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"An Encouraging Word"
Free Audio Tips for Professional Internet Consultants
By John Alexander

Regardless of what our background is or the exact reasons we started up our businesses, from time to time we all can use an encouraging word. It may be just a quick tip or small bit of insight or even learning about some new resource that refreshes us and challenges us to move forward and grow. This is particularly true when we are just starting up a brand new search engine marketing business or a career in Internet Consulting. 

So on this page, I hope to offer you a few insights and suggestions primarily for the newer Internet Consultant who may be just starting up a new Internet business and is looking for encouragement. 
I expect that not every topic I speak about will be of interest to every reader here, but I shall offer you a range of topics related to a particular theme which you can listen to by clicking on the audio play links below. 

May you be encouraged in your new business and may you make a true difference to each of your customers and help many clients prosper online, through your efforts.

Wishing you the very best of success for 2006.

Highest regards,
John Alexander 


This Month's Theme - Audio Tips for Building Your Reputation for getting Results

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Beyond Cold Calling - Part One
Building Your Reputation


Beyond Cold Calling - Part Two
Building Your Reputation


Working Within the Community
Building Your Reputation


Example of a Radical Community Project
Building Your Reputation

A word about Business Cards, Faxes and Newsletters
Building Your Reputation



Excellent Resource Bonus Tip: About the Monday Morning Memo



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John Alexander shares a few personal tips and insights for Internet Consultants and for
Professional Search Engine Marketers.

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