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How to Improve Permission E-mail Response Rates by at least 100%

By John Alexander

If you gave not seen my previous article How to Get Started with Permission Based E-mail Marketing please see it first.

Next, let's talk about a few ways to help improve your response rates. If you want to increase your response rate to permission based e-mail mailing, it's not hard to do. Mostly it has to do with your writing style. But once again copywriting for e-mail communications differs from everything else.

A couple of Ground Rules:

What we said in the last article was to write your e-mail copy "for voice." 

But for this article we'll give a few ways to do that. When you write for voice, you want to speak with a writing voice, that delivers up the dialog exactly the way you would, if you were talking to your best friend. It is best expressed as your most natural voice or to write the way you speak to a friend. This will take a little practice but like anything else, you'll get better and better at it. In a minute we'll talk more about the importance of your writing style.

Here's The primary e-mail marketing tip - for a greater response rate

If you want to improve your response rate, the single most important thing to remember, is to only offer advice that you offer to a genuine friend. If you are writing just for the sake of making a dollar, you'll never really develop a long term relationship with thousands of readers. In other words, offer something of value and your readers will appreciate you. Practice writing for voice and be yourself, they'll get to know you. But remember that if you don't really have much to offer or if you start pitching sales for junky products, you won't ever have much of a subscriber base. I'm saying it because it needs to be said, focus on things you know have genuine value. Buy them yourself. Test a product out. 
See for yourself if something is really true before you ever recommend it to your readers who have given you their trust.

7 more Tips for improving E-mail Response Rates and Improving Your Writing Style:

  • When you write to your reader, although you know you could have thousands of people reading your communication, always speak to the individual in singular as opposed to plural. Personalized communications that are genuine flow much more nicely that speaking to a group.

    Example: I hope you enjoyed reading this month's newsletter
    Rather Than: I hope everyone of you has enjoyed reading this month's newsletter

  • Learn how write verbose or descriptive dialog. Be expressive but be yourself. Work in the benefits of a product you are describing. Offer your thoughts or any insights use natural phrasing that makes it clear exactly what you are saying.

    Poor Example: 
    Be sure to download a copy of this new e-book. It is pretty incredible!!!

    Better Example:
    Guess what? I have never met the author of this e-book before. 
    But I'll give him credit...he is not pulling any punches. You certainly 
    won't hear anybody else talking these things, but after reading it. 
    I'd say I agree with 95% of it. The e-book is free too!

  • Instead of writing "to impress" which many tend try to do out of habit, you are writing to communicate. Make it very easy to absorb. Speak in a way that makes your value added points very clear. 

    If you've ever had writers block, or if you have ever been faced with a blank page, then here's a great way to start.

  • Watch for opportunity to accent the benefits especially. If you are offering your opinion or a review of something, don't hesitate to give both sides. People value your advice and look to hear some bad with the good.

    Example: Talk about the good and the bad
    Here is a cool little gimmick my wife purchased yesterday. You can use it to charge up a dead cell phone using just 1 AA Cell battery. Sure enough it works well and charged my phone in under 90 minutes. Only drawback is you can only charge your phone once. So if you take it on a long trip you may want to take along at least a couple of batteries.

  • Remember that if you are doing a series of articles or tips or newsletter using an auto-responder, you deliver your messages over a series of sequential communications. Writing in this fashion is not only effective because it can be digestible in smaller bites, so to speak. You also can build some anticipation if you do a little foreshadowing to close one message by letting the readers know what's coming up next.

    Example: (In closing)
    That's about it for this week's Insurance News, but next week watch for the 5 most common oversights that people make when dealing with insurance companies. Next week, we'll show you the most important things you need to be aware of when purchasing insurance.

  • Also remember that you can insert short little personal communications between messages. By doing this, you give your readers the opportunity to call you, or ask a personal question. Everyone, knows that they are getting an auto-response message, but the important thing is, if you write these well, people still will respond. Remember a relationship should be 2 way communication, so give your readers a non-threatening reason to contact you if they want.


    Day 1 - The Newsletter goes out to the new subscriber.

    Day 2 - Nothing

    Day 3- You set up the following message (personalized to call them by first name)

    Hi Gary,

    It's John Alexander here. I just wanted to personally welcome you to our newsletter.
    We'll be sharing some great information next weeks and months in our 
    Free SEO Tip of the Day. In the meantime, welcome aboard.

    Don't hesitate to write if you have any questions.
    Best regards,
    ------------End of Example-----------------------
  • What else goes into the e-mail marketing success mix? 

    Success stories
    Case studies
    High value information 

Just about anything that is useful but you want to keep the full focus on offering value to your readers. 
Offer the best value and be totally uncompromising about how you care for your readers. Your readers will know the difference between you and the average flim flam artists out there because of the heart you put into your communications. 

Use powerful permission based e-mail marketing to build relationships for life. Remember that it does not take long to set something up in an automated system where everything is easy to access online. 

If you have not tried this free demo out in a while, here's why you need to give it a test drive again.

  • There is some incredibly powerful new features that are being built into Aweber (that were not available before.)
  • While I've outlined a few features (I have not told you about any of the newest analytics that you get now.

I realize that most professional businesses may already be using some type of e-mail marketing system. But if you have not taken that step, the easiest way to see the impact for yourself, is to take a free test drive. 

If you think you've seen the Aweber system before - it's time to have a second look.

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Note: I have been a personal subscriber for years. I can vouch that Aweber respects your privacy 100%. 

When you enter the test drive above, it is a demonstration of how powerful their new system is but the will never give away your e-mail address or share it with third any party. It is only use your information so you experience the demo for yourself. 

Watch this short video:



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About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his partner SEO educator Robin Nobles, author of the very first comprehensive online search engine marketing courses. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and has taught SEO skills to people from 87 different countries world wide. Would you like a Free SEO Tip of the Day?  

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