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Test Your visibility Across 2 engines at once -  Try This Tool

John Alexander

There are a variety of free tools that allow you to gather valuable information and have fun at the same time. Some tools educate while some calculate and others are just plain fun. Let's talk about a tool that let's you see how balanced you are in the rankings between any two major search engines with just one click.

Before trying the tool out, here are a few considerations to keep in mind. How is your branding reflected within your targeted keyword phrase. 

For example, when Robin Nobles and I first formed Search Engine Workshops there were not to many other people targeting the concept of a "workshop." But this was our vision and one of the reasons we fashioned our unique selling proposition around that of offering very small, personalized, hands-on workshops. We wanted to be a learning camp where our students could come, bring their laptop and actually work with us for several days in a class where they would learn "by doing" (as opposed to a conference where you learn "by listening.) 

We formed what we believe to be one of the best ways of building SEO skills very quickly, when we styled our business model for a term that at the time, was not as popular as some for example "search engine seminars." What is the difference between the branding of a seminar and a workshop? We wanted to appeal to those who would be willing to learn "by doing" and those who were willing to invest a few days into comprehensive skill building. We wanted to be known for our workshops.

Since those days, of course there have been many others who have started using the term of workshops too, as a keyword phrase. However, one does need a balance of being found for the phrases that the target audience is searching for and then as your business builds, you build your reputation and your brand too. We felt that our business name "Search Engine Workshops" and our domain name accurately reflected what we do as our USP as well as it also represented a firm opportunity for building our brand.

So how did we do for the phrase search engine workshops
At the time of writing this we are still number 1 over 1,520,000 competing pages on Google.

How did we do for search engine seminars?
At the time of writing this we are number 1 over 1,350,000 competing pages on Google.

How did we do for the single term workshops?
At the time of writing this we are number 3 over 92,900,000 competing pages on Google.

Okay, we have many other phrases that we are found for, but that main phrase "search engine workshops" is still important to us because it reflects who we are (our brand.)

Okay, the next question is, how is your Web site's visibility across two major search engines like Google and MSN at the same time? Now you can quickly do some comparison checks with this tool called Thumbshots.

Here were our results for the phrase search engine workshops: 

Click here to try Thumbshots

It appears pretty balanced for our branded search phrase for top spots on Google and Yahoo.
Results will vary with any two engines, but try it out and see how you're doing with your Web site.

See how your rankings compare between two of the major search engines for a specific phrase.
Have fun with this tool which can be quite addictive. Enjoy!

Highest regards
John Alexander 

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About John Alexander

John Alexander is the Co-Director of Training of Search Engine Workshops with Robin Nobles. Together, they teach 2-day beginner, 3-day advanced, and 5-day all-inclusive "hands on" search engine marketing workshops in locations across the globe. John also teaches online search engine marketing courses through, and he’s a member of Wordtracker’s official question support team. 

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