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Search Engine Training Questions and Answers

Here are a few Questions and Answers pertaining to Search Engine Optimization Training that we hope will help answer some often asked questions. 

Where do I find the best educational resources and how can I tell if strategies being taught will work for me. In short, how do I know I can trust the information which is taught from a specific source?

One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not a search engine resource is valid, is to test that resource with a few searches and see where they rank for true relevancy. Beware of anyone who claims to teach you true optimization skills but cannot rank for competitive search phrases themselves. In other words,
how will they educate you in strategies that they cannot perform for themselves.

Make sure that when you test a phrase, that it is fairly generic and competitive. Also be aware that if the only place a page shows up is in Pay Per Click, then it is unlikely that a training firm can teach you much, if they themselves cannot be ranked within the organic search results.

EXAMPLE: Do a search on for the phrase Search Engine Training

In the example below you see true search engine placement for the keyword phrase (in red) but notice that there are other companies that are ranking inside the black box. The companies in the black box are in paid search -- not organic results.

Clearly, those that show up within the natural organic search results know something about what they are teaching because it demonstrates that they practice what they preach.

How else can I know that I am learning reputable search engine marketing skills (besides checking the rankings)? 

Another one of the best ways is to ask the company for a list of people who have experienced the training program and ask them if they enjoyed the experience? 

Also take time to ask them things like:

1. Has the training made any difference to their business? 
2. Were they pleased with the skills they learned?
3. Were they confident in their instructors really knowing their material?
4. Would they ever consider going back for a refresher course?

Ultimately, if you find that others have benefited from a training program and if positive feedback is obtained, then likely you will benefit from the training and will be well looked after.

How can I be sure I will be taught the most effective tricks and strategies?

Keep in mind that you should never strive for "tricks" (which some companies may claim to teach you).

Being a skilled, professional search engine marketer is never about trying to "trick" or "fool" the search engines. What a responsible training program should be teaching you is how to build high quality content, that is truly relevant and useful to the ideal searching audience. A true search engine marketer, should be on the same side as the search engine as well as the searching public. Everyone wants relevant search results on the search engines. Nobody wants to search for something only to find Spamy, low quality content that is of no genuine value to visitors. Search engine marketing is NOT just about traffic and rankings. Search engine marketing is about communicating with your real life audience in a way that results in doing business online.

About Various Learning Styles: Popular ways of Building Your SEO Skills 

What is the difference between attending a Search Engine Workshop and building my skills through online study?

Actually we try to provide something for everybody regardless of what you preferred learning style is.

We provide for people's different learning styles.

1. Online Web Training
For those who want to learn search engine marketing skills from the comfort of home, we offer online courses in a variety of study formats. You can take a self study course and work at your own speed or study with a live facilitator reviewing your assignments, offering you help and answering questions along the way. There are Beginners Courses and Advanced courses. Online Web Training was originally the very first set of comprehensive search engine study courses developed and updated monthly by SEO industry educator Robin Nobles. These courses are recognized and approved by the US educational system and students can even choose to earn university CEUs (continuing education units) for their studies.

For a variety of online options visit Online Web Training

2. Live SEO Mastery Workshops
These are primarily for people who want very personalized, hands-on training training directly from us to you. Students who study at our workshops, tend to be people who want to get solid SEO skills up to speed very quickly without reading or learning from a course for example. This is a workshop, where we teach optimization and marketing skills as a process. For people who are very serious about building their skills but who need their skills in place as quickly as possible. In addition to the 5-day Workshop, we include a 6-month mentoring program for ongoing support at no extra cost.

You can also study for just 2-Days, 3-Days or all 5-Days. Search Engine Workshops Home Page is here.

3. The Ultra Advanced Symposium
These 2-Day events are for experienced professionals who attend and learn strategies from a variety of SEO industry professionals and include private, highly advanced strategies. These events are generally held on a quarterly basis and a non-disclosure statement is also required.

The Ultra Advanced Search Engine Symposium is here.


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