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  How to Write an Influential Sales letter to Launch your E-book - Part 3 

By John Alexander

Much of the information I provide here is from my own personal experience on writing my e-books and I also wish to extend much credit to Michael Campbell of Internet Marketing Secrets, who is always a great encouragement to me with his very extraordinary writing skills. 

If you missed either Part 1 Introduction to the Mechanics of Writing a World Famous E-book
or Part 2 Easy and Inexpensive Mechanics of Creating Your First E-book

of this 3 Part series, please be sure to review these articles as well.

Some people may have the image of a sales letter as perhaps one of those hyped up letters 
that you see online from time to time, (usually with giant fonts) highlighted in yellow and a lot of pushy sales talk promising you that if you buy this book - you'll become a millionaire. 

That is not what we are talking about here. 

We are talking about creating a page that does not push sales into the face of the customer, but simply and effectively communicates the value of a product or a service in a way that builds genuine desire to try the product. 
The product in this case is your own first E-book. 

You've worked on making it the best it can be following the previous 2 articles and suggestions I've made. Now follow along with a few tips to help you create that best seller.  

Now these are all simple tips to help you market your brand new e-book:
  • Color - It's best to stick with dark text on light background 

    See this example as a simple case study.
    It an e-book that Robin Nobles wrote called - Content Challenged No More.

    Open a new browser and visit we'll examine a few points one by one.

  • Examine this case study page - element by element 

    Try working with a strong headline that gets your readers instantly flowing into the copy. 
    Notice these first few words in our case study:


    "If you've ever had writers block, or been faced with a blank page, then here's where to start."


    The If/Then statement is a powerful way to nearly get the reader instantly flowing into the dialog. IF (whatever challenge you have) THEN (it leads to a solution which appeals to as wide of an audience as possible.) The second paragraph gives you a rather emotionally charged pace that literally anyone can relate to.


    "There are over 100 light bulb moments to shine your creative juice, brighter than ever before. You'll never get stuck wondering what to write. You'll explode with ideas and easily create content that people are just dying to read."
  • Use bullet points to highlight benefits

    You must spell out the benefits that your product delivers in a list of bullet points, that are easy to absorb, but build the readers desire. Never make the assumption that your reader will immediately grasp these benefits. They won't unless you spell them out.

    How many bullet points you might be asking?
    At least 20 to 30 good solid benefits (or more as you think of them.)

    Many people never really get their benefits strong enough to create desire for the product or service.

  • White space - Make your communication very easy to read and absorb.

    Lots of white space is a great thing and allows your readers eyes some breathing room.

  • Write your sales copy for "voice."

    By that, I mean learn to write your copy so that it speaks to your audience directly, the same way a broadcaster writes their copy to be read "for voice." Far to many people get caught up in traditional pitching of their services, rather than communicating well with their readers in a human to human way. Write to communicate. 

  • Use confidence builders throughout your sales copy

    Offer testimonials which are still quite influential (if they are legitimate comments from your customers) and at least their name is provided. Your testimonials should be added directly to your sales letter in key points. Be sure to set them apart from regular sales dialog. 

  • In the example of Robin Nobles e-book case study, notice that the testimonials are using a different font style (called Courier new) which replicates the look of a type written note.  

  • Don't forget to add in the credit card logos which are also confidence builders.

    Although your PDF is not really a book, you can still create a cover graphic to add some color and 3D effect. Cover graphics should be fun and ideally you can have a graphic artist create one for you or you can create your own for free using this free 3D cover graphic creator called 3D Pack.

  • Have a good solid call to action at the end of the sales letter. 

    You can also add this in several places throughout the body in 2 or 3 spots including the very top of the screen for those that eventually hear about your book from others and just want to buy it.

  • Proofread your sales letter

    Be sure to proofread your sales copy. One easy tip is to read it out loud. Also try reading it in reverse order starting with the last sentence first and then the next sentence up until you read the entire letter. This forces your mind to actually read what you have written, instead of reading what you think you wrote. Then reading it out loud, but forward also helps you establish the flow of the dialog.

  • You can set up an account as a Vendor at will give you a check list of things to do before activating your account. can also help you to market your product in their Marketplace where you might offer a generous commission to other marketers who like your e-book and want to promote it. 

    If you expect to attract larger more experienced marketers, you will want to offer at least a 50% commission. Clickbank monitors and processes your sales and handle all mediation between you an your affiliates ensuring that everyone is paid according to agreement. 

    Keep in mind that if even just 1 or 2 super affiliates decides to promote your product, it can make your launch very successful since the super affiliates often have a loyal subscriber base of 20,000 to 50,000 readers.

    Here is Clickbank's Vendor Checklist.

In Summary:

This is not the only way to create and e-book and promote it, by any means - but it is one of the easiest ways to get started and create your own product which will be in demand. Now it's time to get started, if you haven't already and I wish you the very best of success with your first project.

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