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101 131 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies

This article was created to be "The Definitive Source" of link popularity building strategies on the Net, and because of the generous tips given freely by the contributors, it's become just that.

The article, "131 (Legitimate) Link Popularity Building Strategies," as co-authored by Robin Nobles, Eric Ward, and John Alexander, is available in two formats.

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Thanks to our Contributors

A special thanks to each of the contributors to this article. We appreciate your willingness to share your strategies with the search engine marketing industry.

These contributors are listed in alphabetical order.

Mike Adams is the 'Email Doctor' and operates an e-mail marketing Web site, Email Doctor, that offers free reports, e-mail marketing strategies and regular articles.

John Alexander is a professional Internet Consultant, SEO and educator who has taught his results-oriented, SEO strategies to other Internet consultants and Webmasters from over 80 different countries around the world. John owns and operates He teaches The Ultimate SEO Mastery Workshop in LIVE onsite trainings through Search Engine Workshops.

Michael Campbell is the author of Nothing but Net and Clickin’ it Rich, highly successful e-books about how to become successful on the Internet. He is a well-known Internet marketer who publishes a newsletter called Internet Marketing Secrets.

Chris Churchill is the Director of Web Development and Search Engine Marketing at NetMechanic, Inc.. Chris is also the subject matter expert for Search Engine Power Pack, NetMechanic's comprehensive search engine optimization package.

Terry Dean is an Internet Marketing Reviewer for

Elbert Flores is a search engine optimization expert with Position Research out of San Diego, CA.

Chris Genge is President of 1st on the List Promotion Inc., a search engine optimization firm located in British Columbia, Canada.

Bill Gentry has been a professional Web designer since 1999 and a Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing specialist with Look Sharp Designs since February 2000. He is also the head software reviewer, an instructor, and a chat moderator with the Academy of Web Specialists.

Ron Gotcher, of the Gotcher Law Group, is an immigration lawyer located in Los Angeles, CA.

Don Hammond operates a full service Web site design, construction, and search engine positioning firm that specializes in Cold Fusion, SQL, Flash, and Miva Script.

Detlev Johnson is a search engine consultant with The Ascendant Group, a search engine marketing company specializing in optimization strategies, implementation guidance, and tracking for your in-house or outsourced search engine optimization campaign.

Dixon Jones is the managing director of British-based Internet marketing agency, Receptional, and was the first fully paid up member of the World Association of Internet Marketing. His business career started in 1989, writing and running murder mystery evenings for clients from American Airlines to Zeneca. Enron still owes him money. In 1996 this business went onto the Web and the site immediately took on a life of its own developing into a profitable company in its own right. In 1999 Dixon teamed up with Dr. David Smith, previously of Cranfield University, to provide Internet marketing expertise to a range of blue chip companies.

Jon Keel of Improved Results, "Helping Businesses Improve Results Through Performance-Based Online Marketing," is also an authority on the pay-per-click search engines.

Barbara Coll is Owner of WebMamma, a search engine optimization firm.

Stephen Mahaney is the Editor and Publisher of Search Engine News, a publication of Planet Ocean, a leading source of information for the search engine industry. He is also a well-known and respected Internet marketer.

Nancy Nelson is the founder of Search-by-Design, a full service Internet marketing firm focused on keeping your online marketing presence optimized for your target market. She is also a chat moderator for the Academy of Web Specialists.

Robin Nobles is the Director of Training of the Academy of Web Specialists, where she has taught several thousand people in her online search engine marketing courses. She is the content provider for GRSeo search engine optimization software and has written three books on the subject of search engine marketing. She also teaches 3-day on location search engine marketing workshops through Search Engine Workshops.

David Notestine is President of Cyber-Robotics and the creator of Zeus Internet Marketing Robot.

Susan J. O’Neil is the founder and C.E.O. of @Web Site Publicity, Inc., an integrated search marketing firm. She is the co-author of Maximize Web Site Traffic with Robin Nobles.

With a strong focus on research, Debra Paynter is an expert in the field on online Website optimization and promotions. Her specialties include both site development and promotional linking in order to draw targeted traffic. Visit Promotion Strategies for more information.

Terry Plank is the Director of Marketing of the Academy of Web Specialists, which offers online search engine marketing training, and Owner of Search Engine Marketing Consultation.

Rocky Rawstern is the Senior Analyst with 7thWave, a search engine optimization company, and Webmaster & Editor of Nanotech-Now.

Gil Sery is the President and Chief Search Engine Optimizer of Search Engine Optimization Pros, “your one-stop specialists for search engine optimization, placement, and marketing.”

Chris Sherman is Associate Editor of Search Engine Watch and Editor of SearchDay, a daily newsletter for the search engine industry.

Judith Silver is an attorney with, an Internet law resource site, including a library, news, search engine, dictionary, online incorporation, interactive confidentiality agreement with explanations of legal clauses, e-commerce and small business legal forms, lawyer jokes, lawyer for hire and more.

Marshall Simmonds is Director of Search at

Scott T. Smith runs the hand-tailored link popularity service called LinkagExpress.

Danny Sullivan is editor of, a widely recognized site that provides authoritative information about search engines. Free tips can be found at, and members have access to extended articles and information, including how search engines make use of link analysis.

Becky Thompson is an Online Marketing Strategist with Inter@ctivate Inc. Our technical, creative and marketing services include design and programming, search engine positioning, online marketing and promotions, database and email programs and an array of traditional offline communications such as collateral development and media relations that contribute to fully integrated marketing programs.

Eric Ward, President, NetPOST and URLwire: Eric founded the Web's first service for linking and announcing Web sites back in 1994, and he still offers those services today. His client list is a who's who of online brands. Ward is best known as the person behind the linking campaigns for Books, The Link Exchange,, Rodney Dangerfield, Warner Bros, The Discovery Channel, the AMA, PBS, and The Weather Channel. His linking services won the 1995 Tenagra Award For Internet Marketing Excellence, and no other linking service has won it since. Eric also writes the “Link Mensch” column, and has been a speaker for iWORLD, Fawcette, and Cnet conferences.

Carl Watney works for Unearthed®, a small business based in Brisbane, Australia, specializing in search engine marketing, content management systems and building online relevancy of SME commercial sites. They believe in the power of community on the Web and are happy to share ideas from previous successes and failures ;-) to help grow this boundless market so that professionals build the industry and give us all a good name.

Steve Wilson is a search engine optimization expert with the, San Antonio's "Be Found on Web" Experts.

Brent Winters is the President of First Place Software, maker of WebPosition Gold, the first software product to both track your rankings on the search engines and to help you improve those rankings.

Gary Woods is the Owner of Beautiful Santa Barbara Real Estate and Chat Moderator at the Academy of Web Specialists.

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Robin Nobles, Eric Ward, and John Alexander, co-authors of "131 (Legitimate) Link Popularity Building Strategies," as well as the many other contributors to the project.

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