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 Examining a Few Pros and Cons of SEO Training by Video

  By John Alexander

here are some good positive benefits to learning by video. But let's look at both sides of the coin though and you can make up your own mind.

First a few Positives for Video Training:

One aspect is the ability to get started nearly right away and without the need to travel or push through conferences. 

Video can be effective as a learning tool so long as it's well created and is up to date. The student must possess some focus and not allowing themselves to be distracted. 

Video can be implemented in modules so the student can absorb information in line with their own comfort level. 

Video can be reviewed over again on replay if there is something that you miss. Learning by video is available in different formats.

A few of the Negatives:

Training by Video is often dependant on the knowledge or understanding of who ever has assembled it. For example you may have signed up for an Internet Marketing Video and found that the production values were less than professional or perhaps the lighting was poor or the sound was weak. Sometimes videos tend to run on too long so as to lose your attention quickly. 

Even in the entertainment world, if you attend a long running 3 hour blockbuster movie, unless the timing is right and plot holds onto you, you often see people glancing at their watch in a theatre as if to say, "when it ever end?"

Sometimes if not too long, you may find some training video is just to short. You want more on the topic but it seems to be giving you less than you expected. There are quite a few video type training courses out there on the Web, but even if you find one with high quality production standards, some in depth or even advanced material then often these type products are priced in the thousands of dollars or else you pay ongoing recurring charges that many new businesses just starting out, simply don't have any budget for.

One of the pet peeves about SEO training by watching videos is that watching a video on SEO or Internet Marketing sounds like a hot bargain, but very often people find out after they have signed up to some video course, that watching a video is still a very "passive" way to try and learn a skill.

Something that is brand new that breaks every mould:

Some readers have asked me to keep an eye open for anything that comes along that has more positives than negatives and something that I would recommend at an affordable price. 

Up until now, I have not seen much that stands apart in high quality production values and is loaded with good content.

But there is something coming that is completely new and it will be available to the public shortly.

Benefits of The Complete Guide to Web Traffic  (in Brief:)

  • The Complete Guide to Web Traffic is an Internet Marketing Training (over 12 months in the making) 
  • Contains 40 hours of professionally produced tuition
  • Featuring Professional Voiceover artists
  • With Full Motion Intros and Outros by professional Actors or TV presenters
  • It Contains more than 120 over-the-shoulder ‘how-to’ videos 
But it is unlike any other video training course you ever have seen before, because 
it does not just rely on "passive" video but also includes:
  • Over 40 interactive learning elements where you learn "by doing"
  • Includes a Workbook featuring over 100 pages of hands-on exercises
  • A Complete Resource library
Plus even more bonuses like:
  • Over 10 hours of audio interviews with TOP Internet marketers,
  • 300+ page Traffic Survey Analysis produced in conjunction with one of Europe’s leading business Universities.
    This survey aims to uncover everything from which techniques work best for acquiring Web traffic, techniques 
    people struggle with most, how effective specific tools such as Facebook and Twitter are, which 
    age/sex/education profile has most/least success with traffic generation, which geographic locations are 
    best at generating traffic, how much time people spend on traffic generation, the best and worst sources of traffic, 
    how much search engine optimization people actually do, how effective people feel social media is 
    ... and much more.
  • No recurring fees or hidden anything
  • Best of all, it's at a price that anyone can afford
The Complete Guide to Web Traffic is Officially available on November 29, 2010 but if you would like an an advanced
notification, then sign up to their Priority Notification List here. Rather than try and list all of the topics contained in this 
new system, I encourage you to check it out for yourself. 

Exceptional value - high productions standards - Interactive.
Update: October 31, 2010
Upon exploring the first few training modules of the Complete Guide to Web Traffic, 
I was extremely impressed with the whole system. It appears to cover every topic for
gaining legitimate Web traffic much like an interactive video encyclopedia. From the 
moment I logged in, I was amazed at the massive amount of information all very easy 
to understand and super easy to navigate with full screen video intros and at least 
120 step by step videos plus interactive learning elements. Many of the sessions also
have extremely helpful tips and regardless of whether you are a beginner, intermediate
or well experienced, there has never been anything I've found like this. 

It is rightly named right on the mark as The Complete Web Traffic Guide.

My rating of this new product?

 9/10 for Value                     (exceptional)
10/10 for Design                    (highest rating)
10/10 for Video Production Quality  (highest rating)
 9/10 for quality/volume of content (exceptional)

10/10 is my Overall rating  (highest rating)

Without a doubt the most useful resources recently to become available.

John Alexander

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