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Part 2  - The Best Keyword Research Secrets Are REVEALED by Wordtracker!

By John Alexander

QUESTION:  John, can you outline a few of the other productive uses for 

I know you demonstrate some pretty cool keyword research capabilities but what else am I missing? You seem to have so many ways to use Wordtracker.

ANSWER: Let’s outline a few important options you may not have thought of before when using Wordtracker.

·         Wordtracker can help you discover similarly related topics based upon what a “search engine knows.” Powerful “Full Search” functionality is most revealing.

·         Wordtracker can help you discover brand new related topics which you may have never considered writing about. Remember that the most effective sites feed the needs of the audience.

·         Wordtracker can help you recognize unique and profitable niche trends. (Ideal for affiliate marketers)

·         Wordtracker can help you understand what your unique buying audience is really searching for, before you ever build a Web site. Very similar to performing "market research" before you develop a product. It always amazes me that some firms will labor to develop some brand new product for 2 years or more and then they try and sell it ONLY to find out their buyers never wanted it! It makes much more sense to first research a market and then offer a product that you know there is a demand for.

The same principle holds true for serving up original Web content. Don’t serve up the content until you truly understand what the online searcher is really looking for. There is a powerful difference. The difference is what allows you to attract totally new audiences. The difference is what allows you to write your copy for those totally different buying audiences. How you write for and dialogue with an audience of grandmothers varies considerably with how you might dialogue with a pilot or an engineer or a musician or a lawyer, but they all might be good audiences for your product or the solution you are selling.

·         Wordtracker can help you identify which types of industries you have the best chance of delivering a legitimate return on investment to, even before you choose to accept that client. This is one of the strategies we teach at our live hands-on SEO workshops.

·         Wordtracker can help you discover the most popular ways any term is misspelled in a search on major search engines. Watch for more new improvements soon. Wordtracker is continually upgrading its functionality.

·         Wordtracker offers tremendous value for independent affiliate marketers who are always on a look out for the best products to sell. Wordtracker is in fact one of the most powerful tools for revealing to the Internet Marketer exactly where the best opportunities are. Once you discover how easy this is, you can build a Web site to match searchers to those high demand products.

·         Wordtracker can be used to help you determine people’s real-time search behavior within the last 60 days.

·         Wordtracker can even help you identify specific “questions” that people are asking. It’s probably not that people really expect to get an intelligent counsel from an all-knowing search engine about their personal problems. However, people are asking search engines some very interesting questions.

Note: At the Toronto SES Conference a representative from MSN said that this was going to be an important aspect of MSN’s future strategy, to answer people’s questions. I wonder if they know there is already a way to see exactly what things people are asking? This could be a huge success if MSN implements this into search. It doesn’t always make sense but it’s all about searcher behavior.

·         Wordtracker is in fact the equivalent of your “window” on the world of searching behavior. Who could of thought keyword research could be so exciting? As more and more people learn about this truth, we see many more people using Wordtracker for things outside of the realm of SEO. Watch and see.

·         Wordtracker makes a powerful tool to explore various topics of high interest from religion to politics from science to hobbies from casual shopping to actual product reviews. Wordtracker eliminates the need for guesswork in most of the above areas I’ve shared.

Robin and I like to share from our SEO/SEM experiences with our readers and students. Our main business at Search Engine Workshops is imparting genuine SEO skills to people. But my own early experience with using Wordtracker was probably my biggest secret in the early days of my SEO career.

Conclusion: The best keyword niches are REVEALED by Wordtracker.

From the many Webmasters that we have met and trained from around the world it is still evident that so many people are just beginning to realize the wonderful potential that is within the Wordtracker system (and has been there all along.) Many people still don't see much outside the realm of a "hunt for keywords." But this is to the advantage of those who can focus beyond the obvious. Anyone at all can build their lateral thinking skills with training and practice.

In the early days, perhaps more people experienced success without knowing this manner of research, but back then it was quite different in terms of competition. These days the competition in certain industries is totally enormous and you need to know where to find your edge. There is not much room for just guessing at keywords or hoping for better exposure. Wordtracker is system which rolls back the mess and let's me peer into those trails of gold which are left behind when people search on the major search engines.

Andy and Mike Mindel have created a fine Internet research tool where keyword and behavioral research are concerned. They’ve made it easy and flexible to access their membership services, whether you only want just 1 day of access to Wordtracker or whether you want to access for several weeks or even a year. I cannot see how any SEO industry professional would not want access to this data and make the most of it. 

Things continually change and you always need the freshest cutting edge.

The high value of what you get in exchange for the membership investment is exceptional. They are now taking further steps to educate their users to help us all better understand the hidden latent potential that is here tucked away in Wordtracker. Let's watch and see what comes next and if I am correct, we'll only see those features and benefits that offer tried and true tested value. 

Best regards,
John Alexander 
PS: Let me also add a couple of more links in case you are new to Wordtracker and want some tips:

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About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with partner Robin Nobles as well as online search engine marketing courses through Online Web Training. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and co-author of the Totally Non-Technical Guide for A Successful Web Site. John and Robin also host an event called the Ultra Advanced Symposium on a quarterly basis.


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John Alexander


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