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Discover which sales triggers are most effective 
when mixed with SEO!

by John Alexander

We all know the importance of gaining top visibility to a specific target audience on the major search engines. After all, you really need qualified traffic or those who are actually searching for goods and services that you are offering. While most of the time, we teach folks about the importance of doing good keyword research and/or behavioral research to ensure they are attracting an "ideal" target audience, there is another more natural aspect that I'd like to just touch on here. 

Writing for search engine robots is not enough:

Many search engine optimizers are empowered through training, with the ability to write for search engine robots and have crafted their skills to score exceptionally well for top relevancy. It surely is essential but there is another element that we need to reflect on besides just writing for search engine robots (as important as that is). I am referring to the importance of compelling your visitor to respond right now once they have landed on the Web page as a result of finding you in the top results. Just what is the exact reason that your target audience will make a buying decision? Why will they decide to buy or not to buy? What do they need to read within your copy that will get them to act right now?

There are only so many reasons why your visitors buy:

When I first started my business, I use to love to ask questions like....Can you explain why I should buy from you? Invariably the client can often point out a number of important reasons why you might buy from him instead of the guy down the street. What you want to do is try asking a series of questions to help profile the client's target audience. After all, this is the most important group to try and understand....the "target audience". At our live SEO Mastery Workshop, we teach people powerful ways that they can research their target audiences behavior. But let's start by arming you with a few basic questions that should help you think about your writing style and communications.

Online or offline, most human beings have certain mindsets which can trigger buying. The challenge however, is we often behave a certain way without ever giving an ounce of thought to the REAL REASON why we buy. If we understand the real reason that that visitors respond, we can suddenly write much more effectively for the human brain as well as the search engine robots.   

Let's start by listing a 5 simple reasons that will trigger buying decisions:

  1. People will buy to save money
  2. People will also buy to make money
  3. People will buy something if it saves them time
  4. People will buy a product or service if it makes life easier
  5. People will buy something if it improves their safety

Okay, now in each of these 5 examples, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If people will buy to save money
    then ask yourself... 
    your product or service saves them any money? (This is a trigger)

  2. If people buy to make money 
    then ask yourself...
    does your product or service offer your audience any opportunities to earn?

  3. If people buy to save time 
    then ask yourself... might this apply to what you offer?

  4. If people buy to make life easier 
    then ask yourself...
    are you able to name some improved conveniences?

  5. If people buy to improve safety
    then ask yourself...
    does your product improve security or make people feel safer?

You can see how having an understanding WHY people buy, can actually change the way you present your content. These types of questions will often help you with writing much more compelling copy because you are writing with a focus that includes a reason to respond now.

But wait!...

Are these the only reasons why people buy? Absolutely not! 
Start by creating a list of your own "triggers" or things that caused you to "make up your mind" to buy. 
The more you explore your target audience's mindset, the more fascinating this can become. Of course we have not even touched on a fraction of the many "triggers" that are at work in people's minds when they are reading Web pages.

If you want some more buying triggers to consider, I'll give you a few more

  • People will buy to for specific brands (usually it has to do with prestige)
  • People will buy to educate themselves
  • People will buy to  improve their health
  • People will buy to settle their fears
  • People will buy to have some fun
  • People will buy to satisfy their curiosity
  • People will buy to streamline their processes
  • People will buy to prove they are right about some issue
  • People will buy to improve their image or appearance
  • People will buy to improve their quality of life
  • People will buy to uniquely set themselves apart from the crowd

What other reasons can you think of that will compel your target audience to buy now?

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John Alexander is Co-Director of Training for Search Engine Workshops. Together with his partner Robin Nobles, he teaches stress free formulas for obtaining top visibility on major search engines to workshop students from all around the world. John operates a Web site for professional search engine optimizers, Beyond-SEO

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