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It's back! The one big Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium. 

If you attended these events before and enjoyed all of the SEO insider research, then we promise that the upcoming 2011 2-Day Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium, will tip the "advantage scale" in YOUR direction, considerably more! 

Get ready for April 5-6 in Orlando. 

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Robin Nobles  John Alexander   Mike Marshall    Steve Scott    Robert Wright

Robin Nobles and John Alexander are your hosts along with 3 special guests for

The 2011  2-Day Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium 

Tuesday April 5 and Wednesday April 6, 2011

in Orlando, Florida
The Holiday Inn 

(at the entrance to Universal Studios)

Discover some of the highly technical strategies being used by top SEO industry leaders in a revealing 2-day educational symposium with remarkable demonstrations and sharing of SEO expertise and "industry insider" knowledge which is not regularly available to the public. The Ultra Advanced Symposium is a meeting of select masters of the search engine marketing industry who will be openly revealing and sharing their very best and hottest information in new educational symposium. All you need to do is take this information home with you and apply it to your Web site.

Have you ever wanted to learn the actual SEO strategies that industry leaders use to take their own personal Web sites to the top of the search engine rankings?

If you want to attend an advanced event where you walk away with real skills that you can immediately put to use on your Web site, the Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium is what you're looking for.
This Ultra Advanced Symposium is not for beginners but is for those who are already have completed at least the basic SEO Workshop and already understand all of the basic SEO skills. If you want to rapidly refine advanced your SEO skills to give your Web site the maximum visibility in the minimum amount of time we recommend you learn the basic essentials first. 

The Ultra Advanced Symposium is where Robin Nobles and John Alexander always invite extremely talented Search Marketing industry people to come and share their own private strategies with a small limited enrollment of participants. 

"Content, presentations and standards here were excellent! Very interesting, excellent visual aids. 
I was particularly struck by the excellent delivery of the presenters."
- Charles Clark
  United Kingdom

 Are you ready to take your SEO skills to the highest level?

Ultra Advanced Symposium Hosts: Robin Nobles and John Alexander 

Click to Register at the Early bird Rate
before March. 1, 2011 for just $1395.00 
(save $500.00)

Participate in a 2-day SEO information exchange featuring your hosts, Robin Nobles and John Alexander together with private insights and special presentations delivered by our special guest presenters. 

 Your Host: Robin Nobles - Writer, Article marketer and SEO Trainer

Robin Nobles is is Co-Director of Training for Search Engine Workshops.
Robin is an accomplished writer with articles published in places like Site Pro News, Web Pro news, Search Engine Guide and over 60 other publications.
Robin was the very first person to begin teaching comprehensive SEO courses back in the 1990s in her first company, The Academy of Web Specialists.

Over the past years, she's taught several thousand people in online and onsite search engine marketing courses. With expertise in article marketing, SEO skills and as professional and an accomplished writer.


Your Host: John Alexander - Keyword Forensics expert, writer and SEO Trainer

John Alexander is Co-Director of Training and Education for Search Engine Workshops. With expertise in behaviorally related keyword research, SEO skills and lateral thinking strategies, he is often sought after for Keyword Forensics, SEO, copywriting and researching "user search behavior." 

John writes articles for publications like Website Magazine,, Web Pro News, Search Engine Guide, REALTORS Magazine and many other publications.

John is e-book author of Wordtracker Magic and the second edition WT Magic 2.0 - Keyword Forensics for SEO and he has taught hundreds of students SEO skills from over 87 different countries worldwide.

The nature of the Ultra Advanced Symposium is a mix of advanced presentations with a series of information sharing breakout sessions in between presentations. 

Traditionally, this has always been the next step where SEO professionals who are either at intermediate or an advanced level, can take the next step from SEO mastery to SEO skills excellence and learn a whole new wave precision and exactness with personal insights, demonstrations and private information sharing sessions from all of the guests as well as each other.

When :  April 5th and 6th, 2011
Where:  The Holiday Inn (at the entrance to Universal Studios)
Time   :   8:30AM to 4:30PM each day

The Holiday Inn Resort near Universal
5905 Kirkman Road
Orlando, Florida 32819

Dine with Robin, John and their
guests at "Thank God It's Friday"
attached to Holiday Inn Universal.

Ultra Advanced Symposium 2-Day Agenda and Speaker Bios:

Guest Speaker: Semantics Expert and Mathematician Michael Marshall

Mike Marshall
Michael Marshall: Search Engine Academy North Carolina

Michael Marshall is President and creator of SEO Recon 3D technology SEM SCOUT and many other influential SEO/SEM tools. He has over 19 years experience in information technology covering a wide range of specialties including: web design, software engineering, e-commerce solutions, artificial intelligence, and Internet marketing. He is a member of the World Association of Internet Marketers and of SEO Professionals. 
Michael has degrees in Linguistics, Philosophy and Theology and is presently a Philosophy PhD student at the University of Virginia working in the area of semantics. Michael Marshall has conducted Search Engine Academy Workshops with Robin Nobles and John Alexander for several years and is speaker at many conferences such as The System Seminar, Webmaster World and he has conducted in-house SEO skills training for the US Patent Office. 

Michael Marshall will be sharing the following sessions:

Topic: Advanced Link Building Strategies 

Semantics expert Michael Marshall shares his own private, advanced link building strategies and demonstrates multiple ways of how participants can powerfully elevate their Web site's natural authority in organic search. Michael is a true specialist at teaching you the truth behind effective link building and separating the fact from fiction.

This session will be open for Questions and Answers and contains Michaels very best detailed advice. 

"I had my money’s worth by about 10:00AM the first morning! I would attend another Ultra Advanced Symposium in a heartbeat."

Lauren Gaglardi
Beeline Web Site Promotions Inc.

Topic: SEO Mastery Through the Use of Exact Science and Mathematics 

This advanced portion of the Symposium is where Michael Marshall will roll up his sleeves and gives you a serious "behind the scenes" in-depth, working session on exactly how to compete and win top visibility in organic search with precision of science and mathematics. 

Not only will you gain powerful insights on using the SEO Recon 3D and the SEM S.C.O.U.T. tools, but you have the exceptional benefit of learning "Advanced Competitive Intelligence" directly from the
man who created these powerful tools himself, Mathematician and Semantics Expert Michael Marshall.

This session will be open for Questions and Answers and contains Michaels very best detailed advice.

"John and Robin you did a great job and I'm proud to say that I was privileged to attend. Many thanks and my most sincere regards from sunny South Africa." 
Tony Roocroft

Guest Speaker: SEO industry veteran and expert trainer for Search Engine Academy Tampa

 Steve Scott

SEO Steve Scott - Search Engine Academy Tampa Florida

Steven Scott is an SEO industry veteran with a history in professional training that dates back to 1990.  He has trained and consulted with Fortune 1000 companies and has been a specialist in the search engine optimization and web site design field since 1998. Steve is a licensed educator with the Search Engine Academy located in Tampa Florida. Steve has been owner and operator of Starship Computer Services, Inc of Tampa, Florida. Starship has been crafting customized search engine optimization programs for clients, both large and small, since 1998.

Steve Scott will be sharing the following sessions:

Topic: Mastering Advanced Local Search

This Symposium session includes several revealing strategies including everything you need to know about the most effective ways for business owners to leverage local search visibility to attract customers right from within all of their local surrounding communities through search. 

This session will be especially important to business owners who need local customers or customers in a geographic region. Steve Scott shares his own personal local search expertise and demonstrates the finer points of using geo location, hcard microformats, and geo tagging to maximum benefit.

"This is truly the best way to learn and improve your knowledge and SEO skills. I am also looking forward to attending your future Ultra-Advanced SEO Symposiums and the newest material on the industry."

Thank you,
Johanna Sardinha

Topic: Advanced Google Analytics 

SEO Training Expert Steve Scott teaches a working session on understanding Google Analytics inside out. 

Watch Steve demonstrate his own favorite methods to get Google Analytics set up and several specific "advanced segments" including many of the additional tracking and goal setting techniques to help you understand your Web visitor behavior. This has been a long awaited working session requested by many of our attendees.
Join Steve Scott as he teaches his best strategies on how to understand and benchmark visitor behavior by getting to know Google Analytics inside out.

This session will conclude with plenty of opportunity for Questions and Answers.

Guest Speaker: Social Media and Search Engine Marketing Expert Robert Wright

 Robert Wright

Social Media Expert Robert Wright - Mr Web

Robert began in the print ad sales industry and then in 1997, he switched to Web design and hosting sales and soon became deeply involved in the Internet. Since then, he has helped hundreds of businesses get up and running on the Web.

In 2001 he began to intensively study Search Engine Optimization and SEM and then officially started his consultancy firm and entered the Internet Marketing Profession. Then in 2002 Robert became certified in Search Engine Marketing Strategies and in 2003 became certified in Advanced Search Engine Marketing Strategies. From 2005 on, Robert has attended a variety of Search Engine Workshops with Robin Nobles and John Alexander and has attended a number of Ultra Advanced Symposiums.

This year, we've invited Robert back to the Ultra Advanced Symposium to share some of his personal strategies in Social Media Marketing.

Robert Wright
will be sharing the following sessions:

Topic: Social Media Millennium - The Past, Present and Future.

This presentation is about the development of Social, it's current impact on the 
major search engines and the important role it will continue to play in the future.
Get ready for a wealth of useful social media marketing advice from one of our
long term SEO Alumni and Social Media expert, Robert Wright.

This session will conclude with plenty of opportunity for Questions and Answers.
Topic: Everything You Need to Know about Effective Facebook Marketing.

This presentation is all about getting set up setup, best practices, how to 
grow friends, how to gain likes and advertise effectively with paid ads in Facebook. 
Also how to integrate your Facebook efforts with Twitter and blogging including 
things like Facebook comment enabling your Blog pages and
posts. Robert will be sharing some awesome tactics that many traditional 
"SEO experts" will not yet know about.

This session will conclude with plenty of opportunity for Questions and Answers.

What Else You Need To Know About the Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium?

There are just a few basic ground rules to understand, if you want to attend:

  • The high-powered methods shared at the symposium are some of the most advanced, proven strategies used by the SEO industry leaders themselves. As such, you're required to sign a legal waiver stating that you promise to only use the methods learned here for the direct benefit of your business, or your clients business but you will NOT reveal, teach, publish or disclose these techniques to anyone else. This is so that our presenters can share their very best information knowing that it will be confined to the limited enrollment.

    The information is for your OWN use ONLY.

  • No recording equipment is allowed at the Ultra-Advanced Symposium.

  • Only ethical and genuine SEO strategies will be shared. 

  • Only a limited number of seats are available at the Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium.

  • This private symposium is ideally geared to intermediate and advanced SEO strategists and experienced professionals with some level of experience.

  • Admittance is conditional to the terms above.

This symposium is for . . .

  • Advanced and/or experienced SEO's;

  • Those who want to take their search engine optimization skills to the highest level possible;

  • Those who want to learn legitimate strategies that will help them compete in very highly competitive industries.

This symposium is not for . . .

  • Beginners or inexperienced SEO's. You must have a measure of experience and at least understand basic SEO essentials in order to benefit from this ultra-advanced symposium.

  • New SEO's who are just starting out in the industry. You must have reached a certain level of expertise in order to understand the advanced strategies that will be taught here.

"This is a great event. I'm so glad I was able to attend the Ultra Advanced Symposium. There was a lot of "SUPER information" exchanged here and I plan on attending this event every year."
- Seth Hassell

Click to Register at the Early bird Rate
before March. 1, 2011 
for just $1395.00 
(save $500.00)


Register March, 1 or after for 
(normal Ultra Advanced Tuition Rate)


Seating for the Ultra Advanced Symposium is Limited to only 25 attendees

We'll keep you advised on all of our future training dates the moment things are firmed up.
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Attendee Comments from previous Ultra Advanced Symposiums:


I would attend another Ultra Advanced Symposium in a heartbeat."

Lauren Gaglardi
Beeline Web Site Promotions Inc.


"As much as I've learned a great deal over the years from seasoned search engine marketers online, there really is no substitute for the "real thing". 

"The exposure to John and Robin, Dave Barry, Michael Marshall, Ginette Degner and the combined knowledge of the other participants along with the latest intelligence, makes attendance to this event, mandatory for any search marketer. 

"John and Robin you did a great job and I'm proud to say that I was privileged to attend." 

Many thanks and my most sincere regards from sunny South Africa." 

Tony Roocroft


This is truly the best way to learn and improve your knowledge and SEO skills. I would recommend Search Engine Workshops to Internet companies in a heartbeat. I am also looking forward to attending your future Ultra-Advanced Symposiums and the newest material on the industry.

Thank you,
Johanna Sardinha

"Content, presentations and standards here are excellent! 

Very interesting, excellent visual aids. 

I was particularly struck by the excellent delivery of the presenters."
- Charles Clark
  United Kingdom

Read dozens more attendee comments here.


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