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10 Ways Make your Web pages Communicate More Effectively And Make More Sales

By John Alexander


Most of the time, the traditional search engine optimizer has usually been very intensely focused on gaining better visibility in the search results. Everyone knows by now the importance of being found for the maximum percentage of the time, to your most correct buying audience.

Today, as a change of pace, let's talk about a few tips to make your Web pages convert better once they are being found. While this is not so much SEO focused, we want to give you some easy tips to help your Web pages communicate much more effectively.

One of the more popular things we show students is how to fashion their content so that it is more easily read and results in more frequent calls to action.

On with a few tips on
How to Make your Web pages Communicate More Effectively:

1. Your headlines need to easily communicate exactly what your service or product is.

Far too often, you'll arrive at a Web page and as you look at a headline or title, it may be loaded with keywords, but unless you can speak to the owner about their business, you're left with questions.

Keep it simple and easy to absorb. If I look at your Web page, is it immediately clear for example, whether or not you take customers who are no local to you? 

Your opening headline needs to flow smoothly and deliver your main message that reveals what this page is all about.

2. Use of an "emotionally charged" opening headline or initial paragraph 

Remember the use of an "emotionally charged" opening headline or initial paragraph in order to relate to the widest scope of readers. This is essentially going to support how readers relate to you. Give it some thought and make your appeal to the biggest audience. 

3. Lay your content out so that the human eye flows naturally over it.

Sometimes it has more to do with the reading experience and ease or flow of dialog, but sometimes the challenge may be in the layout or design of the content. When you look at your Web page, do your eyes flow naturally over the message, or are there points where you feel like your eye does not know which way to look. Remember your message should flow naturally when you read it out loud. 

4. Avoid distractions to your readers eye

There is no need for cool animations or graphics that move around and distract your reader from the message. No matter how "cool" something looks, you are focused on "information delivery." This is particularly important when you are writing sales copy. Anything that interrupts the flow of information absorbed by your visitor, is working 
against you.

5. Beef up on your benefits and unique selling proposition (USP)

Many times people get mixed up here and end up describing their product or service,  (but without ever emphasizing the true benefits.) This is an assumption by some, that your readers will already understand the benefits once they hear about the features. This is untrue. Don't ever assume that any reader will connect the value or benefit of 
a product or service, unless you spell it out for them.

How many benefits should you have?

Don't make the mistake of only identifying 1 or 2. I would recommend at least 20 to 30 benefits. It will take some thought, but never stop building your company benefits and making your product or service stand out as unique.

6. Experiment with a variety of text styles but Arial or Verdana are easiest to read.

Also include any customer testimonials or product review right into your main copy.

Remember that if you put any reviews or customer testimonials into a courier new font, they look similar to a type written note. 

Remember to highlight your dialog (no, not in yellow hi-liter which looks cheesy) but I am referring to the use of questioning sub headers where appropriate. Any time you ask a reader a question in natural dialog, it creates a desire to have the question answered, which is very influential for highlighting your benefits.

From Robin's sales letter, consider reading these questions:

"Do you want to earn more money with your online business by increasing the response 
you get from your visitors?"

"Do you feel like you’ve learned all of the SEO technical skills you need but still 
want to do better?"

"Do you know how to accurately define what high quality content is? What it really 

These are just random questions in Robin's page, but you can see how easy it is to ask 
a question first, then talk about the benefits.

7. Do you offer a guarantee of any type for your product or service?

Make sure your readers can read your guarantee and you may even want to adjust whatever you call it, so that it is memorable. Robin's guarantee we called "the stress free guarantee."

8. Include a solid call to action

Far to many times, people forget to complete the dialog to their visitors by assuming 
that placing a "buy now button" or having a phone number on the page is enough to work.
I highly recommend you close your page with dialog that continues to talk the reader 
through to the buying decision.

Examples of closing sales dialog:

"Just stop, walk over and pick up your phone and call me at 
1-800-XXX-XXXX and I'd be happy to answer your question."

"The profits you make from using this information could add up to thousands, tens of 
thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.
"This can change your business life forever. So pick up the phone right now and call 
1-800-XXX-XXXX or fax the enclosed order form to 1-800-XXX-XXXX."

"Okay, so listen up - you have absolutely nothing to lose by checking this out."

9. Remember the little graphic confidence builders

Adding things like the credit card logos or other security feature you may be using right near the order button are confidence builders and make the average visitor feel safer.

10. If you use graphics - Use the right type

Try to use images of people that are happy and making eye contact. Many people relate 
to other peoples faces (especially around the eyes.) You never want to use graphics of 
people looking discouraged or for example looking downward.

About John Alexander
John Alexander is Director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his Search Engine Academy Associates. John has
taught SEO skills to people from 87 different countries world wide. John is also Director of Search Engine Academy with localized Search Engine Academy training centers where the Complete SEO Mastery Workshop and 6 Month Mentoring program is taught locally to business owners and individuals in communities across North America and  and Internationally in Asia and Australia

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