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Tips For Creating A Free Squeeze Page To Help Build Your List

By John Alexander

If you want to include a squeeze page to your website or blog to
help you build a big list of active subscribers, you may be in the
market for a free squeeze page. If so, keep reading so you know
what you should be looking for.

There are many places where you can get a free squeeze page 
template if you search on Google. Usually these will require some 
simple to do editing to make them unique to your specific niche 
and your offer.

In order to edit some of these templates you may want to download
a free HTML editor. These are easy to use, they are basically like
a word processor and you can quickly and easily make whatever 
changes you want with an easy to use "What You See Is What You 
Get" format.

That is the easy part, the slightly more challenging part will be to
design a squeeze page that helps your visitors do what you want 
them to do which is sign up to your list.

The design of your squeeze page is not the only thing that will
encourage your visitors to sign up. You will also need a quality
freebie to offer them.

I know, the words "quality" and "freebie" don't seem to go together,
but they can. You see as an enticement to get them to sign up one tried
and true method is to offer your visitor a free report or free e-book.

What should this report or e-book be about?

That is easy; find some sort of common challenge or problem associated
with your niche and write a report that offers an easy solution to that
problem. Try to present something you know is genuinely useful and 
avoid just circulating old information.

Provide some real, helpful information and people will be much more
likely to sign up, because they will really want that help.

Once you have your freebie put together, you can start building your
squeeze page.

Here are a few elements you will want to include:

1. An emotionally charged, strong headline that underscores the 
benefits of your free report. Remember to try and really focus on the 
benefits and never assume the reader will automatically understand. 
Spell the benefits out clearly so the reader will begin to see the value 
of  the report.

2. Using verbose bullet points that go into a little more detail about 
the benefits of your free report, only without giving too much of the 
strategic part away. After all, if you give them all the information, they 
won't need to sign up to receive the free report.

3. Try and build a list of multiple benefits (at least 20 to 30) and it 
is as the reader realizes how many benefits there are, it bui8lds their 
desire to download the free report.

4. Use an opt in box (this can easily be gotten directly from your 
sequential auto responder service such as Aweber  ) with a strong 
"call to action."

5. Add in a few confidence builders such as:

  • A strong anti spam warning.
  • Use a few customer testimonials (make sure they are real 
    comments from real readers)
  • Try setting testimonials up in Time New Courier Font, which 
    psychologically looks like the text was type written.

You final call to action is the part of your opt in form that tells 
them what to do: Never assume that the visitor will just know 
what to do. Tell them clearly....and then tell them again.

Sign up now to grab your free report - right now
Once you click submit, your report will be delivered to your 
e-mail even if it is 2AM in the morning.

Make your call to action strong. Don't assume people will know what 
they are supposed to do. For the most part, people don't like to have to make 
decisions so you want to design your squeeze page so that you guide your 
visitor to the desired action.

Finding a free squeeze page online is not the problem. Editing the 
squeeze page is not the problem. The real challenge comes when 
creating your free report and then knowing just what elements to 
include in your squeeze page. Though, that isn't a challenge anymore 
now since you've read this article!

Good luck!

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John Alexander works together with his network of globally located Search Engine Academy SEO Trainers who teach 
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