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If you are a Real Estate Professional who needs some tips and SEO related strategies and tips to help you compete for top rankings then this page is for you. Follow some the these optimization articles to help you build up a more  successful Web site in on of the most the highly competitive industries!


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SEO for REALTORS and Real Estate Professionals 


Real Estate Optimization Articles and SEO Tips by John Alexander

Real Estate Paradigm Shifts in Keyword Research for SEO

Archived Articles Published by REALTORS Magazine:

New Search Twists - Article published in Magazine
Originally published in January 2005

Artificial Smarts - Article published exclusive for REALTOR Magaizine
Originally published in July 2006

World Talk Radio Interview of interest to Real Estate professionals:

Listen to John Alexander's Real Estate research examples on 
"How to research the hidden evidence of search behavior that most Webmasters miss.

This 3 part talk show audio interview offers some excellent live examples of keyword research techniques conducted live on the air with the E-marketing Talk Show hosts.

SEO related Tips and Tutorials:

How to improve online Web sales with a sharper call to action.

How can I learn better keyword research - 10 more Tips

Do's and Don'ts for Building Your Site's Link Popularity, an article at Search Engine Workshops

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Archived Real Estate Blog posts from the KEI Observation Deck by John Alexander

Which exact keyword phrase clusters have offered the biggest "windows of opportunity" for Real Estate agents in 2006? 

Check out a few of the high Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI) phrase clusters from postings last year.
These observations are compliments of Wordtracker - the top research tool of choice by professional SEOs everywhere.

Direct links to Real Estate related search terms:

April 2006
Interesting real estate keyword observations around "cost of living comparisons."

Keyword observations for Real Estate Agents - KEI ranging from 89.0 to over 8,464.0

May 2006 
KEI Observation Deck A few High KEI Keywords - For REALTORS and Real Estate Brokers
Keywords ranging from 105.0 KEI to 70,000 KEI

August 2006  - A few random real estate keyword observations

"Real Estate in Woodmere" KEI 219.0

"homes for sale in Woodsburg" KEI 2286.9

"east rutherford nj real estate" KEI 358.4

"east cape mexico real estate" KEI 536.3

"east rutherford homes for sale" KEI 527.2

"east rutherford home for sale" KEI 10,440.1

September 2006: - A few random real estate keyword observations

"parry sound cottages for sale" KEI 946.4

"wisconsin lake front cottages for sale" KEI 961.0

"parry sound cottage real estate" KEI 1212.8

"cottages for sale in parry sound" KEI 19,593.0

"ventry cottages" KEI 1960.2

"affordable cottage property for sale in parry sound Ontario" with a KEI of 32,865.3 314 searches in the last 90 days and only 3 competing!

Free Instructional Wordtracker Audio Tutorials

Free Wordtracker Magic Audio Lessons and Tips
Listen as Wordtracker Magic e-book author John Alexander describes some of his best methods for researching powerful keyword phrase combinations, his observations, favorite free tools as well as the power of working with root words and lateral thinking.

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We're not just talking about finding good keyword phrases -- we're talking about finding those extraordinary niche phrases that are in high use but extremely low competition.

Wordtracker Magic . . . how to instantly mine pure gold from the Wordtracker database!

Are you looking for original idea creation for fresh new Web content?

Be sure to visit Robin Nobles Idea Motivator Blog

Where Creativity Explodes into Content and Link Popularity

          More SEO and Keyword Research Related Articles located here

Recent SEO comments from Real Estate Professionals
who have graduated from our Workshop:

"The class has been a great way for me to focus and pull all I know together. 

It's a great beginning to deeper knowledge. I know it'll open many doors for me that have been previously closed to me. Thanks for all your focused efforts. I certainly appreciate all you've done."

Kristal Kraft  - Visit this Denver Real Estate Agent

"Basically everything I know about search engine placement I have learned from my relationship with Robin Nobles and John Alexander. I have had dramatic success using the tools that Robin and people around her have taught me.

"Robin and John really act as a hub around which so many other people rotate. They bring together people with expertise in marketing all manner of online businesses and consolidate their information into a usable whole - the Workshop Resource Center.

"If you really want to get an understanding of how to make your site(s) visible in the search engine world, you can do no better than studying with Robin Nobles and John Alexander."

- Gary Woods, Real Estate Agent
Beautiful Santa Barbara Real Estate

"EXCELLENT Workshop w/ EXCELLENT Instructors."

Terri Patillo - Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate

"I enjoyed the way in which all 3 instructors had the ability to teach everyone at all levels but at the same time. You ensure that no one gets left behind and keep everyone learning simultaneously."

"Question? Where have you teachers been all my life?"

Sincerely, thank you very, very much!
Sheri Bias-Green - Las Vegas Luxury Real Estate

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