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Affiliate Marketing Tips and Resources List

By John Alexander

Let's start with a list of a few Affiliate Marketing Resources and then we'll follow that with some affiliate tips:

List of Affiliate Marketing Resources

One of the easiest ways for you to manage your campaigns from a variety of programs is to join an Affiliate Marketing Network: 

Here are 8 places you can get started: (there are many more out there.)

Where is the best place to get started affiliate marketing?

  • Start with something that you know very well and something you enjoy writing about.

  • Can you identify any product short coming - where you could teach someone essential information that would compliment the program. If you have a solution that offers genuine advantages - you might start be creating your own product to sell. E-books are very easy to create. Once you create your e-book you could begin selling it through 

  • Remember that it's important when choosing a product or service to promote that you add something original into the mix. Bring something of value, that others have never thought about. If you just use the same resources that everyone else is using, then it's much harder to make the sale.

    Example: Assuming you had a Web site trying to sell animation software. 
    Why not add some useful tips that would focus on teaching the new artist some important technique? 
    You might offer a short video demonstrating: 

    --how to build up the element of "anticipation" when drawing cartoon characters.
    --or how you can use some feature of the software you are promoting to add exaggeration (for humor.)
    --or perhaps you demonstrate some helpful short cuts for saving time

  • Don't always be looking for the "hottest products" to sell. Try and think in terms finding products based on the usefulness to your customers.

  • Remember that many of the legitimate, big time affiliate marketers earned their reputation by fine tuning their skills over time. Give yourself the same growing room and do not approach affiliate marketing as a get quick rich scheme. You need to get started taking baby steps and grow your skills just the same as any other business. Be very cautious about all of the stuff out there that is only focused on wealth creation.

  • Many of the biggest and most successful top earning affiliates are usually promoting real world products. They stay away from wealth building gimmicks and sell real world. Some people are doing very well for example who are selling things like electronics, air conditioning, gardening supplies, anything to do with improving your home, from building a deck to planting trees. There are all kind of opportunities out there, so don't feel like you've got to get involved in something less that what you believe in.

  • One of the wonderful things about genuine affiliate marketing is that it can give you the freedom and liberty to create projects that you enjoy working on which in turn, tends to feel a lot less like hard work. If you enjoy your work then it's more like having fun that work. One of the best ways to get started practicing SEO skills is to start by create useful informational sites and earn some passive cash too for your efforts.    

Okay, so it's onward with a few tips to help you get started in affiliate marketing using all of your SEO skills and focusing on creating high quality informational sites that serve good useful information as well as reward you for the efforts you put in.

12 Easy Affiliate Marketing Tips

Remember to put a little bit of your own heart into your work.

Whether you are creating an informational Web site or an informational product like an e-book of your own, one of the most important things to remember is to put a little bit of your heart into your work. Many affiliate programs will include Web images or sales copy or other tools to help you build your affiliate pages. 

But remember the element of "uniqueness" and "freshness" go a long way with SEO as well as with your visitors. 

Have you got a unique angle or a unique tip (something you have learned from experience) that increases the value of your work? It goes a long way to benefit not just your SEO but your readership response. If everyone else is just setting up template sites with the same old content - make yours shine by giving it your own touches for value and useful content. Your individual touch that shares something others do not, is what will improve your response ratios.

Remember to focus on dialog so that your message effectively communicates value.

Create emphasis on valuable information that helps solve a challenge as opposed to "hyped up" sales pitches in huge text with yellow highlighter. Avoid the old screaming headline that smacks of "get rich quick" schemes or other outlandish hyped up promises. Everything in moderation so that your copy is written "for voice" and allows the reader to flow through the information without distraction. Write copy so that it speaks to the reader instead of at them. Write copy that addresses the user instead of copy that is self focused.

Use images that accent your points but keep them to a minimum.

A good sales letter is all about information delivery - not flashy graphics or animation that break the reader's attention span. If you are using emotional content, then look for upbeat, positive images. Remember that most people do relate to the human face and positive expressions. Use lifestyle graphics that show the effect of the product being used as opposed to just using product images alone. A picture truly can say a thousand words, but choose your images wisely.

If your Web site is about celebrities that involve copyrighted images - why not monetize too?

In some cases you may wish you had special permission to use copyrighted images or feel there is no way to show imagery that belongs to a specific movie studio or celebrity. You can link to a selection of over hundreds of thousands celebrity print images and posters as well as create your own poster stores and mini stores. 

You can find usable copyrighted photos related to just about every keyword topic of interest (e.g. movies, music, sports, art, animals) so no matter what the content of your site is. The All Posters Affiliates Program is a great way to make earn 25%-30% of every purchase made by your site visitors at their website. 

Most article Marketing directories do not allow affiliate links to be included within your content.

However, if you focus on writing good articles promoting your Web site, you can include links in your Bios. 
Exceptions to places that will allow you to include affiliate links within your article content, try creating a lens on Squidoo.

Make sure you read the contractual agreement for each merchant you sign up with.

Do you really take time to read the agreements you sign electronically when taking on a new affiliate marketing project? Here's the article and give it a Sphinn if you enjoyed reading it. Excellent and very revealing article!  Regardless of how much legal jargon there is written in capital letters, you need a clear understanding of what the terms are before you agree. Read what happened in this case of "Margae Vs. Clear Link"

Are you looking for an HTML editor that makes Affiliate Marketing easy?

Here is the latest HTML editor that I've been using. Loaded with 88 time saving features plus it comes with over 200 professionally designed templates. Creates very SEO friendly sites even if you are not a designer or are just a beginner. 
I added a couple of screen shots to the review that you can read in this article:
Putting the Professional Design and Adventure Back into your SEO


Are you interested in getting paid for free leads as opposed to sales?

Here is an Affiliate program that allows you to give away free e-books and magazines while allowing you to earn a commission for each lead. They will even set up a representation for your site to offer these free products while keeping your site looking intact and pretty seamless.

Are you interested in getting paid for offering free leads?
RevResponse is free to join and yes, they pay just for sending them qualified leads.
Visit here right now to join up! It's free!


How about earning commissions just for submitting your own original articles? 

There is a new article directory that is launching officially on August 12th. But this directory is a little different that other article directories in that they are planning to pay you a commission on how often your articles are viewed. There are only a couple of requirements:

1) The articles you contribute must be your own original work. (written by yourself)

2) Starting August 12th they say they will be paying you for submitting good content and also pay you for the quality content that your downline submits also. T
here are also over 8 ways to make money

This is the first type of directory where they are actually offering to share revenue based on with ALL of our authors! Basically, your goal should be to get the most VIEWS as possible to your articles. If you have not started submitting articles yet, then get busy now submitting a few now, so that you can start seeing some income starting August 12th.

Learn how to quickly tap into the hottest affiliate markets using Wordtracker Magic 2.0. 

Need keyword research insight? How about the quickest ways to tap into behavioral research with keyword forensics?
It's my latest tips and techniques for finding great user search trends in minutes - without hundreds of hours of messing about in Wordtracker. Follow these guidelines and Get in - Get on with it and Get out again, in just minutes.

Check out Wordtracker Magic Volume 2.0 - Keyword Forensics for SEO 

Don't procrastinate and put off getting started right now today.

It may sound crazy, but one of the biggest problems that people seem to have is actually getting started. 

Indecision keeps more people from ever experiencing success than any other factor. Some people can't make up their minds what they want to do, so they simply don't do anything. You can make up what ever excuse you want, but if you are a student of SEO then you owe it to yourself to at least get started. Give it a try. Passive income generated from useful informational Web sites that your readers enjoy, is pretty hard to argue with. 

Don't put it off but do something today to "get started." 

Take the first step. Grab Michael Campbell's Free E-book "" and read his "Quick start Guide." 
He'll give you a on of ideas on how you can get started down your own yellow brick road of affiliate marketing. The e-book is free when you sign up for his newsletter.

But don't just read the e-book and set it aside. 

Instead, make up your mind to take some kind of action. Buy a Domain name. Decide on a Web Host. But do something to commit yourself to making your start. 

Grab hundreds and hundreds of SEO tips - FREE. 

One free tip a day is quick to read, easy to absorb and it's amazing how many folks have said they have improved their results just reading these Free SEO Tip of the Day mailings! They are free and you can unsubscribe or subscribe whenever you please.
Would you like a Free SEO Tip of the Day?



About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his partner SEO educator Robin Nobles, author of the very first comprehensive online search engine marketing courses. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and has taught SEO skills to people from 87 different countries world wide. John's articles can be read in publications like REALTOR Magazine, Search Engine Guide, WEBpro News and many others.  

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