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How To Generate Legitimate Leads 
For Your Business Opportunity

By John Alexander

One of the more difficult tasks you will face as a business person is
generating legitimate business opportunity leads. It certainly can seem
difficult generating any kinds of leads, but finding the ones that will
benefit your business the most is the challenge at hand. So where do 
you start?

Before you begin generating your business opportunity leads, you have 
to do a few things. First, put together a plan of what your target market 
is and how you intend on reaching them. Your plan can and will change over
time, but it will assist you in the beginning phases. Having a plan 
will help take you from the mediocre leads to those who are genuine diamonds
in the rough.

Next, before you start to generate legitimate business leads for your new
business opportunity, you are going to want to study up on the business and 
know everything about it inside and out.

When I started teaching Search Engine Workshops way back in January 
2002, I spent some time examining the types of training that were available. 
At that time, there were what most people referred to as "seminars." While 
the bigger seminars seemed popular, they mostly were conducted like "trade 
shows" with presentations by a variety of different speakers.

Then there were the online forums, of which some were helpful, while 
others constantly seemed to be bickering between personalities. The one 
weakness with the early forums, was that everyone used funny aliases (so you 
never really knew the source of information for sure.)

Back in 2000 to 2002 there were no such things around as "hands-on Workshops"
where you could join a small group of participants and actually get some detailed 
training and drilling with an instructor over a period of several days.

Typically the big seminars were great for finding SEO clients or for networking
or just having fun. But this is where I decided to start conducting a new type
of hands-on Workshop at Http:// and from there 
our classes became known as the Search Engine Academy and grew across the 
United States and Canada and then Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, 
The United Arab Emirates and as of January 2013, we are still opening new training 
Workshops in Dallas, Texas, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now in Central and 
Eastern Europe.

So let's get back to talking about how you can find your best "diamonds in 
the rough" as business associates:

Selling people on your business opportunity is not an easy task, 
especially if you are unfamiliar with it. Knowing everything there is to 
know about your products, services and business as a whole will make 
it much more comfortable while selling to potential leads.

As soon as you have developed a plan and become an expert in the 
business, you are ready to begin generating your business opportunity leads. 
It can feel somewhat difficult determining where the best place will be to look. 
But to make things easy on yourself, start ton ask friends and family first. 
This way you can potentially reel in a few people that you really know personally
and ones that you can put your confidence in.

One of the things you may want to do, is spend some time screening your 
candidates for people you think fit your style of business. For the Search Engine 
Academy, I learned to watch for people, who are good communicators. People who 
enjoy working with people is one of the first criteria for me. I reasoned that I can 
teach just about anyone who is "teachable" all of the technical skills, but the one 
thing no one can really teach, was "how to genuinely care about people." It seems 
like some people care about people, and some people do not.

The Importance of Screening Your Candidates:

Screening can be in the form of meeting your business associates for interviews or 
you can learn a lot about how people treat others just by watching them work in a
class. When you are building a list of prospects, make sure they all fit with your
style of thinking.

Building a list does not happen on its own. You have to be willing to 
work at it and be direct with people. When talking to your friends and 
family members,  do not be afraid to ask them if they know people you 
can contact. Keep in mind though that you want a list of people that will 
truly benefit you, not just take up all your time.

The type of people I seem to end up with are people who most likely would be 
successful at whatever they do, because their attitudes are that of achievers. 
Watch for those who carry some self confidence and do not seem afraid of 

Part of being direct, is collecting information from people. Whether it is in person, 
over the phone, or even in an online meeting, you want to collect as much 
information as possible for your list. This means getting people's phone numbers, 
email addresses, business cards and past experience. Whatever you can get from 
them that will help you better understand their strengths and/or weaknesses.

Watch for those who are people persons and seem to be interested in the 
business opportunity. It much better to work with associates who are enthusiastic 
about being part of what your building rather than having people who are wanting to 
do things their own way or are simply un-teachable. You want to build your business 
in a way that each new person, strengthens your team as a whole.

If you are struggling to come up with business opportunity leads, do not give up just 
yet. You can also purchase leads for your list through most business opportunities, 
but be very cautious. Make sure you look into the quality of these leads because 
they can sometimes be just random people with no interest at all. While this method 
is an option, you need to use wisdom.

In some cases, if you started building your organization somehow with the wrong 
foundation, it may be necessary to tear down any broken foundation before starting 
to build your solid new foundation. You can not build a strong, structurally sound building 
on top of a crumbling or weak foundation.

Putting together a list of business opportunity leads is critical to your business for a
number of reasons. It will allow you to stay in touch with customers, inform them of 
specials and new products, and it will allow you to keep a personal relationship.

One of the best bits of advice I can give you, is that you need to keep a very clear 
vision in your mind of what you are building. If this is your business, then you need to 
use wisdom and continually listen to what your customers and client experiences 
are. Be very careful especially if it is just a brand new business and stay focused on 
your vision. It can be good to surround yourself with some people who offer good 
counsel. But be especially aware of any voices you hear that may be trying to burst 
your bubble. Not everyone will embrace your vision or grasp it, so it's important to 
focus on those who are team players.

Another thing that can help you grow, is to find a mentor (someone who  can offer you 
good, trustworthy counsel.) Someone who has a strong success ratio and has 
done this type of thing before. 

A word about Different "Thinking Styles":

Remember, that business is often best suited to a number of different thinking styles.
There are those who are highly creative by nature. Then their are those who are more
analytical or logical thinkers. It's good to involve both thinking styles. It was Walt Disney
who use to say that he believed there was enough room in his organization for all types.

The Early Disney Corporation Used both Thinking Styles:

The highly creative people, he put together in a room and called them his "Imagineers." However, he knew that the analytical thinkers were not always helpful in a brainstorming session, as they tend to always be trying to analyze what was being brainstorm which can easily stall the creativity flow. So what Disney did, was he put the analytical thinkers in a separate room and that way the Imagineers could come up with non-stop creativity with everyone positively building on the ideas of other creative conversations. 

Once the creative team came up with the result, Disney would take it into the next room and give it to the analytical/logical thinkers and just say to them, " this." The logical team while they were not creative, were excellent builders, so they could take what the creative team dreamed up and being "builders," they could figure how to make some new Theme park 
ride and actually make it work.
Like the only REAL magic - the magic of knowledge!


About John Alexander:

John Alexander is Founder and Director of Search Engine Academy and he works together with his network of globally located 
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