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The SEO Workshop Agenda has been upgraded with dozens of hot new topics for 2013.

(Over 50% of of all Workshop Topics are Brand New)

John Alexander presents...

Search Engine Workshops

. . . the premiere onsite search engine marketing 
workshops in the world!

Enjoy a small personalized SEO Mastery Workshops in your local community where you get ALL of your SEO questions answered by some of the most knowledgeable and experienced experts. 

Basic, Intermediate and highly Advanced SEO training delivered to you in 2, 3 or 5 days along with a 6 Month Mentoring Program

These SEO Mastery workshops enable you to:

  • Stop wasting hundreds of hours of valuable time chasing algorithms. 

  • Discover how to create pages that will stand the test of time with top visibility to the most correct searching audience and for the maximum percentage of time.

  • Gain genuine top SEO placement skills and maximize expertise in the shortest period of time possible.

  • Quickly understand the newest ways to optimize any Web page with more accuracy than ever before.

  • Save literally months of time in tweaking and double checking for exact accuracy. Get it right the first time and never miss another traffic spike again.

  • Discover all of the most recent up-to-date influences to building genuine relevancy for any competitive keyword phrase.

  • Discover ways to accurately measure SEO influences

  • Each workshop is limited enrollment 
    (Tiny class size with personalized attention to each attendee)

  • Experience a totally different "stress free" approach to search engine optimization and SEM skill-building. 

  • Enjoy step by step, personalized, hands-on instruction delivered to you by SEO industry leaders.

  • Discover how you can quickly recognize and take advantage of top visibility within your own competitive landscape. Recognize opportunities in a glance and ward off threats to hold that exposure once you have earned it.

  • Take your learning to the next level beyond just "search engine marketing" by moving into new realms of SEO accuracy like never before.

  • Gain skills for getting visitors to respond, once they find you or  land on your site.

  • View search engine marketing from above your competition, which until now, few have been able to achieve, gain the true edge you need to really compete in top visibility.

  • This SEO Workshop is focused on teaching you the full spectrum of search engine marketing skills and on imparting the genuine skills to each individual student.

  • Build your skills by studying our high performance examples.

  • Bring your own Web pages to the SEO Workshop class and fine tune them for high performance and conversion.

  • Refine your SEO skills with hands-on practice under the direction of leading SEO industry educators.

  • Your daily progress is benchmarked each day to ensure you grasp everything

  • Many students walk away with almost a "life changing" experience. Their outlook and goals are totally uplifted and changed, and they know that they can now achieve success . . without any tricks and cheats.

  • Attend our Complete SEO Mastery Workshop with limited enrollment where we focus our attention on building the skills of each participant.

"I just wanted to let you know that I did as you suggested in our consultation and now the site is appearing on a lot more Top pages AND we’re also getting more inquiries from it."  

Thanks for the help.
Gil Sery
Vice-President, Sales & Marketing
Tungsten Heavy Powder 

Gain personal high-performance SEO skills with perfect accuracy.
What are people saying about this hands-on SEO Workshop?

This sounds great, but what else do I get at the SEO Workshop?

Plus +++  

  • Earn your SEO certification of skills - with award certificate suitable for framing; Also our official SEO certification graphic for your Web site.

  • As a graduate after you complete your training, enjoy the 6 month Private Mentoring Program for ongoing support at no extra cost.

  • Also discover exactly how to stay right up-to-date with the latest SEO industry changes on an ongoing basis.

  • A top valued Start-Up Tools Arsenal that will give you a complete package of e-books, discounts off software and services, and additional training resources, to help you take online marketing to the next level by adding affiliate marketing, permission e-mail marketing, and other highly successful marketing strategies to your own or your clients' Web sites.

Can you really afford not to attend?

Especially once you realize that the cost of the workshop and your travel expenses may be 
100% tax deductible


Dear John,

"The SEO information that you provided us was like none other I have been able to find over the last year or so just reading every thing I could get my hands on regarding SEO practices." 

Janet Bartoli Roussos
New Jersey

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  • Discover powerful new work-around solutions for problematic design challenges, solutions that you won’t find taught anywhere else;

  • Perfect for professional SEO's who want to learn search engine strategies from the beginning, then on to more advanced and unique solutions to benefit their clients. In fact, we offer many sessions geared just for professional SEO's;

  • 6 Month Private Mentoring program* is available to SEO graduates after the workshop is over;

  • A top valued Start-Up Tools Arsenal that will give you a complete package of e-books, discounts off software and services, and additional training resources, to give you everything you need to get started down the path of search engine marketing.

  • View the agenda of the Advanced SEO Mastery Workshop.

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In the SEO MasteryWorkshop, you will:

  • Discover top ranking strategies in a LIVE Search Engine Workshop, a workshop that is 100% focused on building your SEO skills;

  • Get hands-on step-by-step, personalized training with classroom practice;

  • Receive personal training delivered by SEO industry leaders.

  • Earn search engine marketing certification of your skills and receive a certificate suitable for framing;

  • 6 Month Private Mentoring program* is included at no extra charge;

  • Did we mention that the workshops and your travel expenses are 100% tax deductible?

Have you got a question about attending one of the workshops? Call us at 905-853-4472 we'd be happy to answer your questions.

Once again, I wanted to thank you both for what I believe has been the best conference I've ever attended. Nothing beats hands-on training. Too many conferences and seminars are too high-level and do not arm you with the tools needed to go back to where you came from and improve upon what you're doing. Thanks again!

Barry Bowman
Director of Marketing
PLEXIS Healthcare Systems

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** About the 6-Month Mentoring Program - What does the six months of mentoring entail?

The 6 month mentoring program is deliverable to each student AFTER they have successfully completed the workshop and once they have successfully passed their certification exam. Mentoring is personally delivered by your personal trainer, limited to one hour per month, for a total of six hours. You can use all of your hours in one month if you choose, or space them out over the six-month period. All mentoring hours are pre-scheduled ahead of time based on a mutually convenient time and can include support by phone calls, e-mail, running reports, visiting Web sites, etc. We'll keep track of the hours and let you know when you've reached the total of six hours. After that point, if you want to purchase consulting services, the hourly rate is $250 an hour. After the six months is over, any unused hours will no longer be available.

(Note: Personal Mentoring is delivered by your Workshop trainer or by John, not with guests. )

Imagine being able to attend a workshop tailored just for you, whether you're a beginner, advanced, or a professional SEO.

And imagine having the equivalent of your own personal consultant* for six months afterward, so that none of your questions will go unanswered!

This is an opportunity that's impossible to beat!

Let's take a Sneak Peek at our Top Valued Start-Up Tools Arsenal.

REMEMBER: The tuition for this workshop and all travel expenses are 100% completely tax deductible as a business expense! 

can you afford to pass it up?

In fact . . . what happens if your competitor comes and you don't?

We've made it all so simple.  All you need to do is to...


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IMPORTANT Disclaimer:

Search Engine Workshops are committed to imparting the full range of SEO skills to businesses, individual business owners, search engine marketing professionals as well as Webmasters and affiliate marketers.

However, Search Engine Workshops will not teach SEO skills to any business that is associated with Pornographic or Adult related Web sites, Gambling or Casino related Web sites, hate literature Web sites or any Web site dealing with any subject matter that is illegal to US or Canadian law.    

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Search Engine Workshops
. . . teaching you how to harness the power of the search engines!

Participants comments:

"I now understand why some enroll as students and leave as disciples!"

Wilhelm Helmbold
SEO Workshop Graduate 
Las Vegas Class

Hi John,

I wanted to extend my gratitude, and appreciation for all the valuable SEO information that you presented last week. THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!  

I respect the fact that you, and your associates are not just teachers, but you are doers.  I  also like the fact that you have hands-on experience, and are out there evolving with this industry as it emerges.

You guys demonstrate a longer term opportunity, with an expanding foundation that has a great deal of substance. Again, many thanks for your time, and attention. It was a very worthwhile week!

Ron Oaks - SEO Graduate Toronto

"John, I just tried one of the techniques I learned at the SEO Mastery Workshop and I have shivers down my spine now!
This is truly powerful!"

Robert Wright
Mr. Web Guru

"You guys are amazing! I attend different courses conducted by some of the top names in the Industry but this is the best course, I have ever attended."

Mani Maran
WSI Internet Consultant - New Jersy

Dear John,

"I wanted to let you know how amazed I was by the workshop. I thought I had a good deal of knowledge going into the workshop, wow: was I wrong! Your workshop really opened my eyes."

Matthew M. Costello
Vice President

"I must congratulate you for running what can only be described as the most productive and informative workshop I have ever attended - ever - truly first class."

Kind regards,

Nick Sharman
London, England

"I was pleasantly surprised at how concerned both of you were about covering all the material in the agenda. This workshop was worth every penny!"

Gil Sery
Search Engine Optimization Pros
San Diego, CA

"I know it'll open many doors for me that have been previously closed to me. Thanks for all your focused efforts. I certainly appreciate all you've done."

Kristal Kraft
Denver, CO

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