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Las Vegas Mls Listings --
How are Home Buyers Searching for YOUR Site?

Are you a REALTOR® in the Las Vegas area? 

Did you know that many REALTORS® use "mls," "mls listings," "Mls Listings," and so forth when searching for other realty sites to check out their competition? Real estate site owners simply add the name of their city or community before the term, such as "Las Vegas mls listings," and that's how they believe that home buyers are searching for real estate sites.

But, did you know that most home buyers or home sellers DO NOT use terms like Las Vegas mls listings?

It's a FACT: "LAS VEGAS MLS LISTINGS" is jargon in the real estate industry, but it's not a term that most home buyers use!

As a REALTOR®, who is your target audience? Are you trying to attract other REALTORS® to your Web site, or are you trying to attract home buyers and home sellers?

If you're a real estate agent, and if you want to attract potential home buyers and sellers to your Web site, how can you learn what your actual target audience is searching for when they go online?

Search Engine Workshops can teach you amazing strategies for learning how your potential home buyers are searching for real estate in real time. Through these 2-day, 3-day, or 5-day hands-on, personalized workshops, you'll learn that REALTORS® are the ones who actually use "las vegas mls" and "las vegas mls listings," when searching online, but your target audience has a totally different agenda!

Get ready for many more surprising facts about your target audience's behavior!

If you're serious about bringing in real estate leads through your Web site, you want to learn the latest "search engine marketing" strategies on how to boost targeted traffic to your site.

After all, what would you rather do? Spend hours in front of your computer screen trying to work on your Web site, or just sell real estate?

At Search Engine Workshops, we'll teach you stress-free, non-technical strategies that will place you above all your competition!

We've taught many REALTORS® in our workshops, and the vast majority of them are now getting the majority of their real estate leads through their Web sites!

Search engine workshops are held at various locations across the globe, including Las Vegas. Our beginning workshops are only two days long, so you aren't away from your real estate office for very long. Our advanced workshop is three days long, or you can spend all five days with us for a totally all-inclusive workshop where you'll learn search engine marketing from beginning to end.

Bring your own laptop, and get ready to learn how to achieve top visibility in a totally stress free way . . . all in an individualized, personalized workshop tailored to meet your specific needs. All of our effort is focused 100% on YOU and on building your skills.

After attending a search engine workshop . . .
you'll choose high powered keywords
when working on your Web site,
and you probably won't consider "las vegas mls"
or "las vegas mls listings!"

Don't "guess" at keywords (like "las vegas mls listings"): KNOW what your audience is doing when they go online, and learn how to use that to your advantage! 

Plus, at our workshops, you'll learn by doing, and you'll leave the workshop with focused and optimized pages that you can place on your Web site, pages that are targeting high demand keywords with low competition. "Mls" and "mls listings" will probably no longer be important to you, unless you want other REALTORS® to find your site.

Our trainers are two well-known search engine marketing experts in the industry: Robin Nobles and John Alexander with a combined ten years of experience. They put on high energy search engine workshops that will leave you bursting with energy, new ideas, and enthusiasm to see your online business succeed.

Speakers at International REALTORS® conventions:

Robin and John recently shared their strategies at the RE/MAX International Convention in Las Vegas, and they spoke at the CENTURY 21 International Convention in San Diego as well. They're frequent speakers at other conferences and seminars across the globe. They've both been educators in the field of search engine marketing for years and are prolific writers and authors in the industry.

Visit Search Engine Workshops to learn when and where their next search engine seminar will be held. Visit the About Us page to learn of the leaders' qualifications. Click on Workshop Dates to learn about the various locations for the seminars, or the Workshop Agenda page to give you an idea of what will be taught at the workshop.

Also, be sure to visit, a site set up specifically for REALTORS® who are serious about achieving online success, and sign up for their free monthly newsletter full of tips and strategies to help you boost targeted traffic to your real estate Web site.

If you have any questions about our search engine workshops, contact:

Robin Nobles

John Alexander

Remember: "las vegas mls" and "las vegas mls listings" are great keywords
for attracting other REALTORS® in the Las Vegas area . . .,
but not necessarily for home buyers or sellers.

Let us show you how to choose high performance keywords
that boost the visibility and productivity of your Web site!

We'll show you techniques that 95% your competitors don't even know.

We hope to see you at one of our search engine workshops soon!

Robin Nobles John Alexander

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