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Optimized Web Page Examples for Generic Everyday Keywords in SEO 

By John Alexander


Instead of spending your time focused on learning how not to do SEO the wrong way (like some people tend to do,) let's talk about one of the easiest ways to improve your SEO skills by discussing a few examples.

With the effect of "personalization of search" affecting more and more generic ranking results all the time, we have to remember that ranking is no longer regarded in a "linear fashion" or in the traditional sense of "where does my page rank from 1 to 10?" Newest strategies that we are teaching you in our Workshops and courses focus on techniques to help ensure your pages are being found by the most correct audience, for the maximum amount of time.

For the purposes of these few examples, the searches were done with "Personalization" turned off. If you need to understand more about the effects of Personalization of Search" then see this previous article.

Okay on with a few examples:

Suppose we start with a search for the phrase SEO Training Online with no quotes.

Results: We see about 1.4 million competing pages and this page will always usually be number 1 or 2.


You can also try searching for Online SEO Training and will usually see that comes up in number 1 or 2 position. Online Web Training is offers one of the best series of SEO classes that are taught online with either BASIC or SELF STUDY SEO courses

Online SEO Training is a very generic common everyday phrase and when people search for online SEO training courses that can study from home, it's pretty easily found. Let's look at more examples of optimization at work for very generic keyword terms.


Suppose we do a search for the phrase search engine seminars with no quotes.

Again, here is a page that Google usually has number 1 over about 3.1 million other pages.

This page was created at 1 oclock in the morning by Robin Nobles and since then it has continually been easily found for the generic keyword phrase search engine seminars." Be sure to click on the image above to view the page and see how well it has done even as just a simple page with little or no design.

Many times professional search engine optimizers love to also do other types of marketing and writing articles can bring you huge benefits if you do it the right way. You can imagine how much other writers and SEOs might love to be more easily found for a common generic keyword phrase like search engine articles.

So let's do a search on Google and see what turns up: search engine articles

Search Engine Articles currently pulls up our free articles page number 1 over about 71,200,000 other pages.

In this last example, when you visit the page you may find it hard to understand from a search engine's perspective how it is being ranked so well. I'll give you a tip. It is not because of Spam or some sneaky linking strategy. It is just a quick example of Natural Language Process ( or NLP.)  But this is just one of the things we go into detail and teach you at our SEO Workshops and Search Engine Academies.

If you cannot make it out to a live Search Engine Workshop in your community, then don't forget we have Online SEO Courses with Webinars and Instructional sessions you can study from the comfort of home.

Performing the way you perform now has delivered a certain result. Listening to and following the advice of others has delivered certain results as well. So if your happy with that result, carry on exactly the same way and you should get very similar results. If you are not happy with your results now, then you must change the way you do things.

Same action = same result
Different action = new results

Are you looking for new results? Is it a time for a change of action?
With our newest Workshops we are focused on teaching you the sharpest SEO skills with the maximum accuracy to eliminate confusion and help you become more profitable online in the quickest turn around time. 

How is our students success? Read some of their stories after training right here.

About John Alexander:

John has taught onsite search engine marketing sessions to people from over 80 different countries, and he's worked as a professional in the search engine industry for years. John Alexander and Robin Nobles teamed up together in 2002 to create the Ultimate SEO Mastery Workshop. For more information about their live, personal, hands-on workshops, please visit Search Engine Workshops. For local SEO Community Workshops please visit Search Engine Academy for a Workshop located near you. John and Robin also have online SEO Training Courses and John writes Free SEO Tips daily.

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