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Keyword Research - How to use trigger words to explore your Buying Audiences behavior

By John Alexander

What is a "trigger related phrase" for keyword research?

There are certain words that act as triggers to action. These types of words are more than just common "keyword phrase terms" because they tend to encourage your visitors to take some kind of action. Since trigger words involve value and often will entice a visitor to take action, they also can be powerful as root words for your keyword forensic research.

7 Examples of "trigger related phrases" to explore in your keyword research:

Trigger 1. Learning or to study

Learn - Learning is a very powerful trigger word for enticing someone to sign up for anything from a newsletter to a home study course. People love to access and learn new information and therefore using these types of words as a root word may often  fill in some missing words that form an action related phrase cluster for you. You also need to use some caution with a word like "learn" since there may be bigger windows of opportunity as you use synonyms. For example words like "study" or learn, for some people may be interpreted as synonymous with hard work (if they have any bad memories of attending school as a child.)

Other synonyms that you might explore which in ways, could provide entirely different phrase clusters, 
include words and phrases like:

-gain knowledge
-gain the facts
-eliminate confusion

Trigger 2. To Save money - or even just save on time

Save or saving People are always looking for ways to save. Save on money, save on resources, save on time. This can be an excellent trigger, if your product or services somehow saves money or saves people time, by streamlining a process.

Synonyms worth checking:

- safeguard
- preservation
- reduce consumption of
- improve economy
- layaway
- salvage

Trigger 3 -  Make money or to earn a profit

Profit People are always looking for ways to make money or to increase 
profits. Other words that are worth exploring are supporting words used with price, 
pricing, prices, cost, etc.

Synonyms worth checking:

- gross profit
- net profit
- financial gain
- revenue
- invest in success 

Trigger 4 - To protect

Protection or safety This can range from anything directly related to fears or concerns involving computer viruses to some types of personal protective equipment. It could involve anything that your product or service does to make people safer. For example something like steel-toed footwear or even lessons in self-defense.

Synonyms worth checking:

- defense
- defend
- guard from attack
- defendable
- ward off
- reduce threat

Trigger 5 - Identifiable branding 

Brands Some people search by their dedication to specific brands or genres.  There are big brands for every type of product. For example Sony TV. Or perhaps your have a brand like Nike footwear or for example "Rolex watches." 
Try researching some trigger root words targeting specific product brands. 

Synonyms worth checking:

- trademark
- label
- mark
- or any specific brand that your business deals with

Trigger 6 - Does your product or service relate to "Health?"

Health Try exploring trigger words that are relating to health topics.
Try researching specific conditions, afflictions, or cures. Try exploring root words relating to photos or pictures of specific symptoms.

Synonyms worth checking:

- freedom from disease 
- specific ailments
- symptoms of

  • Examining specific questioning terms e.g 

  • How can I tell if I have high blood pressure?

  • What is a normal level of iron for a man

Also explore photos or pictures of specific conditions. People will often try and use the Internet to doctor themselves.

Trigger 7 - Information related

Information trigger words and phrases that involve the delivery of certain information or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or self-help style tutorials are also in demand. 

Try questioning phrases like Who, What, Where, When, Why and How...

Try using Wordtracker's Free Question Tool.

 In Summary:

There are many more trigger-type words to experiment with but these are often the same terms that will cause someone to click on something and take action. Also think of sales triggers (the reason why someone buys a product is often revealing a trigger.)

Of course you do not have to use these specific ideas, but it helps to always ask yourself about the reason someone chooses your service over a competitors. If you are creating a promotion or a sales letter, it is always worth it to really review your product or services unique benefits. 

A couple other important triggers to keep in mind when doing your keyword research are 
as follows:

  • Some searchers will be motivated by triggers that enable them to prove they are right 
    about something controversial.

  • Some searchers are looking for products or services that eliminate error or increase 
    efficiency in some way.

  •  Some searchers will appreciate any product or service that somehow makes them look 
    better or sound better (ego.) These include things like weight loss or solutions to 
    baldness etc. 

    Does your product or service help your customer:

    1. Learn something new?
    2. Save them time or save them money?
    3. Help them become more profitable?
    4. Somehow protect them from a threat?
    5. Have some popular branding?
    6. with their health in any way?
    7. Focus on the delivery of high interest information?

    Chances are at some point something here will apply, so keep this list handy, the next 
    time you are working on your content. 

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