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Search Engine Seminars

Is your Web site achieving the success that you want, or that it deserves? Are you getting any traffic? Is that traffic converting to sales? Have you considered attending a search engine seminar to learn how to take a struggling Web site and bring it to the top of the rankings?

Search engine seminars, conducted by Search Engine Workshops, are held at various locations across the globe. These seminars are totally different than attending a large search engine conference, where you listen to a speaker discuss theories from the front of the room.

At our Search Engine Seminars . . .
you learn by doing

At our search engine seminars, you learn by doing, because our workshops are hands-on, individualized training with an emphasis on you and your own personal Web site.

Our trainers are two well-known search engine marketing experts in the industry: Robin Nobles and John Alexander. Together, they share their combined ten years of experience to bring you the Ultimate SEO Mastery Workshop, a search engine seminar that will leave you bursting with energy, new ideas, and enthusiasm to see your online business succeed.

Both Robin and John have served on panels or have spoken at search engine conferences as well as other workshops and seminars across the globe. They've both been educators in the field of search engine marketing for years. That's why they joined forces to bring a search engine seminar that will actually teach the necessary strategies in an "on location" setting.

Visit Search Engine Workshops to learn when and where their next search engine seminar will be held. Visit the About Us page to learn of the leaders' qualifications. Click on Workshop Dates to learn about the various locations for the seminars, or the Workshop Agenda page to give you an idea of what will be taught at the workshop.

If you have any questions about our search engine workshops, contact:

Robin Nobles

John Alexander

We hope to see you at one of our search engine seminars soon!

Robin Nobles John Alexander

The Ultimate SEO Mastery Workshops

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