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SEO Recon - A New Generation of Competitive Intelligence

by John Alexander


Whenever something new and exceptional comes along, Robin Nobles and I tend to get just as excited as our  students and subscribers of our Search Engine Academy and our Search Engine Workshops.  

Many of our faithful students come back each year to learn the latest skills and fine tune what they know, so we obviously are going to give them the in-depth insights to help them maintain their advantage. 

Our students are very successful after attending our hands-on SEO workshops and we are now able to help more people than ever before with our local Search Engine Academy training centers located in business communities across North America and in Asia. 

It appears that the cat is already out of the bag on the next big SEO/SEM news. 

I'll tell you more in just a minute. 
But first, let me ask you about how you make your choices concerning SEO and SEM?

Do you read free tips? I hope so, because we work hard writing hundreds of them. Very basic through Intermediate and some advanced too. Tips are good reminders but they don't really teach you the skills in depth because they are not meant to be tutorials or lessons. They are just tips and reminders.

Do you make decisions based on what you heard someone tell you at a party? 
Hopefully not, but then I suppose if you have plenty of time to kill, you might get some ideas to test out for yourself.

Maybe something that someone wrote in an article like this one?  Articles can be helpful so long as they are fresh and are still up to date and of course depending on who the author is. There are many great articles online. 

What I am getting at here is to ask you to try and identify "HOW you tend to make choices regarding SEO?"

Chances are that if you get advice our counsel or mentoring for example from one source - and that information turns out to be powerful and effective, that you will tend to listen to that same source. Who do you choose to listen to in a myriad of conflicting opinions? The way you make choices is entirely up to you.

Do You Remember the Movie "The Matrix" (1999)

If you have watched the original blockbuster film "The Matrix" which was released back in 1999 (it's hard to believe it was that long ago) you'll recall that in the film, there was a main character named Neo, who was forced to make a choice between taking a red pill and a blue pill. Depending on Neo's choice of color, it would change his understanding and way of seeing the world. He made his choice and what an adventure it was, based on that choice. 

Now it is your turn (only this is not science fiction.) It's just for fun. But before you read this article, I want you to choose either the red key or the blue key (in your mind.) It's your choice?

Take a second and pick one key only
either Red or Blue and then read on.  :o)

That part was only just for fun, but we'll get to your choices of color later in the article. The point is that we are now shifting back to reality and the art and science of genuine SEO and organic search engine optimization. 

Mostly it will be about technical science and mathematics from here on in but what I share next may also be just a tad hard for some folks to get their head (around at least initially.) I am sure there will be some people out there that will say John Alexander has been watching a little TOO MUCH science fiction. :o)

Okay that said, let's get on with a new generation of competitive intelligence for organic search marketing.

To preface this and for any new readers I need to tell you a little bit about one of our associate SEO educators Michael Marshall. Mike is one of our Search Engine Academy associates who teaches our SEO Mastery Workshops in the State of North Carolina. Michael has been teaching with us for many years now and he often also teaches on the road in our Workshops with both and Robin and I too. For those of you who may not know of Mike's reputation for developing extraordinary one-of-a-kind high powered strategies, I'm going to just use a very recent quote about the caliber of Mike's talent:

Mike Marshall is literally one of the brightest minds in the world of Search Engines and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With a degree in Linguistics that allowed him to absorb concepts like Latent Semantic Indexing and then apply his programming skill, Mike has a grasp on the science (both theoretical and applied) of search engines like few others do. Among many unique qualities Mike has, is his unassuming and open approach to sharing his knowledge with his clients. He doesn't "hold back" to save something for the next contract. When you ask Mike a question he gives you an answer. The right one. I don't know of another person in the world of SEO whose knowledge I trust more than Mike Marshall. 

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

- Gordon Magee
Internet Marketing and Analysis Manager at Drs. Foster & Smith Rated #83 in the Internet Retailer 500


Here is the latest news and developments as of please keep an open mind about everything we discuss next. You'll be interested in a whole new wave of SEO intelligence for Web sites that are in highly competitive markets. It is not only just about LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing - But this is something completely different and much more influential for highly competitive markets. I know the word is getting out because I've had a few past student graduates wanting the scoop and are thinking of joining us at the upcoming SEO Workshop in just a couple of weeks.

So what is it?

Introducing  - SEO Recon

It is all about how to use advanced and sophisticated methodology to recognize and take advantage of top ranking opportunities from within any given industry. (By viewing the "big picture" right down to a TEE!) 

I'll try to briefly describe exactly what happens when using SEO Recon services. 

Try to imagine being able to compile hundreds of hours of genuine research to make up and form the exact "big picture" for your Web site for any keyword phrase. 

When I say exact, I mean precisely that...

  • with no guess work
  • with no need for a team of researchers
  • easily identify the exact challenges or threats to your organic placement
  • easily identify the exact opportunities for you to overtake your competition in minimum of moves.
  • for any important keyword phrase even taking into account industry specific values.

You'll need time to get your head around the idea of optimization for top organic industry specific results, 
BUT with zero guess work. Do I hear the odd skeptic out there ask "How can it be possible?"

Let me try to put it into the simplest of terms for you this way. This is a brand new deadly accurate methodology that has been developed to shorten the time it takes to identify exactly which opportunities you have to take advantage of (in the in a minimum number of moves"  OR "in least number of moves", etc.) considering all of the influences in their entirety for your industry.  

It does not involve any guess work at all. 
And it is completely based on the science of mathematics (without you needing to be a Mathematician.)

Perhaps you've heard the term "competitive intelligence" before in other applications. Perhaps you have heard of Multivariate Analysis too, for example from Google. But this is multivariate testing personified! I have investigated what Michael Marshall has created and can tell you that this is quite different from anything that we've ever seen before and different than you have ever used before (unless you've already heard about SEO Recon.)

How great is it? Watch and see.
If anything has qualified for ultra advanced SEO methodology that is 100% white hat - this one is it. The methodology is something that I personally have never previously seen before. 

How hot is it?

I would say it's red hot right now and especially for the future.  

Which Color Key Did You Pick?

If you picked the red key in your mind - CONGRATULATIONS. 
If you picked the blue key, then you may not ever see the same SEO SEM advantages as the red key holder.

Now that SEO Recon is available, I expect you'll be hearing many more great testimonials.

Don't leave your SEO strategies to guess work or
vague theory or just partial truths. SEO Recon is
here and it is not a science fiction but science fact.  

Might this result in a paradigm shift in your thinking about future SEO skills?

What is a Paradigm Shift?
A paradigm shift is a profound and totally irreversible change to a complete different model of behavior or perception. 

It can happen over a short or lengthy period of time. A paradigm shift doesn't always mean that one method or form is instantly replaced by another. A new concept may appear, draw attention to itself for literally weeks, months or years of time, before it replaces the original model. Eventually the new model becomes the standard in most people's way of seeing things and makes older methodologies obsolete. 

SEO Recon is in no way a replacement for building your genuine SEO skills. It is a very ultra advanced method of gathering unique competitive intelligence without any guess work. You still need to understand the important elements and influences of SEO. 

Some of the obvious advantages of SEO Recon are: 

  • SEO Recon will help you gain knowledge to expedite your visibility for highly competitive phrases
  • SEO Recon saves you literally weeks of work to get to the exact truth for any phrase in any industry
  • SEO Recon reveals exact weaknesses of any competitor
  • SEO Recon is very industry specific
  • SEO Recon is like having your own team of researching mathematicians working around the clock
  • SEO Recon is more accurate at forming the exact and precise "big picture." 
  • SEO Recon is SEO Recon is based on many of the most important influences and it considers the effect and measures the impact the influences all have on one another too. (gone are the days of trying to understand in isolation how many words are needed in a Title tag.)

There are other advantages too.

When it comes to your personal search marketing skills remember this tip:

Please always remember that the results you get in search marketing are a result of the choices that you make. The choices you make will depend on the accuracy of the source of your information. It comes right down to separating truth from error however you want to look at it.

When we share in-depth strategies with our students we are sharing our finest research whether you come to attend a local Search Engine Academy, a Search Engine Workshops event, the SEO Workshop Resource Center or the Online Web Training Courses. The skills we teach are not based on things like color choices, guess work or some theory that somebody just heard from somewhere else. 

Michael Marshall will be personally introducing new case studies as well as in depth strategies on the 1 Day June 24th Las Vegas Topic Specific Ultra Advanced Conference. Put more "wisdom" back into your search engine strategies and don't let the math scare you. SEO Recon takes care of that too.

Visit SEO Recon here.

The Las Vegas SEO Workshop Agenda for the whole week are here on June 23 through June 27 this month.

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John Alexander is Director of Search Engine Academy with SEO training centers located across North America and Asia. Together with his partner Robin Nobles, John is also Co-Director of Training for Search Engine Workshops. Together John and Robin teach stress free formulas for obtaining top visibility on major search engines to workshop students from all around the world since 2002. John and Robin also operate an online community for professional search engine marketers called the SEO Workshop Resource Center. John is the author of the Wordtracker Magic E-books Volumes 1 and 2. Grab a free SEO Tip of the DayIt's Free!  

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