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Gain Top SEO Skills and SEM Organic Skills with New Confidence 
In a Local Community Search Engine Academy Class

By John Alexander

Has your Web site recently changed position in the search engine rankings? 

  • Are you noticing some rather unusual changes, that just don't make sense?

  • Do genuine SEO and SEM skills feel next to impossible to learn?

  • Have you spent thousands of dollars on SEO training by video and then found that sitting there watching videos has not really helped you with business?

This is something we hear about quite often, (unfortunately.) Too often it's after the fact. 
Too often it's after your money has been spent. 

Here is the truth about training for the purpose of building genuine SEO skills. 

Video has some great uses. 
I am not saying anything against video so don't get me wrong.

It sounds very appealing for someone to say they'll give you easy ways to learn or "lazy ways" to learn genuine SEO skills simply by just by watching a video, (usually at some ridiculously high monthly membership fee.) 
So what's the problem then? 

Why does SEO skills training by video not work very well?

Why is it that after paying thousands of dollars, do we hear from people who still don't seem to be grounded in even the simplest of basic diagnostic techniques and methods (let alone the latest advanced skills?) 

Usually the focus is all on a claim to teach you some guarded "secrets of the master SEO engineers."

Think about it just for a minute...Here is why Video Training will never deliver the best skills to you: 

To say that you are going to build SEO Mastery skills by sitting there, watching a video is the same as saying you are going to increase your muscle density by laying on the couch "watching the weight lifters work out" on the television.

Life just don't work that way. 

Why is it that everyone is out to sell you some "hidden secret?"
Here's why...
It's because of the emotional appeal it has. 

IF they can get you to believe it - they've got you hooked.
(I mean it does sound so appealing don't it?) 

But realize that you'll never gain high performance skills by listening to some fast talking pitchman on a teleconference call. Don't get mesmerized by all the marketing hype. Have you recently noticed videos showing up promising to teach you about some "advanced SEO topic" only to find out by the end of the video, that they have taken 14 minutes of your time to try and disprove something or illustrate something that does NOT work?

Why on earth would someone create a video that teaches you something that don't work?
It's nothing new really. It's probably best described as "bottom feeding" for traffic. 

In a nutshell, you create a video to try to stir up controversy or get people's emotions flared up over some topic. It's like the early days of Bulletin Board Systems. If you remember the earliest types of forums where people would flare off at each other and 

So how does this build traffic? 

Everyone comes running in to defend what they believe and argues and debates day after day. Who gains by this? Nobody did really. These tactics are still lame efforts and seldom at the end of it all do you find the author has really taught you anything useful or new. 

You look back and see a list of posts over time of "this concept is wrong" and "that tactic is wrong" and "everything you are being told is wrong." But the one thing that is always lacking is the advice and insight on how to do something the correct way or the most accurate way that will deliver results that make a difference.    

So you think, "okay maybe you right - maybe you've had bad experiences and know this already. 

So then come the next Internet Marketing pitch that lands in your e-mail in box. 
You think "Hmmm... why can't I learn to reverse engineer Google's algorithm like the sales pitch says I can?" 

You think..."What the heck....All I have to do is just listen in on a teleconference phone call. It only costs a few hundred bucks" and so you say to yourself.. "I'll just bet there really is some secret way to reverse engineer the algorithm." 

Now please listen up to what I'm going to tell you. 

what is the truth to "reverse-engineering an algorithm."

If you believe that you can "reverse-engineer an algorithm" by learning some secrets (of the so called SEO engineers) 
that is the first outright premise to immediately run in the opposite direction. It is not true. 
Unfortunately though, if you believe that as a true concept...(after all it sounds impressive) they've got you hooked. 

Notice I say IF you believe it is the truth, then you've bought into somebody's sales pitch and they'll get your money again for sure. But will anyone really give you some magical secret to "reverse-engineer an algorithm"?  

The truth is - they can't. 
They do not have it to give to you.
But why not? 

"Reverse-engineer an algorithm" is truly impossible - that is a fact. 
(Ask any genuine search engineering professional who has built a search engine from the ground up.)

To say you can reverse-engineer *anything* means you need to understand exactly how it works, so you can take it apart and then put it back exactly the way it goes together again. No one has that capability because no one is ever going to give you that recipe. 

No one can give you that recipe. But furthermore and far more importantly you don't need that recipe

People can promise the moon - but anyone saying that they can reverse-engineer an
algorithm is talking through their hat. 

Think about it this way...

What possible sense does it even make to even try "reverse-engineer an algorithm" even if you could?
It makes no logical sense at all to even try to "understand something" that is design to continually change so that you cannot understand it. The whole purpose of an
algorithm is to keep constantly changing regularly. 

But here is the good news:

Stop wasting all of your time - it is impossible to reverse engineer a search engine's algorithm.

  • It's impossible - because the search engines will never give you all the information you need

  • It's ludicrous to spend hours researching something that is designed to continually change

  • But the best news is you don't even need to reverse engineer anything to gain top visibility
    someone has given you the wrong information.

Let me say it again....

You don't need to reverse engineer "algorithms" to experience great traffic 

Sometimes we forget that our time is the most precious commodity. 

  • Are you tired of fooling with trying to stay attentive to some video training? 

  • Are you tired of buying every new e-book that comes along?

  • Are you tired of so called SEO research that just don't seem to work for you?

  • Are you tired of "funnel marketers" who sell you a product and before you even finish with it they are selling you more and more things (you supposedly need to be successful.)

One of the most effective uses of video is to use it on a sales letter selling something. Very compelling. 

But as a method of building genuine skills, you need to gain the advantages of "building your muscles" by reason of practice. You'll never build muscles by passively sitting there watching someone on a video.

If you would like to see genuine proof, that you can quickly gain the skills to turn things around, if you want to gain back any of the the ground that you've lost, then it's time to consider the differences between being a "watcher" and a "doer."  

Don't get hooked in by marketers trying to sell you the next big SEO magic solution.
There is only one REAL magic - the magic of knowledge and the wisdom to apply it. 

You honestly don't need that next wealth building miracle tool. 
Stop and take a breath for a minute.
So what is the best way to gain your skills quickly?

Here are 7 distinct differences between gaining your SEO Skills as opposed to looking for some "hidden secret."

As a Search Engine Academy student, you are able to attend face-to-face Workshops and refine high-performance SEO technique based on accuracy and precision. Build high performance skills in the minimal time. No need for video but learn from direct personal instruction plus ongoing personal mentoring all delivered one-one to you by local SEO industry experts right within your own local community.

Robin Nobles and John Alexander's personal SEO Mastery Workshops are being taught in local community classes all across the United States, Canada and in Asia too. 

Newest Search Engine Academies for 2009:

Search Engine Academy Western Canada
Now teaching SEO Mastery Workshops in Communities of Vancouver BC, Kelowna BC and in Calgary Alberta.

Bay Area Search Engine Academy 
SEO Mastery Workshops in the Areas of San Francisco, Sacramento and San Ramon

Search Engine Academy Arizona
Live hands-on SEO Mastery Workshops now in Phoenix Arizona.

Find a Search Engine Academy located in your neighborhood by clicking here

Coming Soon:
  Local SEO Mastery Workshops by Search Engine Academy will be opening in communities of:

  • State of Tennessee   (May 2009)

  • State of Texas          (May 2009)

  • State of Mississippi   (May 2009)

  • Plus more

Read what student graduates have to say about their experiences after training at an SEO Workshop.

About John Alexander
John Alexander is Director of Search Engine Academy and Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his partner SEO educator Robin Nobles, author of the very first comprehensive online search engine marketing courses. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and has taught SEO skills to small groups of people from 87 different countries world wide since 1999. 

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