degner and the combined knowledge of all the other participants along with the latest intelligence, makes attendance to this events, mandatory for any search marketer. 

"John and Robin you did a great job and I'm proud to say that I was privileged to attend." 

Many thanks and my most sincere regards from sunny South Africa." 
Tony Roocroft
Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

Listen to Kimberly Judd as she describes her experience as:
" far the best search engine seminar I've ever been to...and I've 
been to a lot of them."

(Turn up your sound and click the PLAY button)


"This is an excellent Workshop! The content was thorough and presented well. I definitely feel I will be successful in the SEO business with the skills that I now have. The thing I appreciate most is your integrity and dedication to long-term results and success for the long haul."

Barry Smith

"My confidence has really grown. I'm more aware of what's fact and what is myth. Wordtracker is my new "lost friend." I know I can generate business for my clients now and my knowledge of writing effective Web copy that converts to sales is much greater."

Neal Lappe
WSI Internet Consultant

"A great course which was well planned and included a wealth of info. The first 2 days for me, were really eye-opening."

Kevin Heun
WSI Internet Consultant

"Search Engine Workshops is an organized and informative workshop
developed to give a broad knowledge of good SEO - without doing
all the thinking for you. This type of learning offers a rare and
unique chance to not only think creatively but to put your creativity to the best possible advantage."

Crystal Thomas

Dear John and Robin,

"The quality and the delivery of this information was exceptional. Thanks for a great week. It exceeded all of my expectations."

Todd Smith

"I got what I came here for. Sending Austin and I to this workshop was the smartest thing my Boss ever did."

Jim Swayze

Dear John and Robin,

"I wish to praise your SEO workshop teachings with which I have had much success. By applying the knowledge from the SEO workshop, I have captured several important keywords and I am either #1, 2, or 3...(some a bit lower.) But all were captured organically and we have more unique users this month than any other month this year. 
We have TRIPLED our online search referrals."

Thanks again,
Arondale Withers

Dear Robin and John,

"The masterful knowledge demonstrated by Robin, John and Dave ensured every concept was clearly explained. Most of the questions I had going in, were all answered even before I could ask them.

Thank you John and Robin for your vast knowledge and straight forward approach which made for a great workshop. It was a pleasure
learning from you."

Andrew Perry

"Thanks for all of the valuable information and instilling confidence and helping me understand this process better."

Thanks again,

Eric Fullerton

Turn up your computer sound and listen to a few of the recent audio
comments from our workshop attendees.

<--- Click the Play button to listen to Michael's report.

Dear Robin and John,

"After graduating the workshop, I took a brand new website and took it from brand new Jan 1 this year, and without spending any money on pay per clicks and less than $500.00 on directories and not a dime more, only what you and John taught me, and I managed to get up to 15,000 visitors a week with a page rank of 5 and an Alexa rating of 125,000. I could not have done this without all I learned from you."
Thanks so much,
Michael L. Lapidus
J. and J. Web Enterprises, Inc.

Dear Robin,

"John Alexander's How To Start a SEO Business from Scratch - lecture (4-5 hours) was worth a MILLION dollars to me!"

Thank you,
Kosala Aravinda

United Kingdom

Hi John,

I really enjoyed the workshop in Vegas, and gained some good
information. Kudos to you and the team. I thought I "knew it all" and that was simply not the case. I look forward to attending next year, and perhaps adding the Ultra Advanced Symposium if time allows.

John Trefry
Las Vegas Workshop Graduate


You truly know what you are talking about. Thanks for all the great SEO tips in your workshop. Within my first week I am already seeing the results of applying your SEO techniques!

Spencer Hoyt
Las Vegas Workshop Graduate

Dear John and Robin,

“As a growing search marketing firm, our largest challenge has been providing our staff with both expert and consistent training.  After personally attending your Atlanta workshop, we now have a new standard operating procedure – ALL current and future staff will participate within the Search Engine Workshops’ training program!

Thank you SO MUCH for making this excellent opportunity available to the search community – you’ve provided our organization with a training program that delivers a confidence and security level in knowing our staff will be at the top of their game, thereby ensuring the future growth and success of our search marketing firm.”

Best regards,
Matt Williams
Atlanta SEO Workshop Graduate

Dear Robin,

This class was very good. It made me start thinking about things completely differently. 

Liz Roberts
Las Vegas SEO Graduate

Dear Robin and John,

You have taken the stress out of SEO. I learned a ton and I'm going home with a million ideas for our site. 


Amy Wadley
Las Vegas SEO Graduate

Dear Robin and John,

My sales and profits are up and my pay-per-click is down. The cost of the workshop has already been recouped in cost savings! I don't lie awake worrying that I'll lose my ranking in the search engines like I use too. I'll  be back to another workshop soon to learn the latest from the

Many thanks,
Bob Rutledge
Orlando SEO Graduate

Robin and John,

Your Workshops have opened my mind to many ideas I had never realized or considered before. It has provided me with knowledge and SEO skills that I can use to improve our site, increase traffic and improve conversions.

Rick Howard
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

Dear Robin and John,

I learned an enormous amount of useful, quality information from you and I am very glad I attended.

Joe Ficken
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

Robin and John,

Excellent coverage and presentation throughout! In my opinion, both Workshops are a "MUST" to attend, for anyone serious about gaining SEO skills. A most rewarding and enjoyable week of training.

Best Regards,
Colin Wells
United Kingdom
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

Dear Robin and John,

This is truly the best way to learn and improve your knowledge and SEO skills. I would recommend Search Engine Workshops to Internet companies in a heartbeat. I am also looking forward to attending your future Ultra-Advanced Symposiums and the newest material on the industry.

Thank you,
Johanna Sardinha
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

Dear Robin and John,

Very informative. You both do a wonderful job of explaining the process and I understand so much better than just reading from a course. Jerry West really provided me with some great new tools that I can't wait to use. Robin is a great teacher and I love Robin's teaching style.

GREAT course! I will be back next year for more.

Best regards,
Christine Becci
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate 

Dear Robin and John,

Since I've been doing SEO work for some time now, I did not really expect to gain very much from the basics class. I was WAY wrong! I cannot begin to put a dollar amount on the skills I now possess and can use. The Advanced Workshop was even better. I cannot wait to attend the Ultra Advanced Symposium. Thank you so much!


Jeremy Cobb
Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

This workshop was EXTREMELY valuable. Excellent!

Maurice Bretzfield
Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

I thought I would be learning SEO "tricks" but instead you presented us with information that focused on delivering skills. 
A GREAT workshop which I'd be happy to attend again.

Simon Wong
Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

Seamless transition from topic to topic. 
An awesome workshop!

Barry Byers
Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate

Dear Robin and John,

Thanks to the both of you for an interesting and rewarding workshop. Your experience and your knowledge and enthusiasm are extremely inspirational.

Heather Anderson
Toronto SEO Workshop Graduate  

Dear Robin and John,

"I know that with the knowledge you have given me I will be able to achieve even better than top 5.. but as a first attempt..? I am amazed at the results and seeing my page at the top of Yahoo after only one week, makes me feel like I'm on cloud 9!

I am now going to open a bottle of champagne!"

Thank you once again for the workshop. I will not bore you with all my subsequent triumphs but I just wanted to share my first!!  

Simon Skinner

Click to listen to comments from Simon Skinner
who reports early results in just one week after training!

Dear Robin and John:

People said I was crazy traveling half the globe to attend an SEO workshop. Well, they did NOT know what they were talking about. Your SEO Mastery workshop has made a difference in my work. I brought a load of information with me, which I had collected from the Internet, books and nice people on the net, but it was all messed up. At the workshop I've learned how to get everything straight, right from basic to advanced and in only just 5 days. Your personal attention to each one of the attendees contributed greatly.

When I got back, I knew how a great optimized site should be built properly.

I recommend your workshop to ANYONE who is interested in SEO. Just awesome!
I am sure that we will meet again soon - Thank you very much!!!

Itay Paz, Israel
Graduate of Vancouver Workshop

John and Robin have the extraordinary combination of humility, knowledge and up-to-date SEO information. It's always a pleasure to come back again and I always leave feeling totally enthused about my business!

John Johnson
Graduate of Vancouver Workshop

Dear Robin & John

Your search engine workshops are relevant and well put together. I am amazed at how you are able to explain and teach such a complicated topic in such a straight forward, easy to understand fashion. Thank you! I will be back for your ultra advanced classes.
You guys are truly awesome!

Thank you,
Chris Chase
Graduate of Vancouver Workshop

The SEO course was great!

Thank you,
Dave Graham
Graduate of Vancouver Workshop

Dear John and Robin,

Thank you! You certainly have made a difference in my career. It was great meeting both of you. I'm on my way....!

Denis Lavoie
WSI Consultant
Graduate of Vancouver Workshop

Hi John,

After our conversation on the phone to review my 1st SEO job for my client, I made changes to my client site and submitted to top 10 search engines on the next day. One week later, I checked keyword ranking on this website and found:

  • 1st keyword phrase, ranked on MSN at number 7 over 174,000 competitors
  • Same keyword phrase ranked on Yahoo at number 1 over 994,000 competitors
  • 2nd keyword phrase, ranked on MSN at number 15 over 113,000 competitors

I checked the ranking again after only the 2nd week of submission:

  • 1st Keyword Phrase, ranked on MSN at number 8 over 174,000 competitors
  • Same keyword phrase ranked still on Yahoo at number 1 over 994,000 competitors
  • 2nd keyword phrase, ranked on MSN at number 16 over 113,000 competitors
  • Same keyword phrase ranked on Yahoo at number 1 again, over 558,000 competitors
  • 3rd keyword phrase, ranked on yahoo at number 5 over 194,000 competitors
  • 4th keyword phrase, ranked on yahoo at number 26 over 2,520,000 competitors

Now, we are waiting for Google to come. It is really getting fun now. I am also excited to see what Robin and you taught us in the Search Engine Workshop REALLY WORKS! I have many more coming.

I really appreciate that you and Robin are my teachers.

Many thanks,
Henry Wu
WSI Consultant
Los Angeles, California

Turn up the sound and listen to this recent success story where a new student takes his Web rankings from oblivion to the top results with over 1,250,000 competitors.

Congratulations to SEO Workshop student Seth Hassell.
Seth attended one of our Orlando search engine workshops

Hello, Robin and John!

I want you to know that I think you do an extraordinarily good job of handling so many people of such diverse skills and backgrounds. I got a great deal out of the workshop and found the course very stimulating from many points of view.
You are doing a wonderful thing!

Thank you,
Bayard Fox, Equitours, Ltd.
Worldwide Riding Holidays

"Very informative! The workshop took me from infancy to adulthood in SEO."

Andre Ormand

"Great workshop! Far exceeded my expectations."

Many thanks,
Jeff Kim
Senior Consultant
WSI - Internet Consulting & Education

COMMENTS from Dan Babush
Turn up your sound and click the play button to listen to comments from Dan Babush who ecently attended the SEO Mastery Workshop.

"I now know how to add value to any website - and that's a great feeling. Thank you so much! Thank you again for all the great stuff in my brain, it has been the most inspiring week of my professional life, and I appreciate it so much."

Take care,

Julia Dunlop
Creative Director
BE Technical Ltd.

"It has been about 1 year since I went to the SEO workshop in Vancouver. Now I'm able to help my clients achieve top positions. Your workshop helped me a lot - plus I really enjoyed it." Yuri Lee
WSI Internet Consultant

"For me, this workshop has positive impact. There are lots of concepts, tips and information that simply cannot be acquired at a "large conference" or from SEOs who are more interested in selling you their service. This workshop is FIRST RATE!"

Scott Stone

"Awesome job! One of the best workshops I ever attended!!

Thank you
Melissa Christofero

Dear Robin,

What can I say, the workshop was great. More than I expected, I feel like I have been reborn. The world will never look the same to me. You and John are truly powerful teachers.

Toni Carreiro

John and Robin,

Thank you for the priceless past 5-day Workshop! I have been looking for this type of opportunity for a while now. I feel like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. Your passion for this subject matter is so infectious. I'm excited to implement these strategies and apply them to my business. Thank you - you are the greatest!

Eileen Haban

John and Robin,

Great job! I am walking away from the workshop with far more understanding of search engine marketing as well as other great marketing ideas in general. I have some great strategies to take back and impliment.

Richard Fox

This has been an excellent Workshop that's invaluable to any search engine industry professional.

Troy Bruster

Dear Robin and John,

I really appreciated John's examples of Professional SEO tactics. It really helped put so much together. I also enjoyed work from the essential foundations class. When I was looking at rankings yesterday, my client's Web site was located within the top 7 results on 5 major search engines! Thanks so much for all of the rich information you provided along with the resources you gave me after class.

Zoe Mills

Dear Robin and John,

I have a completely new perspective on Web development and marketing. This Workshop focuses on powerful techniques for building content rich, compelling Web sites with killer, step by step methodology for driving targeted traffic to a Web site.

Marie Hardy
WSI Internet Consultant

Hi Robin,

I can't thank you and John enough for conducting such an amazingly informative and enjoyable workshop! Thank you again! I had so much fun! I also thoroughly enjoyed all of the guests including Brent Winters, Dave Barry, Judith Silver and the Combustion Hosting guys. I learned so much. I just loved it!

It has been so long since I have been so excited about my work. This will be such an interesting and challenging new opportunity. I can't stop thinking about SEO. I bet that I have actually been thinking about it more than John! Ha...ha...ha...I can't wait to get some sites out there.

Thank you both again,

Martin Maybruck

Dear John and Robin,

I would recommend this workshop to every person who wants to learn search engine strategies and optimization. Confidence wise, I feel excellent!

Steven Gregorie

This was an excellent workshop. I came here thinking of rankings and coming out thinking of a whole new system in creating revenue! Thank you both for the workshop. You taught me more than just SEO and I can't wait to get back to my office and implement these strategies.

Best regards,
Jon Farrelly

I drove about 166 miles each day to get attend the SEO Workshop and it was worth every penny and every mile that I drove! Thanks very much

Greg Petropolous

Information for the Professional SEO was very good and I feel a lot more comfortable with search engine optimization.

Mike Lee

Hello Robin,

It has been a while since the New Orleans SEO Mastery Workshop. That experience has made a significant difference to our business and our clients businesses. Thank you for all you have done for us.

Best regards,

Chris Pascoe
SEO Specialist

Dear Robin and John,

The results are in. I am so excited about where my Web site now ranks under my targeted keywords ......I am NUMBER 2!!! over 1,600,000!!! and to add icing to that cake I am also NUMBER 1 !!!! under my secondary phrase. This is largely due to what I learned from studying at your SEO Mastery Workshop. And John, I did not resubmit but followed your exact suggestions for Google. It worked, and that is the only way to say it.

Best regards,
Chuck Lunsford

Michael Campbell author of "Nothing But Net" and "Clickin it Rich" participated in our Vancouver SEO Mastery Workshop as our special guest. Michael sent us an e-mail offering the following comments about the SEO Mastery Workshop:

Dear Robin and John:

"This was the first conference - that I honestly can say - I had fun at. So many conferences, seminars and workshops are stiff and formal. There's no getting to know the speakers and lecturers. This one was totally different.

"Everyone that comes is given hands on tutorials. You're shown an exact SEO process from start to finish. You also get a critique of your site and have to pass an SEO test to get certified.

After the three days, you'll know exactly what to do and in what order. You'll know how to use all the tools. You'll also be surprised how easy it is to get top search engine rankings, once you know how."

Michael Campbell

Robin and John,

Once again, I wanted to thank you both for what I believe has been the best conference I've ever attended. Nothing beats hands-on training. Too many conferences and seminars are too high-level and do not arm you with the tools needed to go back to where you came from and improve upon what you're doing.

Thanks again!

Barry Bowman
Director of Marketing
PLEXIS Healthcare Systems

Dear Robin and John

I have been offering Internet marketing services for almost two years and have achieved top rankings in the Search Engines for many of my clients. When I found out about your workshop I signed up immediately. Now that I have completed the workshop I am oozing with confidence.

Thank you Robin and John for filling in all the gaps for me with scientific precision. Your workshop has provided a quantum leap for my career! I'm sure my clients will be amazed with their improved positions and multitudes of highly targeted visitors.

TEN THOUSAND THANK YOU's are not enough!!!

Robert Wright -

Dear John

I wanted you to know that I'm now adding about one new client every two weeks to my "be found" services. Much of this is directly related to what I learned from Robin and yourself at the SEO Mastery workshop.

Thank you

Steve Wilson
Worldsites Internet Consultant
San Antonio's "Be Found on Web" Experts

Dear John & Robin,

I have just achieved results for my first client by following your guidelines. They are No 1 and 2 on five search engines. This was achieved after only 4 days! The client was absolutely amazed.

L. B. (Student of the Ultimate SEO Mastery Workshop - Nashville class)

Dear John and Robin,

I wanted to let you know how amazed I was by the workshop. I thought I had a good deal of knowledge going into the workshop, wow: was I wrong! Your workshop really opened my eyes to the ever-changing world of Search Engine Marketing. It was great to meet and work with 2 people who really know their stuff. With all the knowledge that you shared I am confident that our company will benefit greatly. I look forward to attending your workshops each year, if not more often.

Matthew M. Costello
Vice President

Dear John and Robin,

I have recently completed the Search Engine Workshop in Nashville. Previously, I had read all the theoretical approaches to SEO, but to finally get the opportunity to learn first hand from 2 of the pre-eminent SEO's in the industry was an opportunity I could not miss. I found the course to be both challenging and fun and would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to take SEO seriously. But my greatest thanks has to be for the follow up assistance that has been given to me by both Robin and John, something which goes beyond the call of duty! Thanks.

Lloyd Barrett, FLAME SEO, Wrexham, England


Congratulations on a very successful conference! I left San Antonio knowing so much more than when I arrived. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put together this workshop. It was an opportunity I just couldn't miss nor would I have wanted to considering the high quality of the trainers!! It was a pleasure to hear your own personal experiences and efforts in the SEO field......sometimes I think to many people involved in the SEO business are a little TOO technical and are looking for mathematical solutions to human based problems. Thanks for spreading that message....we need more teachers/trainers like you and Robin. Once again, thank you for sharing, not only your time but a little part of your life with all of us at class. It was a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Highest regards,

Mike Zoth
Erie, PA

The class has been a great way for me to focus and pull all I know together. It's a great beginning to deeper knowledge. I know it'll open many doors for me that have been previously closed to me. Thanks for all your focused efforts. I certainly appreciate all you've done.

Kristal Kraft
Denver, CO

I like the way John took more of a marketing angle while you took more of an SEO angle. The two together were very powerful.






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