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How to Add "Exactness" to your SEO Work for now and for the future

John Alexander



Have you ever thought of your SEO work as being sort of "hit and miss?" I mean often, people will say that they just are not quite sure about when to make and edit or change to their site or pages. 

As you know there are dozens of important on-page and off page influences that work together towards building relevancy. Title Tags, Heading Text, Link Text, Keyword proximity, keyword prominence, LSI influences, Link reputation, Link Popularity plus loads of other attributes and elements to all keep in mind. 

Here is the important thing to keep in mind for the future and one of the most valuable things you will learn about in depth in the future. The reason I say in the future is because many people seem to need to wait until the future before they are ready to prepare themselves for what's coming next. By this I mean, people are afraid of what they don't understand and sometimes we would rather just not think about it. This mentality is sort of like being thrilled to get a number 2 ranking or a number 1 ranking, seeing the business begin to boom and money begin to roll in. But somewhere in the back of your mind you may think to yourself, "I wonder how stable my rankings really are?" 

Then some people will have convinced themselves that they are indeed "very stable" because of huge linking or other influences they have been working hard on over the years. You have it made in the shade because you feel very confident and think you know how stable your Web site is. Have you ever met someone who is afraid to edit something on their Web page ranking in number 1 spot for a money phrase? How do you think that sounds? Is it "smart" not to touch a number 1 ranking page that is making you a lot of money? The answer depends totally on your approach to SEO. If you feel like you are a "hit and miss" type of optimizer, then the answer is YES, very smart to leave it alone.

However, your SEO understanding takes into account much higher levels of "exactness" then you will have much less fear about editing your page. This is the element I wanted to talk to you about that I think is missing from most optimizer's vocabulary...."exactness."

How can you add exactness to your SEO Work for not only now but also for the future?

While it is true that everything occurs for a reason (even those strange abnormal occurrences you might see sometimes that seem to defy explanation) have a reason behind them. Traditional SEO teaching from various sources carry lots of concepts that people just seem to take at face value but without ever any real depth of explanation. 

How can you measure SEO influences one element at a time? 

The point here is that "you can't." At least not accurately.

For example how many characters should be in a Title tag?
Exactly how many characters should be in a description tag?
Exactly how many characters should be in a Keyword tag?
Exactly where in the Title tag does keyword prominence need to be to get perfect results?
Exactly what should your keyword density be for Google?
Plus dozens of other measurable influences. 

If this is the type of research you are familiar with then you need to be aware that none of these questions can be answered properly by viewing them as stand alone influences. It cannot accurately be done because you need to be able to measure them all at the same time for all of your specific competitors too

If you want to gain the most powerful "exactness" in a competitive marketplace, it quickly turns into a mathematician's nightmare trying measure all of these influences for all of your competitors even just for a single key phrase. Also remember that to answer any of these questions with any kind of accuracy it totally depends on the keyword phrase and the industry.

So many people don't understand that every keyword phrase is "graded on a curve."

I only mention a few of the elements and challenges here to help you understand the truth behind what you need to do to get much more exactness into your SEO skills. The good news is that it does not have to be a nightmare (even if you are not a mathematician) to get much more exactness into your high performance strategies. I'll tell you why in a minute.

But let's talk about what the benefits of you possessing that exactness in SEO first:

How would it sound if you had the ability to:

  • Optimize a page based only on changing what truly needs to be done (Save hours on guesswork)

  • Be able to truly identify for certain how "stable" your top rankings are considering all competition. (Peace of Mind)

  • Be able to recognize any threat to your top ranking page (long before any danger of being blindsided)

  • Be able strengthen exactly whatever elements you need to (to eliminate any threat)

  • Be able to quickly identify any opportunity to overtake a competitor (with exact knowledge)

  • Be aware of all of your top competitors weaknesses and strengths (exactly)

Just a few pretty nice benefits to take hold of. There are still more yet.

So how do you get this type information without it taking weeks or months working with a team of math experts?

You now get 1. SEO Recon     for exact competitive intelligence 
                   2. SEM SCOUT   for exact theme building
                   3. SEO Sniper     for advanced keyword research

Check out the complete SEO Recon software suite from Michael Marshall 
for only $97 a month with Coupon Code: smart-ai

Want to take hold of an extremely scientific approach to SEO?

It's different. 
It's a step up in the way you'll begin to observe and handle your competition.
It will change the way you feel about the stability of your Web site with a new confidence in accuracy.
It will also eliminate hour of wasted time and guess work.

Here is something you may want to give a little bit of thought to. 

The question we often hear people ask is: "How do I know which seminar or class to attend when so many of the Gurus and SEO experts seem to disagree with each other's teaching?" 

At Search Engine Workshops and our local Search Engine Academies, we take a significantly different approach toSEO skills training. We believe that SEO skills training should be exactly what is implied. No hidden agendas or no sales pitches. 

In the last 7 years we have been teaching, we have not had conflict or confusion because we research everything before we teach it. If a student is going to invest time and money into skills training, then that training should be thoroughly focused on search engine marketing skills training. There are some good tools worth knowing about, but we believe in teaching the skills because as you focus on skills it separates you from reliance on tools. Any tool is only as good as the individuals responsible for keeping it up to date. The other thing that we include that is different than most training companies, is a 6 Month Mentoring Program for each participant. It is not an extra $1000 or $2500 bump or upsell. We include the 6 month mentoring program as part of your training at no extra charge. 

What are the results of focusing on building your skills in small focused hands-on workshops followed with a 6 Month Mentoring Program?

The results are that Workshop students experience a very high success ratio

How are Search Engine Workshops different from the same old trade shows?

The way that our Workshops are significantly different is that we focus on teaching the trainees how to build genuine relevance for high quality content that not only ranks well visibly, but also satisfies the user search. Rather than a typical seminar where you sit and listen to others talk all day, we include hands-on on drilling, exercises and practice and ongoing mentoring after class is over.

The result is long term stable rankings without the need for stress or trying to reverse engineer algorithms. 

If you are tired of chasing algorithms and tired of only temporary boosts in performance, it might be time you gave your local Search Engine Academy a try. If you tired of hearing the same old strategies regurgitated or are relying on the same things that may have worked 2 or 3 years ago, then perhaps you'd enjoy learning something that is up to date and new. Something that'll set your sites a little higher. But most of all, something that WORKS!

How new? Let's put it this way. 
We continually update our Workshop materials with the very freshest skill building information and often are adding new things each month. If you studied with us even 1 year ago, there have been many new things added since then.

If you think you'd like to attend one of our live hands-on workshops, here are our upcoming dates.

Are you interested in new SEO Recon Case Studies? Maybe you just want to fine tune your skills.
Regardless of where ever your needs are at, we have some extraordinary information for you. 
Read some of the recent student comments about the value of SEO skills and what it is like to experience a Workshop as well as their success stories as they apply the new skills they learn.

About John Alexander
John Alexander is Director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops in Canada, the United States, Australia and Asia. John has taught small groups of business owners from over 80 countries world wide and writes article for Evan Carmichael's Entrepreneur Blog and many other publications including Search Engine Guide, REALTORS Magazine, Small Business Advisor Center and others. John is author of the Free SEO Tip of the Day, with hundreds of basic, intermediate and advanced SEO tips which are e-mailed one each day.

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