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Career Descriptions

If you've just taken our Career Test, you have a good idea of the type of working environment you're looking for in a new career. Now, read this career description of a brand new and exciting career, one that's just recently hit the Internet industry.

After reading the career description, if this career isn't right for you, we'll provide a list of additional resources at the bottom of this page that will help guide you on your journey toward a new or second career.

Career Description: Search Engine Marketer

How did you find this page? You went to a search engine, didn't you? Did you know that over 80% of all visitors to a Web site come from a major engine?

Have you ever noticed that you'll generally go through the first page of search results, or 10 results, and maybe the second page of results, or 20, but no more than the third page of search results before trying a new search?

Therefore, in order for a Web site to be found, it must be in the top 30 search results, or the Web site will lose traffic, and the online business will suffer.

So what does this have to do with a career description?

Because of the need for Web sites to be able to compete online in a very competitive market, a new career was born: search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is just what it says: online marketing of a Web site through the search engines. In other words, search engine marketers use strategies designed to place their Web sites toward the top of the search engine rankings in order to get the most traffic and business to their sites. In other words, search engine marketers help those Web sites to achieve online success.

Now, let's look back through the answers to our career test, and let's see if a career as a search engine marketer is right for you.

Career Description of a Search Engine Marketer

  • If you enjoy working with computers, a career as a search engine marketer is perfect for you. You will also have the opportunity to try various software programs that will make your work quicker and more efficient.

  • Since a career as a search engine marketer consists of working with Web sites, it's imperative that you enjoy the Internet in order to consider this as a career choice.

  • Search engine marketers often work in their own homes. Some may work for a company that optimizes Web sites, but many search engine marketers have the benefit of working out of an office in their home.

  • With search engine marketing, you can work full or part time. Keep your 8 to 5 job for a while, and work at search engine marketing until you're comfortable with the career and strategies, and then begin to move toward a full-time career. Or, simply use search engine marketing work as a means of supplementing your family's income.

  • There's no doubt about it: search engine marketing is challenging. Since you often work by yourself, those who are self starters automatically love the career.

  • With search engine marketing, your options are limitless. You can set up your own SEO (search engine optimization) company and own your own business, or you can work for someone else.

  • Some search engine marketers prefer to work for an SEO company who simply funnels work down to the SEM (search engine marketer). So, if you're the type of person who likes someone looking over your shoulder, that's always a possibility in this career.

  • While you can certainly work in your own home as a search engine marketer, there are SEO companies all over the world who are looking for trained, experienced SEM's to transfer to their location.

  • While the possibility of moving to a new location is there, you can also stay right where you are, in Small Town USA, and be a professional search engine marketer. Your clients can come from your own town, or they can come from across the world. Anything is possible with the Internet.

  • Do you like to sleep late and work all night? Keeping unusual hours is certainly a benefit of being a search engine marketer who works in his or her own home.

  • With most new careers, some type of training or education is required. The same is true for search engine marketing. However, the cost of training can easily be made up within the first one or two search engine optimization jobs you do.

  • As a career, search engine marketing is brand new. As far as the potential for clients, think of it this way. Anyone with a Web site wants that Web site to be at the top of the search engine rankings. This is particularly important for any online business, nonprofit organization with a Web site, or even an agency whose goal is to relay information through their Web site. With millions and millions of Web sites going up on a constant basis, you'll never run out of possible clients.

  • Search engine marketing can be learned through an intense 3-day, hands-on workshop held through these workshops, called the Ultimate SEO Mastery Workshops, are held in different locations across the globe, and they're designed to teach participants everything they need to know about achieving success through the search engines and directories. Taught by industry leaders, these workshops are attended by representatives of small and large businesses, governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and by those who want to start a career as a search engine marketer.

  • If you like a good challenge, you'd love the search engine marketing industry. It's dynamic and ever changing, with limitless possibilities for advancement and the potential of making money. Because search engine marketing requires training, experience, and skills, search engine marketers can demand top dollars for their work, making it a very attractive career choice.

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