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Will the coming of new 3D Technologies Change the SERPS

By John Alexander

This is a different kind of article in which I'm just posing a question to see if you think that viewing S
earch Engine Results in 3 Dimensions might be something that the major search engines adopt some day?

Now before you think I've been watching too much science fiction, realize that these things could very well be experienced in the near future with the advent of new monitor screens, new flat screen TVs, Cell phone screens, movie theatres that are currently being worked on and being made "3D ready." The 3D process creates an image that now has some depth of field and can cause images to appear to come closer toward you or appear further in the distance somewhat replicating the natural vision we have.

There are a whole variety of applications involving "Stereoscopy" which involve the concept of showing the right eye slightly differing images than the left eye, which replicates the 3D "field of depth." It's not too far off in the distance at all.  
Will the SERPs pages really display on our monitors in 3D

If we are eventually viewing video, TV and traditional advertising with a whole new world of 3D, then it is not hard to reason that the search engines will not be far behind. Anything that has had a a 2D viewing screen will be a candidate for 3D in the future.

Traditionally we saw still images in black and white. With the advent of movies, those pictures appeared to come to life because of a little thing called "persistence of vision." Then movies evolved into  full color, adding another depth of realism. Then came much clearer movies with High Definition TV and the next phase is 3 dimensional images for literally anything that can be viewed on a screen. It sounds like science fiction or something out of star trek, but it's here now.

What will the Search Engines be doing in the future
for SERPS with a new space age 3-D Technology

So How might the coming of 3D affect your search engine results pages?

See if you can imagine this for a second. You do a search on your favorite major search engine and watch the results come up as usual. 

In the typical Golden triangle or letter "F" pattern that most of us view the SERPS in, the PPC ads are generally to the top "sponsored" area, to the extreme right side (beyond the letter F pattern) and sometimes along the bottom. But since this is just a only projection of what might be possible in the near future, let's take some liberty here. 

Let's say as you view the SERPs in the future but something different begins to happen because of new 3D technology and of course assuming the search engine has applied what is needed. You are up to date with the latest 3D ready monitor screen and what you experience in the search results tomorrow, might initially be jolting to the way the average searcher views their monitor today.

Just suppose those PPC ads on the right side of the screen became even more visible by actually floating right off the screen toward you in 3D? 

Suppose the top ad was closest to you and the lower ads were all just slightly off the screen. Would that not give the PPC ads even more notice? 

Or alternately, just suppose certain keywords (based on your search) hovered in your face based on the SERPS allowing emphasis on topical subject matter that could be selected. 

What other changes to search results might the 3D factor change to traditional 2 Dimensional viewing? 

Of course this is just a simple thought, but who knows what a search results page might look like when it is occupying 3D space. The actual concepts would be up to the search engine to design and employ and we know how creative they can be with new ideas. Think about advertising and logic all mashed together with 3D technology where you don't need to wear polarized lenses, or the old red/green filters. 

The magic of 3D is built into the screen and requires wearing no silly glasses to experience the effect. 

The company that is making these products have developed a method for 3D that requires wearing no 3D glasses of any kind. The technology is here now and is being rolled out to all types of applications from movie theaters to video game systems and computer monitors and even cell phones. Who knows how long before it becomes the norm, but don't be surprised if you begin to see 3D being applied to cell phones soon.

My question is that if there are industries where traditionally, it has always been normal to view a 2D screen, how long will it be before a major search engine jumps on the 3D bandwagon and is creating interesting new visibility strategies and opportunities right from within the SERPS in 3D?

Want to read more about the future of 3D coming soon? Read this article in the Toronto Star.

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About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his partner SEO educator Robin Nobles, author of the very first comprehensive online search engine marketing courses. John is author of an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and has taught SEO skills to people from 87 different countries world wide. John's articles can be read in publications like Search Engine Guide, WEBpro News and many others.  

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