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7 Advantages of hands-on SEO skills training with ongoing free SEO Mentoring
By John Alexander

What advantages do you have by attending your local community based Search Engine Academy?

There are quite a few differences between hands-on workshops and other types of video and teleconference training:

Difference #1. No unexpected surprises - just genuine results!

Focus is on imparting genuine SEO skills - not selling you a bunch of software. 
Relax. When you come to study SEO and build your Web site's high performance - that is exactly what we focus on 
delivering - personalized, one-on-one skill building. 

We have no hidden agendas. We have no up-sells or no secret premiums that we nail you with after the fact.
You will be learning all optimization skills that separate you from reliance on guesswork.

Our only agenda since the beginning is to build your SEM skills so that you can make a huge difference in your Web site visibility, it's performance and earning potential in minimal time.  Our focus is on imparting the genuine SEO skill set to each individual Workshop attendee.

What have our graduates experienced after the workshop?

Student comment

"Your workshop works "miracles" even for those with N0 experience at all." 

Peggy Lappe - Orlando

Difference #2. - Personalized Skills Training instead of "Tricks, Secrets and Snake Oil."

Reading SEO Tips are fine. 
We believe in giving away hundreds of free SEO tips daily to our readers. Some folks love our tips and have said they have helped them understand more. But if you are ready to take your skills to the next level, then you want to understand search engine marketing as a process. 

At the workshop, you will never feel like you are lost in a crowd. For years now we purposely have limited the enrollment to each workshop so you have the opportunity to get personalized training. Our trainers work with you one on one. 

We benchmark your progress daily. We want to ensure that by the end of the 5-Day Workshop, all your SEO questions are answered. Plus even if new questions come up, we keep in touch with our students long after the class is over with the free 6 month ongoing mentoring program. (at no extra cost.)  

Student comment

Dear John, a year ago I joined you and Robin in Orlando for the SEO workshop. I was a complete novice to the world of Search Engine Marketing, and barely knew any code. I had been in direct marketing for 10 years, well-versed in copy writing, but the online world was a complete mystery.

At that time we had zero ranking on the search engines, and e-commerce comprised only 12% of our sales. 
Thanks to the fine training you and Robin provided, I am thrilled to report that a year later, many of my products have first page rankings and online sales are now 33% of my total business. We're outranking some of our toughest competition

Kevin M. Williams 

Difference #3.  You experience "accelerated learning" and gain valuable skills "by doing" instead of just watching.

We can prove that students learn far faster "by example" and by "doing things with hands-on practice." 
It's only common sense but like most other things, you learn fastest and retain more when you learn "by doing." 

You also retain more information with personalized instruction, demonstrations and hands-on class practice under watchful direction and followed with personal ongoing mentoring. 

Student comment

The SEO information that you provided us was like none other I have been able to find over the last year or so just reading every thing I could get my hands on regarding SEO practices." 

Janet Bartoli Roussos

Difference #4. Only the freshest SEO research is presented in a step by step format

You will discover all of the freshest, most up to date methodologies based upon genuine research - not speculation. 

You never benefit from anything unless you are getting the best and most accurate information. The results of our research usually surprises even some of the seasoned SEO professionals, when it comes to accuracy. 

We never get tired of testing new things and we work with some of the finest research talent in the industry.

Difference #5.  100% proven white hat strategies - which include our own private strategies, too. 

We don't just teach you....we show you how to build true, genuine relevancy for top placement based on high quality, useful content that truly deserves to be found by the searcher. It's not about temporary traffic spikes. Benefit from gaining skills that deliver stable top rankings that stand the test of time.

Not only do you learn how to excel with strategies for the present, but we teach many important things you need to be aware of for the future too.

Student comment

"I got what I came for." 

Thank you,
Jim Swayze

Difference #6 Learn in a relaxed, friendly and stress-free environment. 

Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, whether you are SEO with professional experience or an....we have a workshop that is perfect for you. We guarantee we'll get all of your questions answered and help you understand your craft as a process. Remember that after training you get an ongoing SEO Mentoring Program and access to all our resources for several months at no extra cost. 

Difference #7 - Never any need for you to travel too far. 

Our SEO educators are located in communities across North America and in Asia too. Watch for new training centers opening soon this year. Each one of our SEO educators has been carefully trained to deliver our full Workshops and you get 6 the Month Mentoring programs at no extra charge.

Student comment

"My pages were never generating revenue for me before 
like they are for me now." 

Randy Hurst - Toronto 

The next SEO Workshop Robin Nobles, Michael Marshall and John Alexander will be personally be teaching together for will be:

Please also check for local SEO Workshops available though throughout the year in places like: 
Oregon, Orange County, New York Metro, North Carolina, San Francisco Bay Area, Arizona, Tampa Bay, Michigan, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver BC, Kelowna BC, Calgary Alberta, and in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.
More new community training centers coming to you soon in 

  • Tennessee 

  • Texas

  • Mississippi

  • Louisiana

  • Alabama

    Read more recent student comments and success stories-------

    "Your Workshops have made all the difference and our Web site continues to be our main marketing tool." 
    I can't thank you enough, 

    Bayard Fox


    "This 5 day workshop has been the most interesting, effective and 
    valuable course I have ever attended."

    Raymond Lim - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore


    "Extremely comprehensive SEO content."

    Darren Chan - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore


    "This is an eye-opening class, learning in detail about keyword 
    research, content, analytics and competitor intelligence. 
    Very practical.

    Dawn Tan - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore


    "Steve Scott is an amazing instructor. The course content really blew me away and far exceeded my expectations! I've been in the I-Net industry for over 10 years- teaching website design, development and marketing for several of those years so I'm not easily impressed. Steve and this course kept me spell bound.

    This is a class I would heartily recommend to my own students. 
    It is great and so is Steve.

    Dave Debs - Tampa SEO Workshop Graduate


    "The course was far pass my expectations. Being extremely technical, I was concerned about the level of the class. I was completely surprised with the level of depth both Tracy and Craig were able to delve into." 

    Virtually, Robert T.
    SEO Infestus Marketing, LLC


    "The MOST valuable training I have ever purchased. The wealth of information that you get with the SEO Mastery Workshop is priceless. I would recommend this SEO Workshop to anyone who wants to launch 
    a successful online business.

    Marcella U. Pruitt - Las Vegas SEO Workshop Graduate


    "The SEO course syllabus is very comprehensive and provides immensely insightful knowledge and techniques. "

    Kelvin Kong - SEO Workshop Graduate Singapore 


    "The knowledge and enthusiasm of the presenters was exceptional. 
    Superb course - with every penny."

    Andrew Davis - WSI Internet Consultant


    My company did not pay for my training for me, so I paid myself and I can tell you it was worth every penny! So far, to date, I've got #1 rankings for my important keywords on over 18,500,000 on Google, Yahoo! Msn, and Ask!" 

    I hope you are all doing well.

    Best Regards,
    Jason Wencel - Orlando SEO Workshop Graduate

Check out dozens of other recent student SEO success stories and comments:

It is our sincere wish that with all of the clutter and misinformation there is in the marketplace these days - 
that you will come join us sooner than later. Please remember that time is your most precious commodity. 
Are you ready to gain the SEO skills you need in the minimal time to make a difference. Are you ready to become a "doer" and take action?  Don't get hooked in by marketers trying to sell you the next big SEO solution. 

There truly are no secret tricks or no magic formulas. Don't believe it. The reason I am sharing these things is because we keep meeting people who have experienced nightmares, people who have been banned in search engines or people who have spent small fortunes on training systems only to still feel left in the dark. 

It just never needed to happen - if we could have helped them sooner (rather than later.)  

Think SEO and SEM skills - (not just gimmicky tools.)

Make it your goal to take action. Make a decision to arm yourself with a level of excellence in knowledge and gain an ideal sequence of operations based on good wisdom. There is only one REAL magic  - that is the magic of knowledge and the level of wisdom you possess to apply that knowledge. 

Find a friendly, SEO educator located in a community near you,

That's where a live hands-on SEO workshop with free 6 month mentoring makes the biggest difference to students. 

About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his partner SEO educator Robin Nobles, author of the very first comprehensive online search engine marketing courses. John is author of
an e-book called Wordtracker Magic and has taught SEO skills to people from 87 different countries world wide. Would you like a Free SEO Tip of the Day?  

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