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Fresh thinking About Your Blog can turn your new ideas into action

John Alexander


As you may have heard, blogs are a hot topic these days. A blog (which is short form for Web log) is nothing more than a public journal which is published online and can often represent the personality of the author or the Web site. Why are blogs one of the hottest trends today? They represent such tremendous potential for fresh original content being added to the Web and updated daily to the Web. Search engine spiders absolutely love indexing blogs and many blogs are being read on a daily and sometimes even on an hourly basis by a wide range of readership.

From a technical point of view, search engines love blogs because there are now literally millions of people writing fresh content, at least daily, sometimes several times a day. Millions of people all sharing their "points of view" on a variety of topics including philosophy on life, politics, health, travel, religion, business, entertainment and much more.

Are you considering creating a new Blog because someone told you that you should really have one? But what type of Blog will you create? There are a variety of different styles of blogging software which are free to set up. But I want to talk more about the concept of your Blog topic and what you will create while in mind your natural talents and inclination. Look to and explore those natural thinking styles to create something pleasing for your audience of readers.

Give some thought to considering your own "thinking style" and making the most of it by fashioning your Blog after your natural thinking style. We all have a little different outlook any issue but there may be some things you could offer to your blog readers, that others could not. Remember, blogs often reflect personality.

Thinking Styles - What is your natural thinking style and how might it be a benefit to your readers?

We all think differently as individuals and we each have some specific talents and abilities that we are more inclined towards, some more than others. How you are naturally inclined to think about issues? 

We all think. When we think, it establishes a thought. From those thoughts gathered, we form ideas and opinions. As we act on those ideas formed, we are creating actions. However, we tend to have more strengths in one area than another. It's not that one type of thinking is better than another, it's just that each style has advantages and disadvantages.
So what type of thinker are you?

Are you the type of thinker who is analytical? 
Do you have the ability to analyze things with clear logic?
How might this type of thinking benefit people who are reading your blog?
What type of topics might you consider writing about that would benefit people from an analytical point of view?

Creative people may often be thought of as "dreamers" who are always coming up with tons of new ideas. But then some people don't feel too creative at all. Instead of focusing on the fact that you may not feel like you can come up with new ideas, you certainly will have some natural "thinking style" and strength all of your own. Perhaps you are more analytically minded. Do you like to examine a lot of data or are you fascinated by the accuracy of data? 

Maybe you are more logic driven. You like to apply logic to create useful solutions to problems. Are you good with mathematical equations? Are you a problem solver or someone who enjoys a good challenge? Or have you got a flare for artwork. Do you enjoy writing poetry or writing fiction.

Need help to come up with a concept for your new blog?

Start by making a list of your natural talents. What do you feel that you are good at and how might it relate to your Web site? What do other people tell you that you are good at doing?

If you are creative, maybe you could create a blog based on idea generation, helping others come up with new ideas.

If you are analytical, try creating a list of topics that naturally appeal to you. These could range from insights on accounting to your real life experiences in business. Blogs are daily journals so what ever type of concept you come up with, think in terms of something you could write about and enjoy writing about on a daily basis.  

Perhaps you have a blend of several thinking styles but you'll often find that one may be more predominant than the rest.
Keep in mind, that because you write in a Blog on a daily routine basis, your blog will often represent and carry across the type of personality you are. Why not focus on topics for your blog, that you yourself love to write about or that you have some natural talent with? Although many don't feel like they are writers, it's amazing what you can create if you focus on topics that you enjoy and are knowledgeable about. Writing in your blog then becomes fun and you can literally offer your readers content that will attract and benefit other like minded readers.

Example One: KEI Observation Deck for free keyword phrase suggestions
One of the things I enjoy doing, is performing behavior research on the Internet. Now this may sound absolutely boring to some people, but I am fascinated with how people search for things on the search engines. It's not about "keyword research" which can tend to be more analytical (which I am not). For me, it's more about behavioral research and discovering other peoples niche interests. I do tend to be creative and come up with lots of ideas, but I'm not great with accounting or have no gift with mathematical equations. So what I chose to create, was a blog that I call the KEI Observation Deck. In this blog, I observe niche "windows of opportunity" based on peoples searches on the major search engines. I enjoy it and I find that other people seem to enjoy it too. Particularly the Internet marketers and SEO professionals who visit our blog looking for niche phrases.

Example Two: 
Here is a high traffic blog created based on the topics of political and cultural events. Learn more about Michael Marshall and his background here. Topics on this blog involve political topics and all sorts of news and you can tell it's a busy blog from it's viewing statistics.

Example Three: Everyone is blogging these days including William Shatner 
Okay, his last post, at the point time I visited, appears to be in February, but the point is that even Star Trek actors have their own blogs, here William is writing about his experiences with his newest TV show etc.

A Few other Simple Tips for Blogging: (regardless of your chosen topic)

  • Use common layman's terms to clearly make your point. Try not to ramble on too long.
  • Try and stick to one topic per post as opposed to talking about dozens of different focuses.
  • In a blog, you are writing a journal. In a way, it's like thinking out loud for your readers.
  • Don't forget to link to a variety of other interesting places (besides your site) while dialoguing with readers.
  • Don't forget to use your important keywords and remember to stay focused on one topic per post.
  • Create interesting and original content for your readers 
  • Update your blog frequently.

Outside of the natural benefits of blogging, I encourage you to create something based on your own thinking style. Let your content be your own original talent shining through to deliver some value to your readers. Your blog can be used to educate or just communicate in general. It's totally up to you of course, whatever you decide to write about, but if the topic is something relating to a topic you enjoy, then you won't feel like it's even work to make regular entries and updates, you'll be to busy having fun and enjoying the blogging experience. Start making a list of ideas and do some fresh thinking about what kind of blog you will create for your readers.

John Alexander 


About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with partner Robin Nobles as well as online search engine marketing courses through Online Web Training. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and co-author of the Totally Non-Technical Guide for A Successful Web Site.

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