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Using Wordtracker to Prepare Early for Seasonal Promotions

By John Alexander

For any of your upcoming seasonally related promotions in search engine marketing this is a reminder to think well ahead of the season when preparing. If you are thinking about doing some new Halloween related promotions for instance, the time to be working on them would be as early as July (rather than starting in late September.) I have a client with a costume store and the first time I optimized it I started in July and by September the traffic was already spiking up to 50 to 60% each week. And of course the big month for costumes is always October. For the month of October that year, the client had nearly 70,000 user sessions and several million page views just for those 4 weeks. Okay, so if I had of waited until September to start the optimization for the Halloween season, we would have missed some huge opportunities.

However, let's think on ahead now for an example towards Christmas seasonal promotions if your Web site is well suited for it. September/October is the perfect time to start getting your high performance pages into shape. So let’s give you a few quick tips of where you might begin, depending on what type of product you are selling.

One of the smartest places to start, is right within Wordtracker for your research. Not just for keywords, but also to determine which important keywords that a search engine “thinks” are related to the season (or to your product.)

Remember, that while it’s important to research what you think might be important to your “buying audience,” there can also be benefit in exploring what terms are related to each other based on what a “search engine knows.

So how can we find out what keywords for example, might be related to a term like “Christmas?” Remember, the information we are after is not always just based on human logic, but it is based on what a search engine may "understand" through artificial intelligence. 

Go into the Wordtracker Member area with an open mind.

If you are not yet a member, no problem. 
Check Out Wordtracker's Free Keyword Tool Now


  1. Go into the Members area of Wordtracker and click to perform a search using Google data.
  2. Wordtracker’s instructions say “Simply enter one generic term that describes your business or service.” 
    However, what we are going to do is enter a “season” as a single word, for example…Christmas. Then the click Proceed Button.
  3. RESULT: You get a long list of words related to “Christmas” based on what a search engine knows.

Here are a few obvious results:

  • christmas

  • Christmas

  •  xmas  

  •  cards 

  •  songs 

  •  carols 

  •  recipes 

  •  trees  

  •  ornaments 

  •  stories 

  •  santa

Okay, but then explore the list a little further. 

Would you have thought that a search engine could possibly "know" that “Christmas” relates to words such as these?

  • traditions
  • greetings
  • festivals
  • wrapping paper
  • Charles Dickens
  • Angels
  • E-cards
  • Tiny Tim
  • Jacob Marley
  • As well many, many other terms.

The thing to understand is that all of these topics can further explored and drilled into for niche phrases that you might never ever consider as being important to searchers at Christmas.

They also represent opportunities for you to create some new original content that your searchers are looking for but are not too competitive and easy to grab good placement for. Of course you have to stay focused on what’s best for your Web site, but you should find this very powerful to assist you with idea generation.  

But then you can take any of these words and drill down deeper by just ticking the little box beside each word that you wish to investigate. Then scroll to the bottom and perform a “competition search” for even greater detail.

So what did I come away with in this short example?

If I wanted to sell a "christmas rope light" in my ornament store, I might do fairly well with it.
The KEI value is 211.4 and it’s been searched for 360 times in the last 60 days (and it’s not even that close to Christmas yet.) Only 613 compete count for that exact phrase so it would not be hard to grab top placement for.

But what if you don’t sell this product? You could still partner with someone who does sell the product and set up an affiliate sales relationship with a supplier at Commission Junction. You make the sale and the supplier ships the product and commission junction tracks each sale and sends you a monthly commission.

The biggest tip of all though, is to give yourself some time to get your content researched and put together and visited by the search engine robots even at least a month before the season arrives. You’ll be ahead of the crowd and by the time heavier seasonal activity kicks in, you’ll have no regrets.  

Best regards
John Alexander

Check Out Wordtracker's Free Keyword Tool Now

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About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with partner Robin Nobles as well as online search engine marketing courses through Online Web Training. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and co-author of the Totally Non-Technical Guide for A Successful Web Site. John and Robin also host an event called the Ultra Advanced Symposium on a quarterly basis.


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John Alexander


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