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3 Easy Ways to Compel Your Web Visitors to Take Action
plus a free Webinar

One of the most common questions we get is when students of SEO begin to make progress with top organic search rankings but begin to realize there is another important part of the success equation.

Having hundreds or even thousand of visitors come to your high performance page each day, has no value unless the content is written in a way to compell the visitors to take action. They may not always be buying something, but it really depends on the purpose of content and being aimed at meeting the pages objective.

  • It could be to sell a product.
  • It could be that the objective of the page is to capture leads.
  • It could be that the purpose of the content is to engage readers to interact socially.
  • It could be a page that has an objective of giving people new insights.
  • It could be that a Web site contains pages with all of these objectives.
  • Ultimately, the most powerful thing a Web site can do is foster new relationships with your ideal audience.

All of these are beyond SEO in itself, but are equally important if you want your Web site to be productive and earn some income. The first thing we need to remember, is that in school we were taught all the basics of writing good content with respect to sentence structure, spelling or grammar. But what was never really taught to anyone in the public school system, is how to write to communicate your message effectively.

Here are 3 basic tips to consider when writing content. Then on April 29th at 2PM EST, I am going to give you 15 more ways to compel visitors to take action when you write Web content.

1. Learn how to write your content for voice (like the broadcasters do)

In this form, you will take the focus of your communication and express your content so that the emphasis is not on yourself, but your are focused on the reader. Instead of talking about your guarantee or your years of experience which many people seem to naturally do, you want to turn it around. Help the reader clearly feel that you are speaking to them about themselves. From your point of view, it is like you are writing to your best and closest friend. What results from this style of writing is a projection of your personality. Think of how broadcasters sound on the radio. They project their personality right through the radio or TV.

2. Make sure your opening line is a strong, customer focused opening.

Try not to copy others, but be yourself and say what you want to express in a way that will catch the attention of readers. Remember the power of asking the reader a question. A reader focused question, that make the reader want to answer in their mind.

For example:

At this very moment you are competing with hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of other search engine marketers who all fighting to get at your customers. Would you like new skills that set you apart from the pack?

Here is another example:

I am writing to urge you to take immediate and profitable advantage of the most unusual opportunity that I've ever extended. The opportunity just became available and the question is are you ready? 
As of Noon today, it's nearly 30% sold out! 

Here is an example opening written by Michael Campbell of Dynamic Media Corp, demonstrating the use of an IF/THEN statement::

If you've ever had writers block, or been faced with a blank page, then here's where to start. There are over 100 light bulb moments to shine your creative juice, brighter than ever before. You'll never get stuck wondering what to write. You'll explode with ideas and easily create content that people are just dying to read.

For an IF/THEN statement you write about whatever the challenge is using IF
followed by your solution /THEN  

3. Be sure that in your copy you are using very compelling words.

Here is a list of 148 power words compiled by Robin Nobles:

Next I'm going to give you a personal lesson in writing compelling copy in the following Webinar. 

Join me in the following free Webinar, if you'd like to learn more about working with headlines, working with transitioning connector phrases, how to write bullets, how to work with guarantees and of course, with the all important call to action or closing statement.

FREE WEBINAR: How to Convert Your Web Visitors into Buyers 
                           with John Alexander

Wednesday February 29th at 2PM EST

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