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Introduction  to thememaster - and Next Generation SEO

  By John Alexander 

One of the reasons the service I'm about to tell you about is so cool, is because it does something no other software (that I am aware of) currently does. It does not compete with other products because it does something completely unique and different. What's even more important, it performs it's tasks while staying well within the guidelines of all of the search engines including Google!

Introducing ThemeMaster™

It does with "themes" what other products do in the realm of keyword density analysis or effective keyword selection except it centers around providing you with what "words to use" or what words to "avoid using" that will most help your document get classified/themed properly. 

There is a lot of misinformation about exactly what search engine themes are all about and how they work but then when I met Michael Marshall, the creator of Theme Master™ I was most impressed. He has a background in Linguistics, Philosophy and in Artificial Intelligence and he is well studied in a lot of the original research papers on which the various methods and technology of how themes operate. All the same, we wanted to give his Theme Master™ program a fair test and we were pretty impressed with the results when they came rolling in. The actual results of our tests, I'll reserve for another future article, but let's just say that for a very competitive phrase, we certainly noticed the difference, the increase in rank, considering the fact that all we really did was swap out a few words on the page based on ThemeMaster's recommendation.

ThemeMaster is not really magic, even if it tends to feel that way when you are not an expert in mathematics or perhaps if you are like me and had never even thought about how artificial intelligence fits into the future of search. However, the beauty of ThemeMaster is that you don't need to be a mathematician to make it work for you. Theme Master is an extraordinary tool that eliminates the need for guesswork on theme building. It delivers into your hands exact instances of keywords, secondary support terms and phrases in a concise color coded format that is easy to read and ready to use. Theme Master is a tool that any SEO can make use of right now to help make sure that their pages are recognized within a specific theme.

Which search engines do themes currently play an important roll? One of the biggest and most important is Google (which has used "themes" since the day it was built), Altavista, Excite, to name just a few. More and more themes will become a prominent element in the future of optimization strategies.

Click on the image below to try the demo


Here's how it works:

Basically what Theme Master does is provide you with a wealth of the most common words related to your keyword phrase that follow a specific theme. What you do is add a few of these alternative words into your Web page copy by replacing other words and mildly rewriting your copy somewhat to suit. 

There are more features in Theme Master™ than the ones I am outlining here but it includes:

  • Theme analysis tables

  • Analysis graphs for
    -mutual information
    -Word probability
    -information gain
    -word pair gain

  • A series of Matrix for
    -word count
    -word density matrix
    -similarity matrix
    -similarity testing
    -vector space 

Now this sounds terribly complicated and far too technical and mathematical for the average person to fathom, it really boils down to something that is quite easy to work with:

The more more you substitute a variety of the alternative words in your copy based on Theme Masters™ advice, then the closer you will match the overall theme, based on all of the pages on all of the sites within the search engine.  

I entered a keyword...."Pets" 

What I got in return was a matrix of color coded words which is far larger than I care to reproduce on this page. It is not the colors that are important but basically you would want to try and use at least a few of the words from each color coded area. One color is not a better color over another. There are many more portions to this program but if you do nothing more than just this. 

For those of you who love pie charts and lots of raw data to analyze, Theme Master™ has plenty of pie charts and data analysis too:

Word groups are all sorted from most important to least important and color coded too.

These are just a few of the screen captures but when you are actually
in Theme Master™ you can view each pie by slice in a flash animation.

With the intelligent rendering of data that Theme Master generates (I have not shown you everything as this is just an introduction), search engine marketers will craft themes into their web pages with far more confidence and a lot less guess work. 

You will be hearing a lot more about ThemeMaster in the very near future.

How did we fair in our test results? 
Watch for an another upcoming article in which we'll go in to a lot more detail about how we used ThemeMaster to get Top 5 placement for an extremely competitive phrase over 7,500,000 (seven and a half million) competitive results. 

Theme Master is a tool that helps you discover and weigh out which text copy and which combinations of words to deliver the most benefit.  It can also assist in helping you determine how relatively similar any given web page is to a particular theme group relative to a particular search engine. It provides charts as visual aids, matrix tables, and all you need to know. Then you can make sure that the words that speak the most are included in your copy so that you end up being inserted into the correct theme group

We've been teaching our workshop students about ThemeMaster privately in our hands-on SEO Mastery Workshops now (along with all the other professional SEO tools) but we felt that our regular readers should really here about it too and we expect to share much more more about Theme Master™ in the future. 

In the meantime, it's not a secret and the service is available for anyone to use. If you would like to try it out, then just visit this page and give it a whirl. ThemeMaster is a subscription based service so you can try it out just for a few days or join for as long as you want.

Be *sure* to read the about the benefits of using ThemeMaster for improving impact with Google Adsense too.

Remember: (From the ThemeMaster page)
People are searching for information related to the keyword(s), not just the keyword phrase itself.

  • Good Keyword(s) + the WRONG context = the WRONG Theme (LOW RELEVANCE).

  • Good Keyword(s) + the RIGHT context = the RIGHT Theme (HIGH RELEVANCE!).

Discover exactly which "supporting words" the search engines determine are important and you can create the perfect context. Be sure to read this page for an excellent overview: 

Best regards,
John Alexander


About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with partner Robin Nobles as well as online search engine marketing courses through Online Web Training. John is author of an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and co-author of the Totally Non-Technical Guide for A Successful Web Site
. John is also an official member of the customer support team at answering keyword related questions.

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