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Are you disappointed with Expensive Online SEO Video Training? 

you may find You're not alone.

By John Alexander

Have you ever wondered why people would give away an SEO video for free?
The answer is quite simple....
That is exactly what it is worth. Zero. Nothing.

Ask yourself this?

How often do you think the video is updated? 
Once a year or maybe never? 

Ask anyone who has spent hundreds of hours trying to study SEO by watching other people in a video?
I hear about it all the time from people. 

It's like this....Some marketer creates a video.
For what purpose?

To have a product to sell so they can make money. No problem. That works for a bit.

They sell a few in the beginning, but it becomes dated and eventually they can't sell any more, so they start to give them away for free
so they can sell you something else. so they can sell you something else.

Videos are easy to watch, but here is the question.... 

Are "videos" the best learning option for building your SEO skills. 

Of course the people selling you the videos are going to say YES! There is nothing like it. I guess they should be enthusiastic - they're earning a nice commission.

To say you can build genuine search engine skills by watching video is similar to saying you can build muscle strength and endurance by watching a weight lifter. Think about it.

There is one powerful key to rapid learning and building genuine SEO skills. 

Most people never honestly learn just by sitting there watching a video - most people learn "by doing" and "by personal practice." It's a fact and who is saying this to me? The people who purchase the programs and then still feel confused after watching dozens of videos.

I know there will be video people and marketers out there that disagree. I am not saying video is not a wonderful medium and certainly has its uses, but for building genuine SEO skills - there is nothing that matches personal instruction and mentoring.

How do I know video is not the best SEO skill builder?

It's simple. I often get to hear from the former students of expensive video classes who come to the live workshops after they get tired of watching videos. It's a shame when someone who has shelled out thousands of dollars to watch videos and they still don't even know very basic diagnostic SEO methods of finding a problem. I spent a few minutes this week with another gentleman, who was surprised at the simple issues that needed to be addressed on his site. 

It's not his fault. How much information do you really retain by watching someone on a screen.  But he was just another person telling me that in his opinion it is not easy to retain information just by watching a video. But anyone who has ever measured attentiveness in an online Webinar will tell you that the average attention Span is pretty short.
Ask around if you don't think it's true. 

There are some people that will be furious with me for speaking up because if you understand the truth of what I am saying, it may mean you'll be buying a lot fewer products through their mailing list.

Other things to keep in mind...

How are their ranks? 
Are they successfully earning an income yet?
Do they have any real edge over their competition?
Are they still paying some ridiculous $800 a membership fee each month?

Let's see.....$800 X 12 months or about $9,600 per year is an awful chunk of money to spend watching tricky videos and still not have a grasp on all the basic essentials. Now the people who will be angry with what I'm saying here, will also be the affiliate marketers who be upset with the idea of my talking outright about these things. 

So let's talk a little bit about affiliate marketing too. Affiliate Marketing is a serious business - affiliate marketing is not just flim flam. It is a serious business that unfortunately, tends to have its share of flim flam involved. On the other hand we know of people that make exceptional money doing legitimate affiliate marketing. But I guarantee that all of them do work very hard for their money and they don't just sell wealth creation trash. 

Have you ever wondered about these elaborate affiliate marketing programs that offer you incredible wealth 
"the lazy man's way"?

The only one getting rich is usually the affiliate marketer.

This is not to say that all information products are bad. But please be especially careful of those that propose "easy riches and wealth" by being "lazy." 

Sure it appeals to human nature, but don't get taken for a ride - it's emotional hogwash. Perhaps you think, "I won't be taken in," but then that next e-mail offer arrives in your e-mail box.

So you say, well that's fine. . . I'll become an affiliate marketer and I'll be the one to get rich, especially since the affiliate program may be touting huge commissions for life! That sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it? But what you will eventually realize is that nearly any program that offers you payments for life, is usually designed so that the people running the program make "most of the money." Their sales pitch to you is always different and quite subtle. 

They'll tell you that it's easy to get sign ups because of a low cost. Then they say you'll become wealthy through funnel marketing. Beware of these programs. Do you really want to ever refer your valued readers to some program that is going to hammer them every few days with up sells? 

Back to the SEO Skills Argument:

So what advantage does personalized training and mentoring have over watching hundreds of video?

When it comes to building your own SEO skills, I'm going to share an important truth that will give you an edge.

TIP: Any Webmaster who has the ability to learn, then put what they learn into action rapidly, possesses the ultimate competitive advantage. But it's not just the element of learning fast, (it is also learning correctly.) 

Does that mean being sneaky?
Definitely not.

Here is the formula that has been working for Search Engine Workshops now, for the last 7 years:

  • Rapid SEO skill building (not tricks) + plus
  • Personalized hands-on instruction + plus
  • SEO Information Excellence + (beyond the ordinary stuff - which we reserve for our students)
  • followed by a private 6-month mentoring program direct from certified educators.

When we refer to "information excellence", we are:

--not talking about learning how to use some spammy software that you don't really need anyway
--not talking about black hat or grey area stuff that can get you banned or penalized in the search engines
--not referring to standard old recycled SEO information or the free tips that you can read for free 

Here is the difference:

What we are talking about is rapidly building your genuine SEO skills manually, face to face with some truly exceptional training that will allow you to step well beyond the norm and experience exceptional results in minimal time.

Do we sell you expensive software tools? No. We actually teach you the theory then we show you how you can get exceptional results without any expensive tools. You don't need to put your faith in third party services. We will give you the very freshest SEO research, not like you read in a paid newsletter. Research that is legitimate.

Are you having trouble identifying legitimate SEO research? 

Search Engine Academy doesn't give away "free door prizes" like steak knives (or something) - but they will teach you genuine SEO skills without the need for purchasing expensive tool sets. They have no hidden agendas. They are not ever going to try to sell you some membership in a $800 a month club. 

Your 6 months personal mentoring is all included at no extra charge.

The Search Engine Academy is the next wave of locally based SEO training centers where you can be genuinely come to be educated with all of the highest performance SEO skills.  

Are you needing some help to get to the truth about SEO skills and research?
Are you suffering because you've been taken in by certain offers that just have never delivered?
Are you disappointed in results after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars just to watch videos?
Are you feeling just a little drained of energy listening to hyped up product launches? 

These types of pitches usually focus on a bunch of affiliate related pushes. Sometimes there are even have secret contests pitting affiliates in competition with each other. You don't see it but it's happening. Everyone scrambling to try to outdo one another with their multi-million dollar product launches! It's all about the love of wealth.

If you've already gotten involved then know exactly what I'm talking about. At the end of it all perhaps you feel like it was just a total waste of time. You feel like you were taken advantage of. You are not alone. But the other thing is that you should not feel like it was your fault. You believed a wrong voice, but don't blame yourself entirely.  

Remember people can make good money affiliate marketing. 
Do you feel like you still need some help along the way? Come check out the Search Engine Workshops and see the difference for yourself.

If you are ready.

If you are done with watching videos and the reading the hype and finished fooling with so-called miracle software solutions; if you are ready to seriously activate your SEO skills in minimal time....with maximum follow up and mentoring support, then check out the dates below and take a step toward knowledge and skills (over secret tricks and flim flam.) The Search Engine Academy is standing by to offer you immediate training and long term support and it won't cost you no $10,000 per year. Will these SEO Workshops REALLY deliver the most powerful information in a way that will make a difference?

Just read a few Student Comments from the Search Engine Workshops and Search Engine Academy graduates.

Come visit your local Search Engine Academy in a community near you.

Watch the videos if you want. Test it all for yourself. Or...if you prefer to save yourself a load of frustration and probably several thousand dollars...Why wait? Our local community trainers are standing by to assist you in some exceptional new strategies. Here are a few dates and locations right here:

Future Workshop Dates Now Booking 

Who attends these local SEO Workshops?

--Small Business owners
--Larger Online Retailers
--Online Wholesalers
--Manufacturing industry professionals
--SEO Professionals
--Internet Consulting Professionals
--Affiliate Marketing Professionals
--Real Estate Professionals
--Webmasters (who need genuine SEO skills to compete in busy markets)
--Government groups
--Charitable Organizations
--Travel Industry Professionals
--Educational Schools and Colleges
--Professional publishers (online and print publishers)
--Private individuals who need to know how to compete
--Any one who needs to know how get more business to their Web site

Come take a break away from the standard old recycled SEO information and learn powerful SEO skills and principles that you can benefit from immediately in class and afterwards. Sometimes, in a tougher economy you need the real deal knowledge in minimal time but with maximum retention. Think skills - not tricks or cheats. 

Will these Workshops deliver the most powerful information in a way that will make a difference?
Read a few Student Comments from the Search Engine Workshops and Search Engine Academy graduates.

For even more locations and dates check here
For more brand new local schools opening soon please check here.

About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his partner SEO educator Robin Nobles, author of the very first comprehensive online search engine marketing courses. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and has taught SEO skills to people from 87 different countries world wide. Would you like a Free SEO Tip of the Day?  

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