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   10 Free Video Training Tips for Xsite Pro 2 - 
How to Do List Building, Multi-page creation
Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, Create bread 
crumb trails on auto-pilot, 
Amazon Product Advertising, Video and much more

By John Alexander

For those of you who are looking for a new HTML editor to make life easier, you might have already purchased the X-site Pro 2 editor which is loaded with over 80 different built in wizards to make Web site building easier. It come equipped with 200 professional templates and might be considered the Internet Marketer's alternative to Dreamweaver and FrontPage.

If by chance you are not familiar with Xsite Pro 2, then here are a list of all of it's features.

If you already have the editor, then read on for a series of free tutorial videos below on how to use Xsite Pro 2 to easily do Affiliate Marketing, Adsense, Amazon Product Advertising, Video and much more. These are brand new videos to help you get the most out of this cool HTML editor.

More new free video Tutorials just released today:

Video 1 They're short but sweet. Watch this video free demonstrating the Multi-page Creation Wizard that is built into XSitePro Create any number of pages, complete with customized content and meta-data, in a only a matter of minutes.

Video 2 List building the easy way. Watch this brand new free video to find out how easy XSitePro makes your list-building.

Video 3  With XSitePro's easy-to-use 'breadcrumb trail' feature you can quickly add breadcrumb trail navigation links to your pages automatically, no matter how many pages you add. Watch the short video tutorial below to see just how easy it is.

Video 4  This tutorial shows you how to be more productive in your time. The Page Layout designer, gives 100% complete control over the look and feel of your site. So, if at some future point you want to tweak the color scheme for your site, swap the graphics about, or even change the whole look and feel of your site completely you can - and in record time! Watch this short free video tutorial and spend more time being productive.

Video 5.
Check this video of how you can easily implement your affiliate codes all at the click of a mouse.

Video 6.
Next, here is an easy point and click feature to demo how to easily work with Amazon Product Advertising.

Video 7.
Video is all the rage at the moment and you can ride the wave like a true professional. See for yourself just how amazingly easy it is to insert a video into any web page. You don't need to write a single line of code or even convert your existing video; but it it's ALL handled for you.

Video 8.
Video Tips for making quick pages with Video. Watch this short video to see how easy it is to create great
looking pages in record time. Whether it is an article, a press release, or a privacy statement, you can have a top quality page design, just like you'd find on Amazon, eBay, or the BBC, completed within minutes that looks just like it was put together by a professional designer.

Video 9. Video Tutorial and tips Tips for working with Adsense and Xsite Pro 2

Video 10. Video tips for inserting page breaks with Xsite Pro 2 .
How would you like to be able to split a single, long web page across multiple pages at the click of a button?

Using this amazing feature you can convert one long article into 3 pages of content in less than 5 seconds. Sounds amazing, but it is absolutely true! Or how about convert a lengthy public domain ebook into 200 pages of content in just 5 seconds. Yes! You can do that too...

And the cool thing is XSitePro will automatically insert professional looking page navigation at the top and bottom of
each of the pages created.

If by chance you are not familiar with Xsite Pro 2, then here are a list of all of it's features.

Okay. in case you're curious, yes I use Xsite Pro 2 myself and while it is not a requirement for learning SEO, it is the best feature loaded HTML editor on the market today. After I purchased it, my first 2 new sites were assembled in record time in under 2 weeks.

I am mentioning this to everyone now because invariably, one of the often asked questions I get from students, just before a new SEO Workshop, is this...."John, what type of editor do you recommend?" These days, this is my first choice and watching these free teaching tutorials reveals only about 10% of the built in benefits but it's enough to show you the power under the hood. Again, if you are coming to SEO training, bring any editor you like as long as you are comfortable with it.  

About John Alexander
John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops offering live, SEO Workshops with his partner SEO educator Robin Nobles, author of the very first comprehensive online search engine marketing courses. John
has taught SEO skills to people from 87 different countries world wide. 

John is also Director of Search Engine Academy with localized Search Engine Academy training centers where the Complete SEO Mastery Workshop and 6 Month Mentoring program is taught locally to business owners and individuals in communities across North America and Internationally in Asia and in Australia

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