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How many of your Newsletters Get 
Lost in Cyberspace? Find out now.

John Alexander


One of the smartest ways to maintain regular communications with your customers online, is to set up a permission based e-mail marketing campaign. The way it works is that you invite you Web visitors to sign up to receive regular monthly newsletters which they can subscribe to or unsubscribe anytime they wish. Newsletters that offer tips, free articles, tutorials, product discounts and Web updates offer the customer an incentive to come back to your Web site over and over again.

How does one go about setting up a newsletter? There are plenty of services like which is a fully featured sequential auto responder, which is completely browser based. Newsletters can be personalized and customized and sent out to your readers on a regular basis easy as 1, 2, 3.

However, these days it can be difficult to determine how many of your newsletters or customer communications are actually making it through the various Spam filters. Do you sometimes get the impression that perhaps not all of your e-mails are being delivered? Suppose that only 60% of your e-mail is actually making through to your subscribers or that some ISPs may have incorrect information about your domain. Could it be that you are being labeled a "Spammer" even though you are meticulously following a completely permission based Opt-in policy. 

Here's one solution called which actually monitors the success ratio of each of your e-mail campaigns. 

Here's a quick overview of how it works:

Now you can know at a glance where your email is successfully delivered without asking your subscribers if your Newsletter arrived. How is this accomplished?

In this graph above, we see the results of several campaigns. Green signifies successful deliveries and the thin red line indicates areas where e-mail was not delivered successfully.

Statistics are calculated showing the percentage of email arriving in a users inbox, bulk box, or go entirely missing. This is accomplished by the mailing list owner seeding their existing subscriber list with email addresses located at top ISP's. When a newsletter is sent, the seed addresses are also sent a copy of the issue. 

You'll want to watch the delivery of several newsletters or other opt-in content you've sent to your subscriber base. You do this to determine if all of your email to that ISP is being blocked or if only some of the email is being blocked. If only some of it is being blocked, you are likely to be hitting a content filter. If all of it is being blocked, you are most likely hitting an IP blacklist.

Other things you can gauge are things like the duration of how long your delivery took to be distributed.


With this information in hand you can use the ISP Information center to learn more about the ISP or domain you are having delivery issues with. Stop guessing at whether some of your newsletters and reports are going missing and find out for sure how your newsletters are being delivered.

You can try Delivery Monitor's 30 Day Risk Free Trial here.

About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with partner Robin Nobles as well as online search engine marketing courses through Online Web Training. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and co-author of the Totally Non-Technical Guide for A Successful Web Site


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